Game Got Caught DroppedNotes
Fri Sep 5th 2008 - vs Pittsburgh720A new record that a very small bp crowd had a lot to do with. I found one in the arcade when I got here, #2 was one Velez hit high in 141, that rolled back down to me. #3 was one I just missed catching in 138, a last second lunge tipped it just out of the top of the web, it bounced behind me and I picked it up (I can't call it a drop) #4 was in the arcade cutout, I was talking to Mike the usher when McClouth hit one right at him, I had to get him to move out of the way as I caught it right over him. Then came a fungo hit by a Pirate coach, he lined it right at me behind the Arcade disabled seats! (he was trying to bounce it off the wall for the outfielder) I'm lucky I caught it or it would've hit me in the face. Then came my best catch, at the back to the arcade behind 146, I leapt up and saved one from Doumit from going over the wall. The last one was in 138, I almost had a chance at the catch, but the bounce came right up to me after Tony deflected it. The Pirates hit a ton and I can say that I had at least 3 more pretty good chances. A fun bp, and the most balls ever.
Mon Sep 10th 2007 - vs Arizona630Just as I suspected, the smallest crowd of the year. A Monday, the 49ers opening night, the Diamondbacks, and a last place Giants team all added up to about 15,000 in the park. As for BP, it was even sparser. I found one in the Arcade when I got there. The first catch was from Klesko on the Arcade walkway down towards the foul pole, it was about as easy as it could be, no people, no leaning, no lunging. Then back in left I had one from Byrnes lined up at the top of 140 all by myself, only to watch it sail over my head by another 3 rows. Frustrating, but I got the ball. Then I caught one above the Arcade at the disabled seats in 147. Another pretty easy one that I caught just out of Cheese's reach. Then a bouncer on a very high fly to the top of the Arcade, I didn't really try for that one, but the ball ended up rolling right into my glove. The last catch was the best, a liner from Arizona just at the bottom of the 138-39 tunnel. I ran down the steps, held onto the railing and snagged it just in the webbing of my glove. I had a few other opportunities, including a ball from Bonds that I got close to while standing on the portwalk, but this entry is getting too long. Oh yeah, Hennessey blew the game in the 9th when he gave up a pinch-hit 3-run homer.
Sat Jun 2nd 2012 - vs Chicago650An amazing day, I was just in the right place every time and the bp crowd was small for the Saturday 4pm game. I got off the zero right away when Schierholtz hit one into the cutout section of the Arcade, I couldn't get to it, but I was all alone up there and was able to pick it up. Then Hector Sanchez hit one right to my usual spot at the disabled seats in 147 to give me my first catch in 3 weeks. Number 2 was from Soriano in 140, then 2 more in 139 near the tunnel. Then last one was in the first row of 139, by this time the crowd had noticed me and I had to snake my arm into a bunch of people. I caught the ball underhanded leaning way in to the right. I guess it was just my day. Plus, the Cain beat the Cubs 2-1 on Turn Back the Century Day
Sun Oct 6th 2002 - vs Atlanta540Game 4 NLDS - all 5 balls came in the first 2 Giants groups: one roller from Feliz, then catches from Shinjo and Feliz in Left, then 2 catches on top of the Arcade walkway from Minor. Proably had chances at 3 more. Certainly the best BP this year, maybe ever. In the game, the Giants won 8-3 to force a Game 5 in Atlanta.
Thu Jul 8th 2004 - vs Arizona520Another smallish BP crowd, though I can't blame it all on luck today. I just seem to be getting to the balls lately. I found one in the Arcade when I got there, got one on a bounce from Pierzynski, Torrealba hit 3 homers in a row to 139 and I caught the third one. #4 was a line drive down the RF line from Roberto Alomar that I was a step too slow on, the ball ricocheted off the water cannon right back to me. The last one was a high one on the Arcade behind 148 that I caught with both arms reaching around a guy who was cowering. I think I might've saved his life. (not really, but it would've hit him.) He was happy I caught it. I'm on a pretty amazing run right now.
Wed Apr 6th 2005 - vs Los Angeles530Boy what a followup to the shut out the day before. A running snag in the webbing from Choi on the walkway behind 146 after getting clocked in the chest by a guy coming the other way got me cheers and backslaps from the crowd. The second one was right after that, again from Choi near the water cannon, somehow the liner made it through the crowd and bounced right to me. After that was in the front 139 off Dodger rookie Repko right in front of a loud heckler who thought he had caught it. The I got one from Bradley right in the palm of my glove on the stairs between 139 and 140, jumping high in a crowd. I was surprised I held on. After that I kind of laid low, but it was just my day I guess, the last homer hit in BP was to the front row of 138, a liner that came right after another one. Everyone was looking the other way and it was lucky that this one didn't hit anybody in the head. I got there just in time to grab it on the first bounce. Quite a day, unfortunately the Giants lost big in the game.
Thu May 26th 2005 - vs Los Angeles540It started off right when I caught the toss from Alou out on the Port Walk. The came one at wall in front of the 139/140 tunnel (Torrealba) that I came down the stairs for. Second catch was in 140, left of the tunnel from Niekro. #3 was almost the same as yesterday's catch from Choi, a line drive into the arcade. This time I went about 15 feet left down the bench to grab it. The last one was in 139 from Werth. I caught it over a crowd from behind. I probably had another 3 balls that were good chances for me. It was fun bp, too bad the Giants couldn't win the game. LA 6-4
Mon Apr 28th 2008 - vs Colorado510Today, the only way to describe it that the I was in the right place at almost the right time. I didn't chase any of the 4 balls I got, they pretty much just all landed in my hands, except for the one that bounced up and I caught between my knees. I did get a little self respect when I caught one on the 138 side of the tunnel against the railing.
Tue Sep 9th 2008 - vs Arizona540I was in the right places today. 2 in 139, one on the left side and one on the right. Two more at the top of the Arcade 147, one that I had to slip by a bunch of bystanders to catch on the top railing. The other one was early on, a bouncer in 141, that I got because I was the only person for 2 sections. Very lucky day for me but, the catches were good ones.
Fri May 29th 2009 - vs St. Louis540Something got into the Giants today. They hit more bp homers than they have in 2 years. My catches, Sanchez off the green roof, Rowand in 139, Sandoval in the Arcade cutout, and one from St. Louis Of Rasmus on the arcade walkway. There were at least 3 others that I should have caught (one from Rowand that I picked up behind me in 139) and another few that I had a chance at. This is what bp is supposed to be. Later, they had the sofball slugger home run derby and I caught one of those at the top (I mean the last row) of 138. Too bad it's not like this every day.
