Titles of Jerry Springer shows

Jan 96 - Aug 97

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please note: I am not affiliated with the Jerry Springer show and I have no information about how you can get video copies or transcripts from the show.

  1. "Back Off...He's Mine!"
    (panelists discuss past and present relationships)

  2. "Surprise!"
    (cousins Andrea and Nikki break up with their boyfriends Corey and Rashad only to find out they're both involved with Stevie)

  3. 1000 Shows!
    (review of Jerry Springer Show's most unforgettable shows)

  4. A KKK Family
    (a family defends their racist lifestyle)

  5. A Klan Wedding
    (guests discuss the beliefs of the KKK and video is shown from a secret Klan wedding)

  6. A Psychic Contacts the Dead
    (Bette Giles shares her psychic ability with panelists)

  7. A Woman Confronts Her Sexual Attacker
    (panelists confront each other about a guest's charges of sexual assault against their friend or family member)

  8. Admit It...You're Lying!
    (panelists confront loved ones and admit things they have been lying about)

  9. Adult Film Stars Tell All!
    (actors in adult movies describe the sex film industry and their lifestyle)

  10. Are They Off the Streets?
    (updates on whether past guests who were prostitutes are off the streets yet)

  11. Are You Cheating?
    (guests discuss their future relationships with their cheating partners)

  12. Back Off Mom!
    (panelists discuss why they want their mothers to stay out of their relationships)

  13. Back Off My Lover
    (guests talk about why they're jealous of their partner's relationship with their best friend)

  14. Battling Sisters!
    (sisters and their family members discuss their disputes and attempt to work out their differences in a second appearance on the show)

  15. Be Honest, Are You Cheating?
    (guests accuse the men they love of cheating)

  16. Before We Marry...I Must Confess!
    (guests reveal their potentially relationship-damning secrets to their fiances)

  17. Bernard Goetz: Subway Gunman
    (Bernhard Goetz discusses the incident in 1984 where he shot four alleged muggers and his justification for the incident)

  18. Big Busted Strippers
    (strippers with large breasts discuss the benefits of being well-endowed)

  19. Bizarre Love Triangles
    (panelists discuss their three-way relationships)

  20. Butt Out!
    (guests ask family members to mind their own out of their business)

  21. Choose Me or Lose Me
    (guests discuss problems in their personal relationships a third person is causing)

  22. Christmas with the Klan
    (members of the Ku Klux Klan demonstrate how they celebrate Christmas)

  23. Close That Strip Club Down!
    (residents of Schenectady, New York, discuss where strip clubs in their town should be located, if at all)

  24. Comedy Central's - Comics On Delivery
    (comedians from "Comics On Delivery" help several people with their problems)

  25. Confronting One Night Stands
    (guests confront one-night stands)

  26. Couples In Crisis
    (couples argue over differences in their relationships)

  27. Date Swap
    (panelists discuss their experiences or desires in swapping sexual partners)

  28. David Duke: Candidate for US Senate
    (David Duke discusses his days as a Klansman, his political career and his views of the nation's history)

  29. Day in the Life of Lori & Dori
    (conjoined twins Lori and Dori describe what life is like for them)

  30. Dear Santa...
    (guests read letters they wrote to Santa and receive gifts from area merchants and the show)

  31. Destructive Moms
    (mothers who are making major decisions that could have negative impacts on their children)

  32. Did They Lose the Weight?
    (mother confronts her obese daughter about her weight and relationship with her boyfriend)

  33. Divorce Him!
    (guests plead with loved ones to divorce spouses they believe are bad for them)

  34. Do You Want Me or Not?
    (panelists discuss whether they want their significant other back and what was wrong in their relationships)

  35. Dump Your Mate!
    (guests tell their friends and loved ones they should leave their mates)

  36. Dumped on Springer
    (look back at previous programs where panelists have been dumped)

  37. Dumped!
    (guests either confront those that dumped them or do the dumping themselves)

  38. Ex-lovers in Crisis
    (guests confront their ex-lovers and talk about their failed relationships)

  39. Execution of Frankie Parker
    (family members of victims and of Frankie Parker discuss their feelings on the death penalty)

