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The San Francisco Pickup Softball Network is here to get people together to share their mutual interest of playing softball, without the burden of too darned many rules of the type often inflicted by the many "organized" softball leagues. However, some rules are important and necessary.

First 20 Players Can Play
One of the primary requirements of the Pickup Softball Network is that anybody can play. That means that the first 20 people who show up at a particular game are allowed to play, there's no holding space for people who haven't shown up. Also, until each team has 10 players, new players can join a game in progress, alternating teams. San Francisco Pickup Softball games are co-ed: men, women, children, anyone can play.

Compete, But Have Fun
We're all here to have fun, so don't get too wrapped up in the game. No fighting, no complaining, all disputes will be settled by the game organizer.

Other Things We Do
Here are some other rules we generally play by, though they can change game to game and without notice.

How to play with various amounts of players
You can play a 2 team game with 14 players 7 per side.

Got an idea for a rule, or feedback of any kind? Send it in!

Got a question? Want more info? Let us know!