Fri Jun 12th 2009 - vs Oakland521another really fun batting practice. The first catch was from Rowand in 139, a high one that I snagged in front of Tony. The second was from Sandoval right at the corner of 148 next to the disabled seats. before the sandoval bounced one off the roof that I couldn't get to but bounced to me. There were a couple more like that in the Arcade, catchable, but I was not quite close enough or there were too many railings. Ishikawa hit one like that that hit the floor of the last aracde row and bounced to me. It was a specially marked ball (a Humm Baby rubberstamp) that I redeeemed for a an autographed ball (which then got red ink on it from the rubberstamp they applied to the bp ball to invalidate it) anyway... the last ball was from an unknown A player, a high one at the 139-140 tunnel, that I just stone cold dropped, but picked up after it hit the ground. Other non-events were a couple of huge bombs by Holliday, one that I got my glove on and one that Darrell robbed me of. It was fun. Sorry I'm not going tomorrow.
Fri Jul 31st 2009 - vs Philadelphia550The most catches I've ever made. An amazing run right at the beginning started with a running leaping catch on Sandoval's ball in 139, then a high one from Garko in 138, then 2 in succession from Rowand in 140, and the last one was Rowand on the wall in 140 that I juggled 3 times before I finally held on. There were another 5 balls the Giants hit that I at least thought I had a chance at. By the time the Phils hit, it didn't really matter to me. An amazing bp, tons of fun.
Wed May 26th 2010 - vs Washington520Yes, the stands were pretty empty, but both the Giants and the Nationals hit a ton of balls. The first one (Torres) almost hit me in the Arcade as I walked in. Then I caught a ricochet (Schierholtz) of the green roof. Then two catches from the Nationals near 138 and 139, and another I should have caught that hit behind me. I should have stayed in right for Dunn, who hit 5 balls right to my normal place on the Arcade. And I almost got hit by one in 139 because I was looking at the previous homer that landed a couple rows down from me. all in all I might have had 7 or 8 today. then it all went south as Lincecum lost his first game of the year.
Thu Oct 28th 2010 - vs Texas540World Series Game 2 - Incredible day! The first one was from Bumgarner, running across 139 and lunging over the 140 tunnel railing to catch it backhanded. Then I went down the LF line and pulled in a hooking ball from Burrell just in front of the alleyway railing. Then one underhanded from Uribe leaning forward over the disabled seating in 139. The catch from Ishikawa seems almost easy at this point, I went half the section to my right in arcade 146 to catch it head high. Then the Rangers peppered leftfield, and I was close to at least 3 other balls, one of which bounced and lodged under the bleacher bench, which I pried out. The amazing day continued during the game as a tight game became a blowout and the Giants won 9-0 behind Cain.
Fri Sep 7th 2012 - vs Los Angeles511Very weird day. I made a nice underhanded catch above the 139 disabled seating, then had what is really my first true drop, a high running backhand that just popped out of the glove, in 140. (I got the ball and started getting verbally abused by some older man with a glove.) then I started getting amazingly lucky. I grabbed a ricochet off the ground in 139, a tip off a glove went into my glove in 140, and another one bounced up the stairs right to me in 138. Strange. Sad about the drop, and the yelling guy kept riding me every time I came within 40 feet of him (Tony even came over and yelled at him.) The Giants won the game 5-2 to go up 5 and a half games in the west and we finally met Nicole Vogelsong in person after the game.
Wed May 26th 2004 - vs Arizona420First one was tossed over the wall by Brower, then came a catch on the Arcade down the RF line from Minor (just back on the team), then I grabbed one bouncing in front of me after about 10 people missed it, the last was a soft catch in a crowd in 138 from Yorvit. The Giants hit a ton of balls, but then Arizona hit hardly any. It was a fun BP and capped by a Giants win.
Tue Sep 21st 2004 - vs Houston420Caught the first one before the gates opened when Mohr threw it over the wall. I gave that one to a kid who was so overwhelmed to get it, that it made all us regulars kinda misty-eyed. Next I had a couple chances at the left end of 140, one of which was a bounce-in that I grabbed off the ground. Then came a few in 138 and 139. I have to admit that interfered with a ball the Tony was probably going to catch, but I can't say that it was a drop for me, even though it hit my glove. Then I went over to the Arcade for Beltran. I made a great leaping catch on the walkway that got me ovations and backslaps from the crowd. Finally the last catch was in the first row of 139. Jumping high in a group, I felt it hit my glove and at first I thought I'd missed it, then I looked in my glove and there it was. It was a fun bp and the Giants won the game, now 1 1/2 games behind LA.
Mon Aug 29th 2005 - vs Colorado420Yamid Haad threw the first one over the wall to me before the gates opened, then I had a couple of chances with Feliz, but I just misjudged them and they went over my head. On the second one Chris and I banged gloves, each getting a piece of the ball, but it dropped between us and Rick picked it up. Then I got one on a ball that Piedra hit to the track in front of the Arcade Cutout. I swiped the ball out of the air at the top of its bounce after running down the stairs (cheers ensued). The catches were in 138 and 139, both from Holliday in the last group of Rockies. The first was pretty easy (at the bottom of 138), the second was a leaping catch in the web in 139, 4 rows behind the tunnel. Iprobably had another 2 or 3 chances today, so it was a good bp. In the game, Matt Cain's debut was spoiled by the Giants inability of to score, Rockies 2-1.
Tue Aug 30th 2005 - vs Colorado410What can I say? I was in the right place a little bit after the right time today. I got lucky with three balls bouncing around me, Alou, Feliz, and then Holliday in the last group of Rockies on one that went to the top row of 139 near the 140 aisle. The catch was on Alfonzo in 139, this time of year the sun is just getting bad and I lost this one in it just before I caught it. I probably had one other good chance, nice job Rockies.
Fri Sep 29th 2006 - vs Los Angeles430I guess I saved the best of the year for last, since I don't expect there to be bp on Sunday. I got there just in time to snag a toss from Chulk over the wall onto the port walk. I just barely reached it to keep it from going into the water. The Kayakers were impressed but cursing me. This is the one I got the BP regulars to sign for me. Then I camped out high in 139 waiting for Neikro to hit one there like he had earlier in the week. He did and I caught it. Another came soon after, also in 138, I had a bead on it the whole way and snuck down a few rows and to my left to get it in front of Chris and Brian. The last on came in the last group of Dodgers and was hit to Right, onto the green roof just left of the cutout section, I snagged it while lunging over the row of seats back. That one won the praise of the crowd. A good way to end the BP season if it's really the end...
