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There are many softball fields in the City. Most are not used very often, some are used all the time by leagues or by individuals who reserve the field by paying a fee to the Recreation and Parks Department.

You don't have to reserve a field to play on it. But if you really want to play on a particular field on a particular day, you should reserve it. The procedure for reserving a softball field is easy, but it has a lot of rules. Rule number one is that the best way to get a field reservation is to go personally to the reservation department at the Pioneer Log Cabin in Golden Gate Park.

Huh? You don't know where the Pioneer Log Cabin is? It's off JFK Drive on the road to Stow Lake. Look for the statue of the Pioneer Mother. (a remnant of the Panama-Pacific Expo of 1915, btw). You can call them at (415) 831-5510, but it's best go to there.

When you get there, ask for Mike. Mike is the guy who controls all of the softball fields in the City. Be very very nice to Mike, it's critical.

Reservations are accepted about 10 days before the date of the game.

There is a fee charged for field reservations.

Reservations come in hour and a half increments.

Here are some good practices for reserving fields:

Some of the Pickup Softball Network's Favorite Fields include:

St Mary's Recreation Center - Justin and Murray
St Mary's is south of Bernal Heights, a short drive from Glen Park. It's a beautiful, sunny diamond with a huge grandstand and a well-maintained grass/dirt infield. Here's a map.

Glen Park - Bosworth and Elk
Dirt Infield, big backstop. Right handed pull hitters might be able to hit the concrete retaining wall that holds up O'Shaunessey Boulevard. Accessible via Glen Park BART, #26 Valencia, #35 Eureka, and #44 O'Shaunessey, among others. Here's a map

Christopher - Diamond Heights
easy to find behind the Safeway, plenty of parking, snacks available. Directions: From the North or West, get to the top of Market via Market or Portola, south at Clipper, stay to the right to get onto Diamond Heights Blvd. Parking the Safeway Parking lot, the field is at the west end of the shopping center. From the south, Glen Park, go north to the last traffic signal at the end of Bosworth take a right on Elk down then up, Elk becomes Diamond Heights Blvd. Parking the Safeway parking lot, the field is at the west end of the shopping center. This field is also accessible via the 52 Miraloma bus. the 35 Eureka comes within a couple blocks. Here's a map

Ft. Scott - Ralston and Storey on the Presidio
Plenty of Parking, the field was recently redone with a new backstop and dugouts. Directions: Ft. Scott is just southwest of the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza Parking lot, so head straight for Golden Gate Bridge, from the bridge approach, take the last exit, then south out of the parking lot, turn right as you exit the lot, you will see the Ft Scott fields on your left after you go under the overpass. From the Richmond District, head for the bridge via the 25th avenue gate, just before you get there, Ft Scott will be on your right as you come down the hill. Here's a map.

Balboa Park - San Jose Avenue & Ocean
This is probably the most accessible field in the City. 280, Balboa Park Bart, J, K and M Streetcar lines, the 26 Valencia, 49 Van Ness, 29 Sunset, 43 Masonic, 15 Third Street, and 54 Felton all pass within a block of the park. There are 4 fields and a huge expanse of open space available. Here's a map. Also check out for more great public transit stuff.

Upper Douglass - 27th & Douglass
secluded, you'll have it all to yourself, short left field porch

Potrero Hill - 22nd & Arkansas Sts
Big field, good parking

Rossi - Arguello Blvd. & Anza St
central city location, two good fields

Julius Kahn - in the Presidio of the Pacific Ave wall nice backstop, reachable right field wall

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