Burma Shave

So, I got these from good ol' Jim Kilcoyne, he's a guy who designs all kinds of elongated coins. I don't know much about him except he sends me these great coins now and then. Thanks Jim! Anyway, these particular ones reprint some of the famous Burma Shave advertising poems that graced american highways from the late 20's through to 1963. Typically, each line would appear on a separate sign and the poem would reveal itself as you drove along. They're really a cool bit of americana. Each of the pennies has the year that the particular poem appeared and what's cooler is that each one seems to be rolled on a wheatback penny from that same year! Along with each penny, Jim also sent me a very detailed sheet telling the story of the particular poem. Jim says that the series is going to be 20 coins, the numbers noted below are his series numbers. If you like any of these, write to Jim, and he'll send them to you!