  40. Extreme Fighting
    (panelists explain why they participate in extreme fighting, while their loved ones express their concerns for the panelists' safety)

  41. Families Torn Apart
    (panelists confront family members about their callousness in dealing with loved ones' deaths)

  42. Fantasy Dates
    (guests reveal what their celebrity fantasy dreams are and act them out)

  43. Female Chain Gang
    (discussions with female prisoners and their experiences in jail and working out on chain gangs)

  44. Find a New Dad!
    (guests discuss the relationships of pregnant girls and the fathers of their babies)

  45. Find a New Lover!
    (panelists confront family members who hate the person they're dating)

  46. First Love Reunions
    (panelists meet with their first loves, who they haven't seen in a long time)

  47. Forbidden Loves
    (Panelists discuss relationships they shouldn't be involved in)

  48. Get Away From Him!
    (family members tell 18-year-old to stay away from the man she loves because they believe he's no good for her and is dangerous)

  49. Get Away From My Man!
    (panelists discuss how their lover's ex is interfering in their lives)

  50. Get Out of My Life!
    (panelists confront the people they want out of their lives)

  51. Get Out of Our Relationship!
    (guests tell family members to keep out of their relationships)

  52. Get Rid of That Man!
    (family and friends of panelists try to persuade them to leave their significant others)

  53. Give Up Your Sexy Job!
    (panelists demand that their loved ones give up their sexy jobs)

  54. Go Back to Your Ex!
    (friends and family try to convince loved ones to drop present lover and go back to ex)

  55. Great Performances on Springer
    (excerpts from previous Springer shows of guests strutting their stuff)

  56. Guess What!
    (friends and loved ones reveal something about themselves that they've been keeping a secret)

  57. Happy Holidays
    (musical guests perform Christmas songs)

  58. He's No Good for You!
    (family members tell their loved ones to get rid of their boyfriends, that they deserve better)

  59. Help Me Find My Family
    (families are reunited with their long lost loved ones)

  60. High Class Call Girls
    (prostitutes and their pimps discuss their life on the streets)

  61. HIV Mom
    (young mother and her family discuss living with the virus and having a baby after she found out she was infected)

  62. Holiday Reunions
    (families reunited in time for Christmas)

  63. Homeless Women
    (women who are living on the streets or in shelters discuss what life is like for them)

  64. How Could You Abuse Me?
    (daughters confront mother who they say abused them and try to get her to admit her wrongs)

  65. How Could You Do This?
    (update of previous show where families were trying to work out their problems)

  66. I Broke the World's Sex Record
    (adult film star Jasmin St. Clair discusses her latest film, in which she had sex with 300 men; guests discuss the morality of starring in adult films)

  67. I Can't Forgive My Man!
    (guests discuss why they cannot trust the men in their lives)

  68. I Can't Forgive You
    (Michael can't forgive his father for choosing his 17-year-old girlfriend over him; Rebecca forgives Brad, even though he's left her at the altar four times)

  69. I Can't Stop Dating Convicts
    (a woman who dates men in prison confronts one of the convicts who broke her heart)

  70. I Cut Off My Manhood
    (Earl Zea discusses his reasons for cutting off his sexual organ and other panelists get involved in the discussion)

  71. I Do...I Don't!
    (guests discuss reasons for seeking divorce shortly after marriage)

  72. I Hate My Girlfriend's Sexy Job!
    (panelists discuss their careers as strippers and their boyfriends explain why they wish their girlfriends would pursue other jobs)

  73. I Hate My Mother!
    (mother and daughter discuss their problems and try to resolve their differences after years of anger and pain)

  74. I Hate My Son's Wife!
    (family members discuss why there is so much anger between them and attempt to resolve their differences)

  75. I Hate My Wife's Gay Friends
    (panelists discuss how their spouse's gay friends affect their marriages)

  76. I Hate What You've Become!
    (panelists confront a loved one that they think has changed for the worst to try to change them back to what they once were)

  77. I Hate Who You're With!
    (family members try to convince loved ones that their lover is no good for them)

  78. I Hate Your Best Friend!
    (Panelists discuss their dislike of their lovers' best friends)

  79. I Hate Your Mate!
    (friends and sisters tell their loved ones to get rid of their boyfriend for one reason or another)