Mon Apr 30th 2007 - vs Colorado440A tiny crowd and a couple of pretty good groups contributed to this. I haven't had 4 catches since the 2002 playoffs, and this could've easily been 7 as there were 3 other balls I was dead certain I had. Anyway, I caught 2 from Niekro (one in 139 and one in 140), one from Helton, lunging across the row in Arcade 148 (got a nice bruise on my leg from that one), and one from Hawpe right behind the disabled seating at the edge of 148. The most frustrating miss was on a Holliday ball to deep 137. I was standing 3 rows from the top thinking he was going to pull one. He did, but I came down and got on the wrong side of a guy sitting there. I should've had that one. Oh well, I'm happy with my 4 for 4.
Fri Aug 10th 2007 - vs Pittsburgh421I was more lucky than good today. When I got there, Bonds instantly hit one over my head in 146. I was still cursing myself when he hit another one almost to the same place. It's tough to go up the stairs there, but I caught up with the ball just at the top of the first aisle. The next one was one I misjudged that ended up hitting off the 138-39 tunnel railing. For some reason I chased it down a couple rows away. Then came one about 10 rows back in 139, I over ran it and caught it underhanded leaning back the way I came. The crowd was impressed with the catch, but I kind of felt like I was lucky to have recovered. The next one was over my head in 139, it hit off Bill's glove and bounced right down to me. What could I do? The drop was on a high toss from a Pirate at the end of bp, I don't know how I missed the basket catch, but I did. The Pirates hit a ton of balls and, not surprisingly, there wasn't much of a crowd for bp. Bonds hit #758, but the bullpen gave the game away with a 6 run 8th.
Sun Mar 30th 2008 - vs Oakland430Only the A's batted in the last exhibition game before the Giants go to LA, but it didn't matter. I got three balls in right, no idea who hit any of them. The first one bounced off the water cannon and rolled 50 feet right to me. The second one was an underhanded catch behind the 147 disabled seats. The third was a good catch for me, going to the back railing and keeping it from going in the water. Later I got another pretty easy one from Emil Brown in front row of 139. (If had been paying attention I might've had the one he right after it, but oh well.)
Mon Sep 8th 2008 - vs Arizona420A typically small Monday night crowd increased my range, but the two I caught were pretty much right at me. One from Schierholtz behind the disabled seating in Arcade 147 and one from a Diamondback in Arcade 146. I had two other chances because of the wide open spaces, one in 142 that a guy deflected right in front of me as I ran up behind him. and one down the way in 146, that I was a step short on in the narrow rows there. I picked one up on a bounce in 141. I was a few steps short on that after crossing two sections... and I found one when I go there. I was in the right places today, there weren't a ton hit, but there seemed to be enough coming at me.
Wed May 27th 2009 - vs Atlanta411This time I found 2 balls when I got there.. a homer came in just as I was running to pick one of them up on the walkway, bounced off the green roof and into the Arcade cut out section. I picked up the first one, then went to get the one that just landed (this is the fruit of a tiny attendance), then found another one in the Arcade. Then I caught one from Sandoval at the top of the Arcade. Schafer, in the last group of Braves, hit one between the water cannons that I had on the run, but it hit off my palm and bounced away. it would've been a good catch, had I made it.
Thu Jul 30th 2009 - vs Philadelphia421All 4 came early on and all 4 were in the first few rows of 140. the first was one hit to the warning track and bounced up to me on the stairs. then Rowand immediately hit one 8 rows up which I caught cleanly over the heads of some cowering people sitting on the benches. The next pitch Roward hit one to the second row, that I just got down to in time for it to hit my palm on an underhand try... I guess I have t call it a drop even though I didn't think I could get to it. The last one was from Feliz to about the same spot. The left handers in the last Phillies group put on a show in the Arcade, but it was too crowded to get to anything other than the one that ricocheted off the water cannon and hit me in the eyebrow. ouch. Still a great day overall... and the Giants won 7-2
Mon Apr 12th 2010 - vs Pittsburgh420Not surprisingly there were very few people in the stands for batting practice against Pittsburgh on a Monday night. I found one ball hit by Huff in the Arcade when I got there. I had seen him hit it while standing on the portwalk. The first catch was behind the disabled section in the arcade from Schierholtz. I jumped in between BP regulars Tony and Chris and snagged the ball in the web... very satisfying. The next two were bombs from Pittsburgh's Ryan Church, one I caught on the left end of the walkway behind 146 and one all the way down at the right end behind the speaker pole. On a run, that one tipped off my glove but bounce right back to me. I can't call it a drop.
Fri Sep 17th 2010 - vs Milwaukee410Art got tickets to a special wine tasting event in "Triples Alley" which includes a fenced off area in the deep part of right-center field. The one I caught was from Schierholtz, a nice easy catch early on. I had one other good chance early, but I tripped on part of the fencing and it hit off my wrist, though I still ended up getting the ball. The other 2 were balls that came under the fence to me. It was fun, but I didn't like any of the wine.
Thu Jun 9th 2011 - vs Cincinnati411I found 3 balls in the Arcade when I got there. 2 of them were so scuffed up that I assume they we essentially thrown away into the stands. The drop happened on a line drive from Brandon Philips just to the right of the 138 tunnel, I had go go around a guy and reach down for it, it just hit me in the palm an bounced out. I had another chance on a high one just above the tunnel, it barely tipped my glove on the leap and a kid behind me caught it. Then I decided to move over to the railing in left center and i finally caught a high one right in front of the 140-141 tunnel.
Mon Sep 12th 2011 - vs San Diego430Well the Giants are out of it and that means only one thing: empty batting practice and rookies swinging for the fence. (I guess that's two things.) The first one was from Andres Torres in the Arcade, I was all alone and had so much time to catch it, I considered going behind the back. Then I got one low down in 138, a part I rarely go into because the crowd. then back to right for a bomb that bounced around on the top of the Arcade and another from Rizzo that I leaped for in a crowd and snagged in the top of the web. Totally fun! and the giants won 8-5 (yes 8 runs)
Wed Apr 18th 2012 - vs Philadelphia420Got up at 4:15 am for the earthquake remembrance at Lotta's Fountain, so I was pretty wiped out by batting practice time. The first one was right to the Arcade disabled seats in 147, which usually means I'd catch it, but this time there was a guy standing right there. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't looking and he didn't hear me yelling at him from two feet away, so the ball hit him square in the chest, then bounced to the ground, then rolled right to me. I gave it back to him. Hunter Pence of the Phils is probably the best BP show in the Majors right now. He hits many high homers into left field every time. I snagged one about midway up 141, and, two swings later, he hit one higher up in 139. Nobody caught that one and it bounced right to me. He was trying to hit it as far as he could. His next turn I went up onto the LF walkway in front the the coke bottle. Sure enough, he hit one over the 138 bleachers and I caught it standing at the railing on top. Later I heard it was shown on the Giants broadcast. Oh yeah Cain and Lee matched shutouts for 9 innings and the Giants won it 1-0 in the 11th in one of the best pitching duels ever played in this ballpark. Whew, then I went to bed.
