San Francisco Giants Batting Practice 2003

March 28 - vs Texas100nothing special, ball bounced up to me.
March 31 - vs Seattle100Nice and clean, another bouncer. Greg, Andrew, and Jordan came to the game and I gave them the balls.
April 7 - vs San DiegoOpening Day - skipped bp - Giants won their 7th straight 7-4
April 8 - vs San Diego100I was the first one in the Arcade and found the ball sitting on the ground. Had 2 slight chances, still waiting for the first catch.
April 10 - vs Los Angeles110Early on, Bonds had me running right and left through the Arcade without getting anything. Then Lo Duca hit a high fly into section 139 above the disabled section and I caught it.
April 11 - vs Los Angeles320Missed the first 2 I would have caught due to a lot of jostling, the next 2 I caught, thanks to strong resolve. The last one I grabbed after one of the regulars had it bounce off his glove.
April 13 - vs Los Angelesskipped bp - Sunday 5pm start, rained all day, Giants won 5-4 in 12!
April 14 - vs Houston100Bonds in the Arcade, got it on a bounce, lost my shoe as I ran to the right, it'd be nice if he hit one near me once in while. Bonds hit #618 in the game,they won and are now 12-1 on the year.
April 15 - vs Houston000no real chances, I spent too much time the arcade, then again Houston didn't hit many anywhere.
April 16 - vs Houstonrain cancelled bp, Giants blew a 5 run lead and lost 8-5
April 29 - vs Chicago100got one on a bounce from Kerry Wood, then gave it to a kid. Wood hit the only 2 homers for the Cubs, disappointing.
April 30 - vs Chicago220First, a nice catch on one from Snow at the front corner of the Arcade, a former game ball, I gave it to Andre. The other was a High Damian Miller ball in Section 139. Running far to my right, I leaped and pulled it out of the crowd. Later, Bonds homered (620 & 621)twice as Schmidt shut out the Cubs 5-0.
May 1 - vs Chicagono bp: day after night
May 2 - vs CincinnatiRained all day, batting practice was cancelled
May 3 - vs Cincinnatino bp: Saturday game (but it also rained all morning)
May 12 - vs Montreal210The catch was on a very high ball from Grissom that I caught in the very top of the webbing.Had chances at 2 others.
May 14 - vs Montrealno bp: day after night
May 15 - vs New York3303 nice catches all in the same group, 2 from Santiago, 1 Galarraga. Had good chances at 3 others, a fun bp. giants 11, mets 3
May 16 - vs New York210catch was Snow's first turn in front of the Arcade, other was an All-Star stitched ball in left field from NY.
May 27 - vs Arizona201The drop was a line drive from Bonds into the front of the arcade, I stepped down to the front and it hit off my wrist. The other was from Williams in left, bouncing off a big crowd into my hands. I was definitely off today, had another chance from Luis Gonzalez in the Arcade that I should have caught, but misjudged. The Giants won the game 4-3 in 13 innings, even after Rivera's wild baserunning.
May 28 - vs Arizona110Not too many chances, the one I caught was a high fly into 139 from Feliz that I jumped and caught in the webbing. One of the regulars, Tony, caught my glove inside his. Another similar one later was too high for me to catch, I never remember to step up onto the bench when the time comes. In the game, Giants won 10-2, Santiago hit 2 homers and Bonds hit #626
June 2 - vs Colorado110Jose Hernandez reaching over the disabled section in 139. There were a lot of balls bouncing around and not a lot being caught. This was a day when I think I could have done better. Then again, it was a nice catch!
June 3 - vs Minnesota000The wind was howling and pretty much blew anything I had a chance at way over my head. In the 4th, Bonds hit #627 right to where I had been standing 3 hours before, but the Giants lost the game.
June 5 - vs Minnesota220The first one was from Snow at the front corner of the Arcade, pretty easy. The second was from Torii Hunter leaning way over the 139-140 tunnel, just caught it in the webbing, an excellent catch.
June 6 - vs Detroit000Just had no luck today, I tried standing in places where I don't usually stand and ball kept getting hit back in my old spots. Oh well...
June 7 - vs Detroitskipped bp: day after night
June 23 - vs Los Angeles210Found one in the Arcade when I got there and caught one from Aurilia (batting 7th) in traffic in left. The wind was blowing out and most were just sailing over people's heads. In the game, Bonds stole his 500th base and scored the winning run in the 11th. Gave both balls to Andre.