  80. I Hate Your Sexy Job!
    (panelists discuss why they love their jobs and the men in their lives who hate their jobs discuss why they want them to quit)

  81. I Have 15 Personalities
    (sisters tell a story of their childhood and what might have caused multiple personality disorder)

  82. I Have a Secret to Tell You!
    (panelists reveal shocking secrets to their mates)

  83. I Have Many Lovers!
    (panelists discuss why they prefer to have more than one lover at a time and come clean to a loved one that they've been cheating on)

  84. I Have Six Wives
    (panelists tell about their lives in a polygamous marriage and why they choose to live this way)

  85. I Have Something to Tell You
    (panelists reveal secrets to their lovers)

  86. I Have to Tell You a Secret
    (panelists confront their loved ones with secrets)

  87. I Have to Tell You This!
    (panelists reveal a secret about themselves)

  88. I Have Two Lovers!
    (woman confeses her affair with her boyfriend's best friend; trio of two women and one man discuss their relationship

  89. I Know You're Cheating
    (guests confront loved ones who they suspect aren't being faithful)

  90. I Live as the Opposite Sex
    (guests discuss their lifestyles and why they choose to live as the opposite sex)

  91. I Love My Best Friend!
    (panelists reveal crushes they have on friends and the friends react to the news)

  92. I Make a Sexy Living
    (panelists discuss their sexy occupations and why they enjoy them)

  93. I Murdered My Neighbor
    (panelists discuss the events that led up to the murders of two of their neighbors)

  94. I Must Meet That Guest!
    (guests meet previously profiled people)

  95. I Need to Tell You This!
    (panelists share secrets with their loved ones which hurt others)

  96. I Still Love You
    (panelists try to win their exes back)

  97. I Stole My 12-year-old's Boyfriend!
    (panelists discuss the past relationship between Amber, 12, and Glen, 24, and the current relationship Amber's mother is having with Glen)

  98. I Stole My Sister's Husband!
    (couple discuss their marital problems and separation, and the wife's discovery of her sister's affair with her husband)

  99. I Strip with My Family
    (panelists discuss their career of stripping together)

  100. I Want a Sexy Job
    (guest discuss the sexy ways they make money)

  101. I Want My Wife Back!
    (family members discuss Jimmy and Deanna's failed marriage, and whether Deanna should leave Jimmy for Scott)

  102. I Want Only You!
    (panelists tell a loved one that no matter what they've done in the past, they still want them)

  103. I Want Out of This Threesome!
    (panelists tell a loved one that they want out of the threesome that they're involved in)

  104. I Want the Truth
    (guests confront a loved one to demand the truth about their behavior)

  105. I Want to be a Centerfold
    (panelists discuss why they want to be centerfolds and loved ones try to talk them out of it)

  106. I Want to be a Sex Star!
    (guests discuss their desires to work in the sex industry and family and friends express why they disagree with these decisions)

  107. I Want to be a Teen Stripper!
    (teen-age guests discuss their dreams of becoming strippers)

  108. I Want to Confront That Guest
    (viewers get a chance to confront past guests who have outraged them)

  109. I Want to Join a Suicide Cult!
    (members of a cult which promotes suicide and cannibalism, as well as a prospective member, discuss their views)

  110. I Want to Strip for My Man!
    (guests perform exotic dances for their husbands)

  111. I Want You Back!
    (panelists discuss why they want their exes back)

  112. I Want Your Man!
    (women profess their love for male friends who are gay and tell them they want a relationship)

  113. I Was Born Both Male and Female
    (panelist Chris, who was born with both male and female sex organs, discusses his life as a hermaphrodite)

  114. I Weigh 700 Pounds
    (guests discuss their weight problems and why they would like to become thinner)

  115. I Won't Date My Race!
    (guests confront their friends and relatives about their exclusive dating preferences)

  116. I Won't Let You Get Married!
    (family members confront their 17-year-old loved one and her 30-year-old fiance and discuss their opposition to the couple getting married)