Fri Apr 19th 2013 - vs San Diego420Mijares threw one to me over the wall before the gates opened. He threw another to someone else that hit the water cannon tower and came right to me. (I gave that one to the guy he was throwing it to.) There were few people in the park during BP, not only because it was San Diego, but because new security measures after the Boston Marathon bombing were implemented. Anyway, I caught two balls right in a row on top of the Arcade down the line (not usually where I stand), one from Pagan and one from Noonan. I had one more chance in left by the Padres, but couldn't get down the final step.
Mon Apr 22nd 2013 - vs Arizona430Great BP followed by a great game in which the Giants came from behind in the 8th and won it in the 9th. I made a nice shorthop catch at the centerfield wall on a bouncer. Then another pretty easy catch in 140 while I was talking to Kevin. The next two came in 139, one near the tunnel and one at the front of the section, both were high ones that just snagged in the web and both required some navigation of people in the crowd. Good catches!
Fri Mar 29th 2002 - vs Oakland320one other close one - all from A's
Mon Jul 15th 2002 - vs Arizona310Ramon Martinez toss into arcade: gave to kid, Pedro Feliz down the tunnel: gave to scary blonde kid, Damian Miller catch: guy grabbed my glove.
Tue Sep 3rd 2002 - vs Colorado320Both catches in 139 above the disabled section, first one was an Inaugural Game ball hit by Feliz, second one was from Colorado caught over Jake. One roller in sec 140 and one other chance at a catch that went too high. Smallest crowd in park history.
Fri Sep 27th 2002 - vs Houston3202 very clean catches in 139 on Giant homers early. The other was a pick up off the ground on a Houston ball in the Arcade. Gave that one to a woman who then asked me to autograph it. One last chance at one in left, but didn't quite have position.
Fri Apr 11th 2003 - vs Los Angeles320Missed the first 2 I would have caught due to a lot of jostling, the next 2 I caught, thanks to strong resolve. The last one I grabbed after one of the regulars had it bounce off his glove.
Thu May 15th 2003 - vs New York3303 nice catches all in the same group, 2 from Santiago, 1 Galarraga. Had good chances at 3 others, a fun bp. giants 11, mets 3
Thu Jul 17th 2003 - vs Colorado320First one was in the front corner of the Arcade over the heads of 3 10 year old boys. At the sound of it hitting my glove, the looked up at each other and said, "What Happened?" The other catch was near the bottom of 138, off Charles Johnson. I got one other on a toss up in right field, I gave that one to those boys. Chances at a couple others.
Thu Apr 1st 2004 - vs Texas320first one of the year was a bonds Homer that bounced off the Arcade, then down right to me on the Port Walk. Two nice catches above the disabled section in 139, right after Chris said, "Nothing has come here in while..."
Sat Apr 17th 2004 - vs Los Angeles311First one was on a bounce in 140 that I didn't get back on fast enough, then a toss up in the Arcade that I gave to a kid, the miss was a high fly in 140 that I had in my glove. It apparently just rolled right out the top and landed in the lap of a kid behind me. Finally, the catch was a low one next to the tunnel that I underhanded after coming down about 6 rows. whew.
Wed Apr 21st 2004 - vs San Diego330caught two from Michael Tucker in the Arcade 148 early on, then Nevin hit one right to me in 139 above the tunnel. pretty lucky day, I'd say.
Sat May 15th 2004 - vs Pittsburgh330Luck was with me today and the Pirates didn't hurt either. One off-field shot from Daryle Ward, one high one from Craig Wilson, and one other. All in 139-140. And there were at least another 4 that had me thinking I had a chance. A fun BP, too bad the Giants stink so bad.
Fri Jul 2nd 2004 - vs Oakland310One of Grissom's kids tossed me a ball in the Arcade right when I walked in, I threw it back to him and he threw it back again, asking if I wanted it. Then I went over to left and found one on the ground in 142. So in 5 minutes I had 2 balls already. Then boredom set in. Had one chance where I caught one inside another guy's glove. the 25 minutes later Crosby hit what turned out to be the last one (and about the only the 3rd total) of the day. I caught it in a crowd in 139. Gave one ball to Mike and Tiffany from pickup softball and one to a kid who had a toss up intercepted from him. The giants won 5-4, hit 4 homers including Bonds' #680
Wed Jul 7th 2004 - vs Colorado330A sparce bp crowd, even many of the regulars were missing, and a lot of luck today. The catches were in 139 and 140, including 2 from the Giants and the last one hit by Colorado (Johnson). I had good chances at 3 others but couldn't pull them in. Later on, the Giants broke their losing streak and Bonds hit #681.
Sun Aug 22nd 2004 - vs New York310All three from the Mets, one on a bounce above the 138 tunnel, there were just too many gloves. The catch was in the 2nd row of 138, the last homer of Batting Practice, gave it to Nicole. Pat chose that moment to go to the bathroom or something, and missed my catch. The last one was a toss up from Gary Pettis right at the end. I gave that one to a girl all decked out in Mets gear. The Giants won the game behind Bonds' #693.
Thu Apr 21st 2005 - vs Arizona310A good turnaround from the day before (how could it not be?) I found one in the Arcade when I got there, caught one in the webbing in the 2nd row of 138 (Torrealba) and got one tossed to me by an Arizona pitcher in center after I saved his life by alerting him to the ball that has about to conk him in the noggin. It was fun, but I misjudged three different Glaus moonshots that all sailed over my head by a row or two.
Fri May 6th 2005 - vs Washington330Pretty lucky day for me, I wish it were true for the Giants, who lost 9-3. The first one was fairly easy, Durham hit it to the first row above the disabled section in 139, I was camped under it and started feeling the people rushing in from both sides. They didn't make it in time. The second ws from Guillen a line drive about 15 left of the first one. I had to go down and to the left to backhand it. The two guys with gloves right there just weren't paying attention, probably saved them a couple of bruises. The third was a very nice low backhanded running catch in 140 on a ball by Castilla. That raised a few cheers and the regulars there told me I had reached my limit for the day.