June 24 - vs Los Angeles210Another day of extremely long bp homers. First one was from galarraga, it bounced about 3/4 of the way up in 139 (and came right after two other long ones from him). The catch was on a slicing ball from Shawn Green that floated all the way up above the disabled section; a shaky, leaning, underhand catch. Schmidt was dominant in the game, Grissom's homer won it 2-1. Pat came to the game with me.
June 25 - vs Los Angeles100Cruz threw it to me over the right field wall before the gates opened. Inside, I just couldn't come up with anything. I'm great at getting 5-10 feet from where the ball is going to land, I blame it on a bad first step. At least three just barely sailed over my head, more bad judgement. Oh well.
June 27 - vs Oakland000Don't really remember what happened (writing this the following monday), but I think I got nothing as my downward spiral continued this week.
June 29 - vs Oakland201I don't feel good about dropping the running catch in 139, but at least I recovered the ball. I also had a chance at a thrown ball from Felix, but got jostled. I should count that one as a drop too, but I'm not going to.
July 7 - vs St. Louis110The short, 2 game homestand really brought out the crowd for BP. (42,674 was the largest ever crowd at the new ballpark). It was tough to move around so I stayed near the railing between 138 & 139. That's where I caught a high one from Eduardo Perez. Had a couple other chances, but nothing very close. Bonds hit #639 over the hot dog stand in center.
July 17 - vs Colorado320First one was in the front corner of the Arcade over the heads of 3 10 year old boys. At the sound of it hitting my glove, the looked up at each other and said, "What Happened?" The other catch was near the bottom of 138, off Charles Johnson. I got one other on a toss up in right field, I gave that one to those boys. Chances at a couple others.
July 18 - vs Colorado210Charles Johnson again, this time in section 140, the first one was a nice catch coming down the steps on the left side of the runway. On next pitch, I think, he hit another one 15 feet left of the first one and a few rows up, I couldn't get back in time to catch it, but it bounced down to me. Ain't that the luck? Giants won 7-0, 2 straight over the Rockies.
July 20 - vs Coloradono bp - family softball game. On Marichal Bobblehead Day, the Giants completed the 4 game sweep 8-4.
July 21 - vs Arizona000a big crowd put a crimp in my chances today. Had one chance early on a Bonds ball at the right side of the Arcade, but it was just too far to run.
July 22 - vs Arizona110It was in the Arcade, a fairly flat hit from Ray Durham in the first Giants group. I should have caught one just from Snow just before this one, but somehow I didn't. Hey I got one today, I should be happy, but I can't help thinking about the one that got away.
July 23 - vs Arizona200When I got there, I found one sitting on the top step of the Arcade, I was kind of surprised to see it sitting there. The other was one from Bonds that bounced off a few gloves on the Arcade walkway. Gonzales later hit 3 into the Arcade where I had stood the day before.
July 25 - vs San Diego000Nothing came my way today, but Greg, Andrew, and Jordan each got a ball one way or another. Maybe I should count their balls in my total... Nah, that just wouldn't be right. Feliz hit a game winning 3-run homer in the bottom of the ninth as the Giants won their 9th straight.
July 27 - vs San Diegono bp: day after night Woody and I went and saw the Giants win 6-2 to finish the homestand 11-1
August 5 - vs Pittsburgh201The first one was early on, a scuffed ball from Bonds into the right end of the Arcade, got it on a bounce but I might've been able to catch it. The second was a line drive from Giles right near the water cannon control box. Had it all the way, but it just bounced off the heel of my glove, I think I was worried about someone jumping up in front of me. Had a chance at another Bonds ball but was blocked by bystanders, also a couple other chances in left. A fun bp, but I wish I hadn't dropped the easy one.
August 6 - vs Pittsburghskipped bp: 6 pm softball game, got to the game in the second. Giants lost Ponson's debut 3-0.
August 7 - vs Pittsburghno bp: day after night. Brady, Eoin, and I saw the Giants win 7-5 on Hammonds 7th inning homer
August 8 - vs Philadelphia200The usual friday night crowd slowed me down again. The first was a high bouncing ricochet off a bunch of gloves and bodies in 138. The second was a ricochet off a bunch of people in Right on a ball tossed into the stands by Millwood. I didn't have to work too hard for either one. Only one other real chance, but a tall guy behind me got it... Hmm... maybe I didn't really have a chance at that one.
August 10 - vs Philadelphia000I had good chances at 4 balls, but couldn't bring them in.It was kind of a crappy homestand, bp-wise, but at least the Giants went 4-2.