  117. I Won't Stop Prostituting!
    (panelists try to convince a young woman to get out of the life of prostitution, while her husband supports her working as a prostitute)

  118. I Worked as a Sideshow Freak
    (people with severe deformities or out-of-the-ordinary physical characteristics discuss their lives working in carnival or circus sideshows)

  119. I'll Do Anything for You!
    (guests demonstrate how far they would go to date the person they have a crush on)

  120. I'll Do Anything to Get You Back
    (guests promise to change if their ex-lovers take them back and give them a second chance)

  121. I'll Never Forgive You!
    (panelists confront loved ones who have hurt them)

  122. I'm 12 and I Take Care of My 680 Lb. Mom
    (panelists discuss the effects a family member's weight problem has on them)

  123. I'm 14, Pregnant and Abused
    (pregnant teen seeks help from family to get her life together as she approaches motherhood)

  124. I'm 7-months Pregnant & Still Stripping
    (panelists try to convince their friends to stop stripping while they are pregnant)

  125. I'm a 13 Year Old Prostitute
    (panelists discuss how they got into prostitution and why they want to get out)

  126. I'm a Breeder for the Klan
    (women in the Ku Klux Klan discuss their beliefs and why they have chosen to belong to the Klan)

  127. I'm a Homeless Teen
    (panelists discuss their reasons for being homeless)

  128. I'm a Pregnant Prostitute
    (friends and family try to persuade their loved ones to get help for their drug habits and to stop prostituting)

  129. I'm a Teen Call Girl
    (panelists discuss their lives as prostitutes and defend their choice of lifestyle)

  130. I'm A Teen-age Junkie
    (teen-age drug addicts and a drug dealer discuss what it's like to be addicted and to sell drugs)

  131. I'm a Teenage Racist
    (teen-agers discuss why they're racist)

  132. I'm Better Off Without You!
    (panelists face off with loved ones and tell them to stay out of their lives)

  133. I'm Both a Man and a Woman
    (guests discuss their lives and the problems of being both male and female)

  134. I'm Both Male and Female
    (two hermaphrodites discuss their experiences growing up)

  135. I'm Having Your Husband's Baby!
    (wives confront the pregnant girlfriends of their husbands)

  136. I'm Having Your Man's Baby!
    (confrontation among women who are in love with the same man)

  137. I'm Here to Break You Up!
    (guests reveal their romantic feelings for their friends, who are in turn already involved in relationships)

  138. I'm Here to Dump You!
    (panelists who are tired of their lovers' cheating ways tell their lovers they're being dumped)

  139. I'm in Love with a Serial Killer
    (convicted killer Henry Lee Lucas' girlfriend discusses her relationship with him and why she loves him and believes he would never kill her)

  140. I'm Jealous of My Gay Friend
    (panelists discuss the relationships they have with their gay friends)

  141. I'm Marrying a Transsexual
    (couples discuss their transsexual relationships and family members of the transsexuals discuss how they've dealt with the change)

  142. I'm on the Verge of Divorce
    (guests discuss problems in their marriages and decide whether or not to stay together)

  143. I'm Only 16 and My Husband's 36
    (teen-age guests and their lovers, who are twice their age, discuss their relationships)

  144. I'm Proud to be a Prostitute
    (guests discuss their lives as prostitutes and family members try to persuade them to give up that lifestyle)

  145. I'm Proud to be a Racist
    (guest interested in becoming member of the Ku Klux Klan meets members of the organization)

  146. I'm Really a Man!
    (updates on past relationships involving transexuals and the men they date)

  147. I'm Searching for My Family
    (people who were given up for adoption are reunited with members of their biological family)

  148. I'm Sleeping with Your Man!
    (panelists discuss the love triangles they are involved in)

  149. I'm Sorry I Cheated!
    (guests apologize for their infidelities and ask their loved ones to take them back)

  150. I'm Trapped in a Love Triangle!
    (guests tell their loved ones they want out of the love triangle they're in)

  151. I've Been Keeping a Secret
    (guests reveal secrets to loved ones)

  152. I've Got a Secret Crush on You!
    (panelists reveal their crush to a friend, and the friend responds)

  153. I've Got to Tell You...
    (panelists reveal a secret to their loved ones, even though it may destroy their relationship)