Wed Jun 22nd 2005 - vs Arizona320Brady came to batting practice with me and saw me get all three balls. The two catches were similar both high flies caught at the left front of 139 above the disabled section. The first one from Feliz and the second from Stinnett (I think). Rick came up on me on the first one but backed his glove off when he saw that I had it. The second one I came down a few rows and around some guys standing there. They were shocked that I caught it right in front of them. The other ball was a crazy ricochet that came sideways at me in 140. I took it away from a dad, but then gave it to him and his son. It was a fun BP and great to have Brady there to see it.
Fri Jul 8th 2005 - vs St. Louis310I got two early. The first was a Cruz homer that bounced up to me in 140 (I just couldn't get around the railing and down the 3 rows to catch it on a fly.) The second was a nice leaping catch in the webbing on a ball that Matheny hit into 139. I was happy with that one. Then the Cardinal big hitters were kind of disappointing, although my last ball was one Pujols hit to the top of 140 (Pena territory) that I just didn't get back on, but the ball ended up rolling back down a row where I grabbed it.
Tue Aug 23rd 2005 - vs Philadelphia310Turned it around today on half a bp. The first was a toss from Tucker over the wall onto the Portwalk. The second, I found on the way in all the way over in 136. (It turned out I ran right by another one on the way to get it.) The last one was a catch leaning over the tunnel between 138-139 (I was on the 139 side nd had to fend off an attacker.) I had to leave at 6 for a softball game at jackson (we won, I went 3-4). A nice night all around, except the for the Giants who got smoked 10-2.
Thu Sep 8th 2005 - vs Chicago310I continue to be lucky. I found one in the Arcade when I got there, think it was one of Snow's. Linden came alive and hit 2 deep into center then one into the last row of the Arcade cutout, I was behind on the walkway and couldn't quite reach it, but since there were no other people around I was able to pick it up off the ground (gave that one to a kid who ran up after me.) The Cubs gave me a couple of close chances in left (two of which I touched, but couldn't come up with). Then I caught the last hit of BP from unknown Cub. I had it set up perfectly, even said out loud "This one I've got", and I did. Eric and Mark came to the game which the Giants lost 5-3.
Fri Apr 28th 2006 - vs Arizona310A lot of running around today. The first ball, Bonds hit to the CF corner of the Arcade, I got it on a bounce, it was the 2nd one he'd hit there and I probably should have been over that way. Then, in Left (138) I had a ball thrown from my glove by an overzealous dad who grabbed my wrist with both hands after I had the ball. (I let him know that it wasn't ok.) Next, I caught one from Gonzalez while leaning over the green roof at the right end of 148, it was a nice catch. During the game between the third and fourth, I caught Alou's practice ball in Arcade 147, gave that one to a kid there and got the adulation of the section.
Fri Aug 4th 2006 - vs Colorado320A very sparce crowd tonight and a couple of good catches is mainly what happened. The first one was in 139 off Alou, I was standing at the tunnel railing and had to go back and to my right about 6 rows, caught it over Chris. Then I had some excitement in right, one ball I thought I had that hit high up on the bricks of the water cannon and then another I caught bouncing off the green roof after I stepped over two rows of seats. I couldn't reach it on the fly but snagged it as it bounced up. I was really surprised. The last one was a high fly from Holliday that I caught leaping above another glove at the top to the 138-139 tunnel. A lot of action today, it was fun!
Thu Aug 24th 2006 - vs Cincinnati320Today was like bp of old, the Reds hit so many balls, it seemed like all the regulars were getting multiple catches. My first one was at the top of the 138-9 tunnel from Feliz, the other was at the bottom of 138 on Aurilia. The other was one that was a high fly in 139 that hit a bunch of gloves and popped up in the air right to me. Dunn and Hatteberg hit a bunch into the Arcade cutout (a couple I had a chance at) and at least 5 balls went into the lower part of 140 between the tunnels. like of the old days...
Sun Sep 10th 2006 - vs San Diego321A strange 5 o'clock Sunday night game made for some different views during a bp that started at 3 pm. I found one ball in the Arcade when I got there, The first catch was a leap at the top of the Arcade on a ball from Giles. (I had another good shot on a ball Giles hit just prior to it.) Then came Piazza. He must have hit 7 or 8 homers. I had a good bead on one in 141, but I ran too far down and it went over my head (just felt the tiniest tip off the web). Then he hit a high one to the 3rd row of 139, I had it all the way, then it went into the sun where it stayed for seemingly 15 seconds, when it came out on the way down it had sailed just over to my left, I lunged for it backhanded, it went in and out, and it rolled away. Damn. Then I caught the last one one the right side of the tunnel in 138, a guy thanked me for saving his life. The Padres hit a ton of balls and had be running the whole time, it was fun.
Wed Sep 13th 2006 - vs Colorado320Oddly enough, it was another small crowd today and just like yesterday, I found a ball in the Arcade, and very similar to yesterday, I caught a ball in 138 (that was a little different) then I went over to right field again and snagged one from Hawpe in the front row of the Arcade cutout (totally different from yesterday). Greg, Andrew, and Jordan were there and it was fun seeing them. Then Bonds hit #723 in the game, which was caught by the same Rick I mentioned earlier. Whew...
Mon Sep 25th 2006 - vs Arizona321The first day back after a 1-7 road trip that eliminated the Giants from post season contention doesn't draw a ton of fans. I had a good number of chances today 2 good catches one drop that would've been a great catch, and a lot of fun. Oh yeah, the Giants lost again. All we have left is our contract drive.
Wed Jul 25th 2007 - vs Atlanta330I seriously considered not showing up to bp today after the last couple of days, good thing I changed my mind. The three catches were all in 139: One from Aurilia in the front row above the disabled section (a high one that I got some pressure from the left on), one from Andruw Jones (a line drive that I snagged in the web in the 3rd row by leaping), and a pretty easy one in the same spot I missed yesterday's catch, leaning over the railing (this time I didn't have to go as far.) There were at least two more chances, so it ended up being a pretty fun bp. Then the Giants won behind Lowry.
Mon Aug 27th 2007 - vs Colorado320My first game back after our vacation in Maine was also my first real experience of the post homer chase bp. There was almost no one there. No one, that is except the best of bp regulars. I saw some great catches, but I made a couple too. Early on, Kline threw a ball up to me in the Arcade. Then I watched as the regulars beat me to about 6 balls. When Holliday came up, I was ready. I slipped getting to the first one, in 140, but recovered enough to catch it as I fell. I ended up on the ground, but I still had the ball. It looked like a great play, and I guess it was, but it shouldn't have been so dramatic. The second came soon after, near the aisle between 139 and 140, kind a moving over-the-head snag. Holliday alone hit at least 5 more balls that I thought I had chances at but that sailed to unbelievable spots in 140, 141, and 142. Next time, I'll play deeper.