August 19 - vs Atlanta220Both catches were in crowds, the first was off Bonds on the top the Arcade. I beat about 4 gloves, including Jake, to get it. Just a few minutes before I was completely camped under a Bonds ball when a guy came running in front me and knocked it away. I vowed to be more aggressive the next time and I got the next one. The second was a nice clean one that I caught in 138 on the stairs near the railing over two of the other regulars. It was a sweet catch, just above their gloves. Bonds won the game in the 10th with a homer (651) into the water. Giants 5-4
August 21 - vs Atlanta110Bonds didn't seem to be trying too hard, so I moved to left for the first Giants group. I caught one backhanded from Galarraga while running down the benches in 140. Possibly my best catch of the year. I'm kind of surprised I came up with it. For the second time in three nights, Bonds won the game in the 10th with a homer (652). Giants 4-3
August 22 - vs Florida000Giants didn't do much early, which is really the only time I have a chance on Friday nights. There wasn't much action, and I wasn't near what there was. Giants 6-4
August 24 - vs Florida110Made a nice backhanded below the waist catch between the tunnels in 140 after going down about 6 rows. Had another chance in 139 next to the tunnel, but the guy who caught it clamped his hand onto my glove wrist. When I turned to him to complain, he looked at his hand clamped on my wrist like it was someone else's. He had no idea he had grabbed my arm! Anyway, Giants lost the game.
September 2 - vs Colorado000I felt a little sick today and just never found myself in the right place. I was just fast enough to slap the back of the guy catching the ball. Expanded rosters also means that the giants starters take their swings before we get into the park. So, no more Bonds catches for me I guess.
September 3 - vs Coloradoskipped bp, weekday day game
September 5 - vs Arizona200I got the 2 balls on bounce ups in dead center field (All-Star Game 2002), other than that I stood in right for Gonzales and watched a ton go to left. In the game, the umpire blew the call on grissom's catch and Giants got wiped out 8-1.
September 6 - vs Arizonano bp, Saturday game
September 7 - vs Arizona110A nice running catch in section 140, the only chance I had today. Mondesi hit it.
September 12 - vs Milwaukee000I got my glove on 2 balls today, but I can't really give myself drops, both were balls that I ran down at least 5 rows and over for. The first was off the top of the wall in 140, the second was a line drive in 139 that was going to hit a guy right in the chest. I pulled up at the last second to keep from knocking him over, reached around him (he wasn't looking) and the ball hit off my glove. I probably save him a nice bruise, but I would've liked to catch it.
September 14 - vs Milwaukeeskipped bp, sprained my ankle saturday playing softball, I can hardly walk, but I was able to go in through the disabled entrance! Giants won the game in 11, 5-4
September 15 - vs San Diegoskipped bp, my ankle is still too bad to go out there, i'm really kind of disappointed. I'll be back tomorrow, for sure. Giants came back to win 8-7. Bonds hit #655 in the first inning.
September 16 - vs San Diego220I think my limited mobility helped me today, I camped out at the railing between 139 & 140 and got 2 balls above the disabled section, both good catches. Giants won the game and Bonds hit another, #656
September 17 - vs San Diego000Brady came to BP today, but nothing came my way. We got to hold the #655 ball before the game. Giants won the game and clinched the West!
September 26 - vs Los Angeles000My ankle still bothering me, I had one chance, but the ball got caught right out of my glove. Again, my ankle is slowing me down. Giants won 10-1 Bonds hit #658, a line drive into the front row Arcade.
September 27 - vs Los Angelesno bp - day game after night Giants lost the first game 5-0 (4 9th inning runs given up by Worrell)
September 27 - vs Los Angelesno bp - Second game - a makeup of the April 12th rainout - giants come from behind 6-3
September 28 - vs Los Angelesno bp - last game of regular season - day after night - who cares?
September 30 - vs Florida111NLDS Game 1 - I made the catch in the last Marlin group at the ramp railing in 140, Derrick Lee hit it. The drop was a high backhand at the bottom right side of 139, don't know how I missed it. In the game, Schmidt dominated with a 3 hit shutout and Alfonzo drove in both runs. Giants win 2-0, lead the series 1 game to zero.
October 1 - vs Florida110NLDS Game 2 - a high ball caught in traffic about the 140 ramp. I got knocked right on my ass I caught it. In the game the Giants played their worst game of the year and lost 9-5. Series tied 1-1.
total55 balls30 catches4 drops65 games - 46 batting practices

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