  154. Interracial Secret Crushes
    (panelists reveal crushes they have on a member of another race)

  155. It's Her...Or Me
    (guests tell their lovers to choose who they want to be with)

  156. It's Over, Get Over It!
    (guests tell ex-lovers and ex-spouses to get over their past relationship with them)

  157. It's Time to Confess
    (people who have secrets reveal them to a loved one)

  158. It's Time You Found Out
    (guest is told that her husband-to-be is bisexual)

  159. It's Your Baby...And I Have Proof
    (guests take tests to confirm paternity of babies)

  160. It's Your Bachelor Party...or Me!
    (future grooms discuss their desires to have bachelor parties and their fiancees express their opinions of these parties)

  161. It's Your Job or Me!
    (guests confront their loved ones about their escort jobs)

  162. Jenna Jameson: Sex Goddess
    (behind the scenes of adult film star Jenna Jameson's new movie; adult film stars discuss the industry)

  163. Jerry Helps Reunite Families
    (panelists reunite with long-lost family members)

  164. Jerry Rescues an Obese Man
    (Denny, a 900-pound man, is transported to the hospital for tests and entry into a weight loss program)

  165. Jerry Updates Past Couples
    (update on past guests who were involved in love triangles)

  166. Jerry's Most Memorable Guests
    (former guests are brought back on the show)

  167. Jerry, Help Me Meet Your Guest!
    (viewers get the chance to meet former guests who caught their eye on previous shows)

  168. Kids Confront Parents
    (teens confront their loved ones and tell them why they're so angry)

  169. Kids on Springer
    (update on the lives of guests on past shows featuring young people)

  170. KKK Moms
    (panelists discuss their beliefs and why they are raising their children to be members of the Ku Klux Klan)

  171. KKK Parents
    (Ku Klux Klan parents discuss raising their children with the beliefs of the KKK; panelists confront the KKK members)

  172. Klan Families
    (members of the Ku Klux Klan discuss raising their children with their beliefs and values)

  173. Klan-TV
    (members of the Ku Klux Klan are confronted by others who oppose their racist beliefs)

  174. Leave Us Alone!
    (panelists and their mates tell ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends to leave them alone)

  175. Let Me at that Guest!
    (viewers come on the program to state their opinions of previous guests)

  176. Love Against the Odds
    (guests discuss the life and dating relationship of their handicapped family member)

  177. Love Me for Who I Am
    (panelists try to get loved ones to love and accept them regardless of their lifestyles)

  178. Love Ultimatums
    (wives confront their husbands' lovers with a choice)

  179. Male Siamese Twins
    (Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, the world's oldest living Siamese twins, discuss their childhood, their family and their current life)

  180. Men Living as Women
    (transsexuals hold a beauty pageant; one of the contestants gets married)

  181. Men Who Work as Women
    (guests discuss their jobs as drag waitresses at New York City's Lucky Cheng's restaurant)

  182. Mom Loves You More
    (feuding sisters square off about how they interfere with each other's relationships with their mother)

  183. Mom, Stop Hurting Us!
    (panelists discuss the pain of living in an abusive family)

  184. My 15-year-old Son Wears a Dress
    (boy discusses his desire to be a drag queen like Ru Paul)

  185. My 6th Grade Daughter's in a Gang
    (young girls talk with their families about what they feel is missing in their relationships that would force them into gang life)

  186. My Boyfriend is a Girl!
    (guests reveal the deception surrounding their gender)

  187. My Brother Stole My Wife
    (guests make decisions as to whether they are going to stay with the person they are currently with or go back to their former lovers)

  188. My Brother Wants to be a Woman!
    (a guest confronts her brother, who wants to become a woman)

  189. My Eight-Year-Old Scares Me
    (parents discuss their children's violent behavior)

  190. My Family Locked Me Up
    (feuding family members confront each other about the issues that keep them fighting)

  191. My Girlfriend is Really a Man!
    (teen-age boys who fall for the same sex)

  192. My Girlfriend's a Guy
    (panelists tell their boyfriends they are really a man)

  193. My Life was in Turmoil
    (panelists discuss the panic attacks and depression they suffered for years and how they were helped by Dr. Jensen)