Sun Sep 9th 2007 - vs Los Angeles310Made a nice catch on Klesko's liner to straight rightfield. I had at least 3 others that I had a good chance at, but I didn't come up with them. (kind of like Friday night) So despite getting 3 balls, (I found 1 in the Arcade, and got one from Gonzo on a bounce in the Arcade) I was a little frustrated with today's bp.
Tue Sep 25th 2007 - vs San Diego320When I got there Misch tossed me one in the Arcade. Like yesterday, the two catches were both late. The first was at the left bottom side of 139, I outreached Jake on a low liner. The second was a couple rows back of the first one, a pretty easy catch on a high fly. I probably had 2 other no doubters if Jake hadn't been shadowing me today.
Fri Mar 28th 2008 - vs Oakland320The two catches were early, from Fred Lewis in the Arcade. Both were underhanded, the first one while running along the top, the second one along the green roof. It was very wet out there and that limited my mobility. I'm just not ready to run up or down the wet benches. The other one was in 139, Darrell missed it and it kicked up a couple of rows to me. Very sparce crowd for the A's exhibition game.
Sun May 18th 2008 - vs Chi White Sox310I got the first 2 tossed to me though I didn't really ask for them. It was very empty in the stands and a regular, Bill, was calling to Lincecum to throw a ball to him. I just wanted to rankle Bill a little , so when Lincecum turned to see who he could throw it to, I ran to a high point all by myself where he could hit with no interference. And he did. The second one came out of nowhere. I saw it coming down right at the ushers above the 138-9 tunnel. Nobody saw who threw it. The catch was immediately after Cheese caught one above the 140 tunnel right in front of me. We were looking at the ball when Jeff yelled to me that one was coming. I saw it about 20 feet up, tossed out my glove, and snagged it in the webbing with a backhand. Another one came right after that. I should really know better than to stop looking once one's been caught. I sat down in section 101 at the visitor bullpen and watched the Giants lose again.
Wed Aug 27th 2008 - vs Colorado310The catch was on Holliday around my normal spot in 139. I played it just right and caught it high in the web. Later I pretty much misjudged a ball from Ian Stewart on the top of the Arcade, it went over my head, but I was able to pick it up after it bounced. Also, I found one in the Arcade when I got there.
Sat Sep 6th 2008 - vs Pittsburgh330Despite a good sized crowd for the Orlando Cepeda statue dedication and a bobblehead giveaway, I was able to pull in 3 balls. The first two were from 37 year-old rookie Scott McClain, both in 139, both nice high ones I snagged in the webbing. The other was from Adam LaRoche at the top of the Arcade steps, right in front of Lee. While I was apologizing to him for snagging it in front of him, another homer hit 5 away. I had one other that I was sure I had, a few steps down from there, but I was gripping the railing and the ball just floated out of my reach and bounced away. If I'd just let go, I would've had it. A fun bp, the Giants won and Schierholtz hit his 1st ML homer. Much to my surprise when I got to my seat before the game, I found Chris from work had bought my extra seats on StubHub. huh.
Tue Sep 23rd 2008 - vs Colorado330Of the 3 catches only one was I sure of, the first was coming across the front row of 139 and snagging a liner, the last one was in 140, I caught it running in front of some fans who were looking elsewhere. when I went by the teenage girls looked at me like there was something wrong with me. After BP, their dad thanked me profusely for saving theri lives. One more high one in 139 that I cuaght in front fo Kyle, payback for one he did the same to me on earlier. I probably had 3 others in left that I should have caught and another 3 that I just kind of misjudged (including one that Holiday hit to the last row in 139... I was standing on the walkway mostly so the regulars could see me catch one up there.. but Jake snagged in front of me, it needed another 2 feet and it would've been out of his reach)
Thu May 14th 2009 - vs New York320Are things getting back to normal? Maybe. I made a nice catch running toward Arcade 149 on a ball hit by Ishikawa, then I got one that Lincecum tried to toss up to a kid (which I gave to the kid) then I caught one right at the 138-139 tunnel a 2008 World Series ball hit by Sheffield. It sure seemed like old times.
Fri May 15th 2009 - vs New York310They're opening early on Friday nights this year which means an extra hour of nothing to do. Today I found a brand new ball in the Arcade when I got there (apparently there had been early batting practice around 2) then Sandoval to the first row of the Arcade cutout section, unfortunately I was in the third row, but I got the ball. It's really scary going over the seatbacks up there and if the ball is below my row, it's really tough to get over the seats. A couple turns later Sandoval got one up to me in the third row, it was a game ball. The Mets didn't really hit anything near me, and Wright was particularly disappointing.
Mon Jul 27th 2009 - vs Pittsburgh330I didn't have a lot of hope for the Pirates, they've traded away anybody who's had a good year. Then there was the unexplainably large bp crowd, maybe it was for Lincecum, I don't know. Anyway, the 3 balls I caught were all in 139, all were in traffic, and all were on the verge of popping out of the glove. Sometimes I just get lucky. The Giants won behind Lincecum's complete game and 15 strikeouts.
Wed Apr 14th 2010 - vs Pittsburgh321Brady went out in the morning so I decided to go to a weekday BP. It was worth it. I caught the first in Arcade aisle between 146 and 147, super easy. The next one was on the Arcade railing, Running down the steps, it tipped off my glove and fell right at my feet. The third ball was deep on the Arcade walkway from Garret Jones. With no competition, I just camped under it. The drop came late, low in 138. I had it all the way, but it was above my head and somehow it rolled out the top of the glove. I should have had it. So far, I seem to be judging the ball really well and getting to the right spot.
Tue Jun 15th 2010 - vs Baltimore330I hadn't planned to go, Brady is recuperating in the hospital from her operation, but Art offered me a ticket at the last minute and I was only there for the Orioles half of BP. Something told me to camp out at the 139-140 tunnel. Glad I did, I made 3 nice catches all starting from there. I caught the first one in the webbing reaching as far as I could down in front of me over the railing. The second one I snagged on the run right at the 140-141 tunnel and the 3rd was at the top of the stairs above the disabled seating. It felt good. I probably had another 3 that got my heart racing. Later the Giants got beat by the lowly Orioles and their rookie pitcher Arrieta.
