Elongated Coin Links

These are some of my favorite smashed penny sites, well worth a look!

The Elongated Collectors This club is the grand-daddy of all smashed penny clubs. If you're serious about smashed pennies, you MUST become a member. (I'm #2287)

Elongated Coin Mailing List Hosted by Yahoo, the Elongated Coin Mailing List is the source for up to the minute news about elongated coins. In addition to about 200-300 messages per month, there's a location database, file upload, and a host of other features. The message archive goes back many years and is a great source for answers to every elongated coin question imaginable.

Squished Penny Museum Pete and Christine have been running the Squished Penny Museum out of their home in Washington, DC for a long long time. They're great hosts who love entertaining visitors and their web site has a host on info and trivia too! Go visit this place when you go to Washington, D.C.

Ebay Elongate Auctions This is the place to find that rare World's Fair coin you've been looking for.

PennyCollector.com This is a slick commercial site that's been embraced by the elongated coin collecting community. It's got the most comprehesive list of machine locations out there, mostly because it user-generated. They also sell coins from the machines they've placed around the country as well as special issues available only on their site.

Vendor's Alliance penny machines For all of you looking to buy a machine...

Vintage Penny Rolling Machine I think this is a pretty cool thing, but just remember it when you think about paying a high price for a "vintage" penny.

San Francisco Chronicle June 6, 2001 We got written about in the paper, read Jon Carroll's column all about his trip to the ballgame, smashed pennies, and the exciting time he had with Brady and David!

Columbia News Service - July 7th, 2002 This guy called me up and quoted me in his article, then he never sent me a copy of it! Sheesh... Journalists!

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