  194. My Lover is a Gang Leader
    (a woman confronts her boyfriend about his gang life and about the other women in his life)

  195. My Lover Is Cheating
    (guests confront a lover that they suspect is cheating on them)

  196. My Man Behaves Badly
    (women confront the men in their lives who are behaving badly)

  197. My Man is a Cheater!
    (panelists discuss their cheating friends and boyfriends)

  198. My Man Wears a Dress
    (show focuses on one woman's difficulty in dealing with her fiance who likes living as a woman)

  199. My Marriage is a Mistake!
    (newlywed couples on the verge of divorce discuss why they want to break up)

  200. My Mom Sold Me!
    (family members discuss the problems plaguing their relationships with each other)

  201. My Mother's Girlfriend is 17
    (teen-age girl begs her mother to kick her 17-year-old lesbian lover out of their home)

  202. My Relationship's on the Rocks!
    (panelists discuss and try to resolve problems in their relationships)

  203. My Sister Ruined My Life!
    (family members discuss the problems their siblings are causing in their marriages)

  204. My Sister Stole My Husband!
    (panelists discuss the affair between a woman's husband and her sister)

  205. My Sister's Pregnant By My Ex
    (panelists discuss their relationships with their exes who are now seeing their sisters)

  206. My Son Weighs 500 Pounds
    (panelists discuss living with a weight problem and their desire to lose weight)

  207. My Teen's Gone Wild
    (mothers express concern over their daughter's behavior)

  208. My Wife & I Share a Lover
    (married couples who share their sex life with another woman discuss their lifestyle)

  209. My Wife Weighs 900 Pounds
    (two women and their families discuss the obesity the women suffer from and seek help)

  210. Online Strippers & Escorts
    (guests discuss what their jobs as online adult entertainers entail)

  211. Our Brother is a Pimp
    (family discusses the prostitution of two young sisters by their brother)

  212. Our Love Life is in Trouble
    (guests discuss problems in their relationships and demand resolution from their loved ones)

  213. Out of Control Moms
    (family members tell their mothers to clean up their acts)

  214. Past Couples Confronted
    (former guests return and viewers confront them about something they didn't like about their last appearance on the show)

  215. Past Guests Confronted!
    (audience members confront guests from past shows)

  216. Past Guests Face Off!
    (panelists from past shows confront each other)

  217. Past Guests vs. Past Guests!
    (past guests confront other past guests and have heated disagreements)

  218. Paternity Tests Revealed!
    (guests discuss their former volatile relationship and a paternity test reveals the identity of one guest's child)

  219. Please Forgive and Forget
    (guests confront friends and family members to ask for their forgiveness)

  220. Please Leave Us Alone!
    (family members tell loved ones to dump their mates)

  221. Please Take Me Back
    (panelists try to convince an ex to take them back)

  222. Pregnant and Dumped
    (panelists discuss being dumped by their babies' fathers when they found out they were pregnant)

  223. Pregnant and Tormented
    (mothers-to-be who are dealing with a crisis in their relationship)

  224. Pregnant But Won't Quit!
    (panelists discuss lifestyle decisions they have made that may be dangerous to their unborn children)

  225. Progeria Children
    (guests discuss living with the aging disease progeria)

  226. Psychic Finds Missing Kids
    (Patricia Mischell uses her psychic powers to help parents of missing children)

  227. Psychics at the Scene
    (panelists use their psychic powers to try to help in solving murders)

  228. Quit Your Sexy Job!
    (family members ask their loved ones to quit nude dancing and making porn movies)

  229. Racist Relatives
    (interracial couples confront racist family members about their relationships)

  230. Real Life Emergency on the Springer Set
    (mother becomes physically upset when she is blamed for her son's crossdressing)

  231. Real Life Soap Operas
    (guests discuss their dramatic life situations)

  232. Real Life X-Files!
    (panelists discuss their abductions by and experiences with aliens)

  233. Relationships in Crisis
    (panelists discuss problems in their relationships and whether they can be saved)

  234. Reunions for the Holidays
    (guests get the holiday gift of being united with family members they have never known)