Sat Jun 26th 2010 - vs Boston300I found one in the Arcade when I got in, then got two on bounces from Mike Cameron in the first group of Red Sox, then I got nothing else. There really wasn't anything remotely close to me, JD Drew hit about 10 out to right, but I was in left. BP was a little shorter than normal for the Monte Irvin jersey retirement ceremony
Fri Jun 10th 2011 - vs Cincinnati320Two fantastic catches, the first one running to my right in 140, caught it on a run above the tunnel, the second on leap above the 138-139 tunnel, just in the web, high fives from the crowd. The other one i picked up on a bounce in 138. I was close to another 4 or 5 balls, thank you Cincinnati Reds! Vogelsong pitches well again and Shierholtz won it in the 9th with a pinch hit single.
Fri Jun 24th 2011 - vs Cleveland320I made Brady come to batting practice with me and it was a good thing I did. I had a couple of close calls from Schierholtz on the arcade before he hit one that I never saw until it almost hit Brady, got it on a bounce then gave it to a kid. Then he hit one into Bonds territory, above the walkway behind 146.I tracked it, going backwards until I leaped right against the railing (got a good bruise) and pulled it back from going onto the sidewalk. (I don't think it was going to hit the water.) Possibly the best catch I've ever made. The last one was in 138, reaching over a couple of people. Then the Giants came back from 3 runs down to win 4-3
Mon Aug 8th 2011 - vs Pittsburgh310Got back on track with a great running catch across in section 141 off an unknown Pirate. I found one in the Arcade when I got there and pulled another one from where it got jammed under the bench in 140 (I was a few steps short on catching it) The Pirates hit a ton of balls into left and there were at least two others I think I should have caught and a couple more that were worth running after.
Fri Sep 9th 2011 - vs Los Angeles330Best BP in 2 months! I caught 3, but had chances at another 5 (I really should have caught at least 2 more) One from Huff in the Arcade, he and Fontenot hit 7 catchable balls up there between them, one in traffic low down in 138, and the last one halfway up in 139. Then the Giants sealed their 2011 fate by losing 2-1
Fri Jul 13th 2012 - vs Houston310Found one in the Arcade when I got there, got another on a bounce after Bill dropped it in 139, then made a catch in 141 after Greg and Theresa saw me and called me over. (I caught it right in the palm after going down 6 rows in a crowd, I'm glad I held on because it really hurt my hand.) The Giants won 5-1 behind Bumgarner, Posey's homer off the CF hot dog stand, and Sandoval's home plate collision.
Sun Oct 21st 2012 - vs St. Louis300NLCS Game 6 - I got two Postseason marked balls early on in 141, had a chance at both of them but I could make the last step on either one. then it got very crowded and I just couldn't get through the crowd to balls I would normally catch. Vogelsong beat Carpenter again as the Giants won their second straight elimination game and force a game 7. ( the count also includes a ball I caught at the workout Saturday afternoon thrown over the wall by hector Sanchez)
Tue Apr 23rd 2013 - vs Arizona301An action-packed though ultimately frustrating BP, just like the game. I wasn't plannig to go the BP, I wanted to go for a bike ride, which of course took me past the ballpark. Tony got me in with his extra ticket. The wind was howling out to right-center and sure enough, many balls came to the top of the arcade. I just couldn't hold onto any. I had 4 good chances up there, two of them hit my glove, but with the wind and the crowd, I just couldn't hold on. Only one was a drop, and even that if giving me more credit than I'm due. The last ball was thrown into the stands by an Arizona pitcher at the end of BP. Then the Giants came from behind in the 9th and gave the game away in the 11th.
Fri Jul 26th 2013 - vs Chicago320Ok, this is how I remember BP, I show up balls come near me and I catch them. Mijares threw one over the wall to me before the gates opened. The next one was another from Crawford down the line and then one from Abreu in 138. I just couldn't get close when the Cubs came up, however. There was very little crowd and with the Giants stinking so much, I expect this to continue.
Mon Aug 5th 2013 - vs Milwaukee320The Giants are in last place, seem to be out of it (ok, they are out of it), and the BP crowd has finally caught on. In other words there really weren't many people there before the game. I found one in the Arcade when I got in, that hasn't happened in a while. Then I made two nice catches from Crawford down the RF line. He's just become automatic for at least one every time. Usually there's no one down there (at least no one trying to catch a ball) and I can haul them in. Today one was back toward the second water cannon which I caught in the web leaping in from of Tony. The second was right down the line in the disabled seats. One guy though about putting up his bare hand, but then changed his mind. I had at least 3 other chances in left field, but couldn't haul them in. a note for later: Juan Francisco hit a few bombs to RF.
Thu Sep 26th 2013 - vs Los Angeles301I found 2 in the Arcade when I got there, but really didn't have many chances in the bleachers. I was talking to one of the regulars near the 141 Tunnel when one came in low, I ran down 5 rows and had to use a low backhand. It hit off the palm of my glove and then bounced right in front of me. ouch.
Thu May 15th 2014 - vs Miami3202 balls in the first group of marlins. Both in 141 one just off the side of the tunnel and one high one in about row 10 from Stanton. I got another later when a marlin pitcher flung one into the stands and it came to me on a bounce. I gave that one to a sad eyed kid nearby. A fun BP, many balls all over left, but not much to right.
Wed Oct 15th 2014 - vs St. Louis330Today, I stayed in right for Matt Adams and caught two from him deep on the Arcade walkway behind 146. (and probably could have caught another if I had stayed there) The third one was from Taveras a little in front of that in the146 aisle. all really good catches, I was locked in. The Giants won again (on Adams' misplays) to go up 3-1 in the series.
Sat Apr 6th 2002 - vs San Diego220gave one to Maureen and one to dad in bleachers
Fri Aug 9th 2002 - vs Pittsburgh220Turnstiles malfunctioned and we waited outside for 40 minutes. Caught 2 from Pittsburgh in section 138. Had chances at 2 more. Ironic. In the 6th inning, Bonds hit #600 to center.
Wed Sep 4th 2002 - vs Colorado201One GR double on a bounce, one HR on a bounce off a woman's shoulder (gave her the ball), one drop on a line drive homer, the last one of the day. boo.
Wed Sep 25th 2002 - vs San Diego2102 Inaugural Game balls in the Arcade. One JT Snow hr on the left end and one bounced on the warning track. I just missed it as it bounced all the way back up, then Joe Nathan tossed it up to me. Gave them to Codi and Calli. Should have caught one other one in left, but misjudged it.
Wed Apr 30th 2003 - vs Chicago220First, a nice catch on one from Snow at the front corner of the Arcade, a former game ball, I gave it to Andre. The other was a High Damian Miller ball in Section 139. Running far to my right, I leaped and pulled it out of the crowd. Later, Bonds homered (620 & 621)twice as Schmidt shut out the Cubs 5-0.