  235. Reunions!
    (guests are reunited with their long-lost loved ones)

  236. Secret Fantasies!
    (panelists reveal to friends and boyfriends their secret fantasies to have a lesbian affair)

  237. Sexual Conflicts
    (guests discuss relationships broken because of sexual conflicts)

  238. Sexy Occupations
    (people who have sexy occupations and their family members and friends who try to talk them into choosing something different)

  239. She Wants My Woman
    (women panelists tell their boyfriends that they're involved with not only them, but women, too)

  240. Shock Rock!
    (shock rock groups and their fans discuss their music and the impression they have on kids)

  241. Since the Last Show...
    (former overweight guests and their loved ones return to discuss the progress they've made in losing weight)

  242. Sorry Isn't Good Enough
    (panelists tell former loved ones that apologizing is not enough to be forgiven)

  243. Springer Staff's Favorite Shows
    (highlights from the staff's favorite shows are shown and talked about)

  244. Stay Away From My Daughters!
    (parents who don't approve of their daughters' boyfriends confront the boyfriends and their daughters)

  245. Stay Out of Our Lives!
    (guests ask someone they know to stay out of their relationship and their lives)

  246. Stop Selling Sex
    (guests demand their partners stop selling their bodies)

  247. Stop Selling Your Body
    (panelists confront their loved ones and tell them to stop selling their bodies for money)

  248. Stop Stalking My Man!
    (guests confront the people who have been stalking them)

  249. Stop Using Women
    (guests tell their close friends or relatives to grow up and stop using women)

  250. Stop What You're Doing Now!
    (panelists confront family members about their destructive behavior)

  251. Street Kids
    (young prostitutes and gang members describe their lives on the street and explain why they don't want to give up their lifestyles)
  252. Street Performers
    (musicians who earn their living singing on the streets perform)

  253. Surprise Family Reunions
    (guests are surprised by the family member they've been searching for)

  254. Surprise Proposals
    (guests surprise their mates with marriage proposals)

  255. Surprise! I Have a Secret Lover
    (panelists tell their loved ones they've been having an affair with someone else)

  256. Surprise!
    (cousins Andrea and Nikki break up with their boyfriends Corey and Rashad only to find out they're both involved with Stevie)

  257. Surprise...Meet My New Lover!
    (guests discuss their relationships with multiple partners)

  258. Teen Girls Out of Control
    (family members describe their feelings about the out-of-control teen in their lives)

  259. Teens With Older Lovers
    (guests' families express disapproval of their relationships)

  260. That Man Will Ruin You!
    (panelists and family members argue about why the mate in their lives will ruin their life)

  261. The Godfather of Soul
    (James Brown, singer, discusses his life and music)

  262. The Man with 8 Wives
    (Alex Joseph and his eight wives discuss their relationships and the polygamist lifestyle)

  263. The Mole People
    (two people describe their existence for years in the train tunnels under New York)

  264. This is Your Last Chance
    (guests give loved ones ultimatums to either straighten up or leave)

  265. This Relationship's Over!
    (guests tell their mates they want to end their relationship)

  266. Torn Between Two Women
    (panelists discuss their mates' infidelities)

  267. Trust Me, I've Changed
    (guests tell their loved ones how they have changed their lives)

  268. Unusual Candidates
    (election held for some unusual candidates who are running for president)

  269. Unusual Love Triangles
    (panelists discuss their unusual love lives)

  270. Unusual Reunions
    (guests are reunited with former high school classmates)

  271. Update-Hydeia & Tyler
    (guests discuss how Hydeia and Tyler, two children infected with AIDS, have inspired them)

  272. Update: Mom vs. Daughters
    (two daughters confront their mother and father about abuse that may or may not have happened)

  273. Update: 12-year-old and Her 680 Lb Mom
    (a troubled family is revisited and one family member's young daughter explains why she wants to live with her uncle)

  274. Update: Exotic Dancers
    (updates are given on past guests who strip for a living)

  275. Update: Female Chain Gang
    (update on the lives of several female inmates interviewed on an earlier episode)

  276. Update: Get Rid of That Man!
    (family discusses reasons mother disapproves of her daughter's boyfriend)

  277. Update: Love Against The Odds
    (former guests and their family members confront each other about a child custody issue)

  278. Update: My Boyfriend is a Girl
    (panelists discuss their relationship since they last left the show and meet viewers who called in to meet them)

  279. Update: My Sister Stole My Husband!
    (family members confront one another over past affairs)

  280. Update: Our Brother is Our Pimp
    (former guests discuss how their lives have changed since their last appearance on the show)

  281. Update: Street Kids
    (past guests return to the show to talk about how their life on the streets has changed or, in some cases, stayed the same)

  282. Update: Troubled Reunions
    (panelists return to discuss how their troubled lives have changed since they were on the show last)

  283. Update: Unforgettable Guests
    (past guests who've overcome serious odds in their lives by being different)

  284. We Had a One Night Stand!
    (panelists confront their one-night stands)

  285. We Live in a Car
    (20-year-old Allen and 16-year-old Tracy discuss being married and living in their car)

  286. We Still Can't Get Along
    (family members discuss the difficulties they are having concerning one member's choice to live as a woman)

  287. We Still Live in a Car
    (family members and friends confront guests about their living conditions and way of life)

  288. We Won't Let You Marry Our Daughter!
    (panelists discuss why they do not want their daughter to marry her fiance)

  289. We're Here to Confront You
    (family members confront panelists about their interracial relationship)

  290. We're in Holiday Hell
    (panelists try to resolve family issues by discussing them around a holiday dinner table)

  291. Wedding's Off!
    (guests confront their ex-mates who left them just before the wedding)

  292. What Happened After the Show
    (guests from past shows revisit and discuss what has gone on in their lives since their last apperance)

  293. Why Are You a Racist?
    (a family justifies teaching their child to be a racist)

  294. Why Are You in a Gang?
    (panelists discuss their reasons for joining a gang)

  295. Why Are You Together?
    (panelists confront loved ones about who they're dating)

  296. Why Are You With Him?
    (panelists discuss their disapproval of a family member's relationship)

  297. Why Can't We Get Along?
    (family members argue over other people's influence over a member of the family)

  298. Why Did You Do It?
    (family members confront loved one who they feel betrayed them)

  299. Why I Sell My Body
    (exclusive look at C.T.'s Cathouse in New Orleans and the women who work there)

  300. Wild Ways to Make a Living
    (panelists demonstrate the wild jobs they have while their significant others protest their career choices)

  301. Wives Confront Cheating Husbands
    (panelists deal with their partners' extramarital affairs)

  302. Women Tired of Being Seen as Sexual Objects
    (panelists debate the issue of whether women should be able to go topless in society as men do)

  303. You Could Do Better!
    (guests discuss the love lives of their best friends and why they think they should dump their partners)

  304. You Disgust Me!
    (relatives confront family members to tell them why they disapprove of their behavior)

  305. You Make My Life Miserable
    (mothers and daughters discuss problems in their relationships)

  306. You Never Loved Me!
    (woman confronts members of her family about alleged emotional and sexual abuse from her stepfather)

  307. You Were Never a Mother
    (panelists confront their mothers about their upbringings)

  308. You're a Cradle-Robber!
    (guests and their families discuss their May-to-December relationships)

  309. You're Better Off Single
    (panelists urge loved ones to break off what they see as unhealthy relationships)

  310. You're Eating Yourself to Death
    (Kathy, who is morbidly obese, is seeking help for herself and her 12-year-old son who weighs 287 pounds; Environment and family conflict are discussed)

  311. You're Making a Mistake!
    (family members confront a loved one that they feel is making a mistake)

  312. You're Too Fat to Dress Like That
    (friends and loved ones tell their overweight mates to change their style of dress)

  313. Your Ex is Breaking Us Up!
    (spouses confront each other over whether an ex-mate is interfering in their relationship)

  314. Zack's Back!
    (Zack's family and doctor discuss Zack's medical condition and how it will affect his life and their lives)

  315. Zack...The 70 Pound Baby!
    (the parents of Zack, a 70-pound, 18-month-old boy, discuss what life has been like for them and ask for help in finding out why Zack is so large)

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