Mon May 12th 2003 - vs Montreal210The catch was on a very high ball from Grissom that I caught in the very top of the webbing.Had chances at 2 others.
Fri May 16th 2003 - vs New York210catch was Snow's first turn in front of the Arcade, other was an All-Star stitched ball in left field from NY.
Tue May 27th 2003 - vs Arizona201The drop was a line drive from Bonds into the front of the arcade, I stepped down to the front and it hit off my wrist. The other was from Williams in left, bouncing off a big crowd into my hands. I was definitely off today, had another chance from Luis Gonzalez in the Arcade that I should have caught, but misjudged. The Giants won the game 4-3 in 13 innings, even after Rivera's wild baserunning.
Thu Jun 5th 2003 - vs Minnesota220The first one was from Snow at the front corner of the Arcade, pretty easy. The second was from Torii Hunter leaning way over the 139-140 tunnel, just caught it in the webbing, an excellent catch.
Mon Jun 23rd 2003 - vs Los Angeles210Found one in the Arcade when I got there and caught one from Aurilia (batting 7th) in traffic in left. The wind was blowing out and most were just sailing over people's heads. In the game, Bonds stole his 500th base and scored the winning run in the 11th. Gave both balls to Andre.
Tue Jun 24th 2003 - vs Los Angeles210Another day of extremely long bp homers. First one was from galarraga, it bounced about 3/4 of the way up in 139 (and came right after two other long ones from him). The catch was on a slicing ball from Shawn Green that floated all the way up above the disabled section; a shaky, leaning, underhand catch. Schmidt was dominant in the game, Grissom's homer won it 2-1. Pat came to the game with me.
Sun Jun 29th 2003 - vs Oakland201I don't feel good about dropping the running catch in 139, but at least I recovered the ball. I also had a chance at a thrown ball from Felix, but got jostled. I should count that one as a drop too, but I'm not going to.
Fri Jul 18th 2003 - vs Colorado210Charles Johnson again, this time in section 140, the first one was a nice catch coming down the steps on the left side of the runway. On next pitch, I think, he hit another one 15 feet left of the first one and a few rows up, I couldn't get back in time to catch it, but it bounced down to me. Ain't that the luck? Giants won 7-0, 2 straight over the Rockies.
Wed Jul 23rd 2003 - vs Arizona200When I got there, I found one sitting on the top step of the Arcade, I was kind of surprised to see it sitting there. The other was one from Bonds that bounced off a few gloves on the Arcade walkway. Gonzales later hit 3 into the Arcade where I had stood the day before.
Tue Aug 5th 2003 - vs Pittsburgh201The first one was early on, a scuffed ball from Bonds into the right end of the Arcade, got it on a bounce but I might've been able to catch it. The second was a line drive from Giles right near the water cannon control box. Had it all the way, but it just bounced off the heel of my glove, I think I was worried about someone jumping up in front of me. Had a chance at another Bonds ball but was blocked by bystanders, also a couple other chances in left. A fun bp, but I wish I hadn't dropped the easy one.
Fri Aug 8th 2003 - vs Philadelphia200The usual friday night crowd slowed me down again. The first was a high bouncing ricochet off a bunch of gloves and bodies in 138. The second was a ricochet off a bunch of people in Right on a ball tossed into the stands by Millwood. I didn't have to work too hard for either one. Only one other real chance, but a tall guy behind me got it... Hmm... maybe I didn't really have a chance at that one.
Tue Aug 19th 2003 - vs Atlanta220Both catches were in crowds, the first was off Bonds on the top the Arcade. I beat about 4 gloves, including Jake, to get it. Just a few minutes before I was completely camped under a Bonds ball when a guy came running in front me and knocked it away. I vowed to be more aggressive the next time and I got the next one. The second was a nice clean one that I caught in 138 on the stairs near the railing over two of the other regulars. It was a sweet catch, just above their gloves. Bonds won the game in the 10th with a homer (651) into the water. Giants 5-4
Fri Sep 5th 2003 - vs Arizona200I got the 2 balls on bounce ups in dead center field (All-Star Game 2002), other than that I stood in right for Gonzales and watched a ton go to left. In the game, the umpire blew the call on grissom's catch and Giants got wiped out 8-1.
Tue Sep 16th 2003 - vs San Diego220I think my limited mobility helped me today, I camped out at the railing between 139 & 140 and got 2 balls above the disabled section, both good catches. Giants won the game and Bonds hit another, #656
Mon Apr 19th 2004 - vs San Diego210found a Ripken ball in the Arcade when I got there. Caught one near the railing in 138, some guy knocked my glasses off trying to get it. Some action but not a lot, too bad since there were hardly any people. Bonds hit #666 in the game.
Fri Apr 30th 2004 - vs Florida210Caught one from Feliz in 139, then got the very last ball hit by Florida way up on the walkway between 138 and 139. It hit the stairs and bounced right to me. The Giants spotted Florida 9 runs by the 2nd inning, but came back to win 12-9.
Tue Jun 15th 2004 - vs Toronto2102 from Toronto, one went over my head as I stood at the rail, the other I caught in 138 above the disabled section as Jake was closing in on me. I had one other chance that I missed when I couldn't get by a guy on a cell phone. I had to reach around him and the ball just tipped off the very end of my glove, but I really can't call it a drop.
Mon Jun 21st 2004 - vs Los Angeles211It was a lively bp and not too crowded, especially when compared with the Boston series. The catch was early on, I think off Torrealba. I backhanded it in the 2nd row of 140 after coming down about 10 rows. As I caught it, I got tripped up by somebody coming the other way and ended up falling down another row. Most of the regulars said it was one of the best bp catches they'd ever seen. The drop was a high floater that carried over the disabled section in 139, I was leaning over the railing and it caught me on the heel of the glove, oh well. Giants won 3-2 on a Ransom single in the 9th.
Mon Jul 5th 2004 - vs Colorado210Caught one in the Arcade in the first group from Pierzynski; I was up there waving my arms and he hit it pretty much right to me. I think he does respond to that kind of stuff. The next one was on a bounce in 139. It went off a guy's glove and rolled past me. Like I told Chris, "Since I was already laying on the ground, I figured I should grab it."
Fri Jul 9th 2004 - vs Arizona220First one was from Ransom low down in 138, near where I got one from him before. A drunk guy (it was only 6pm!) hugged me after I caught it. The other was from Hillenbrand (I decided later) above the tunnel in 140. I jumped high and caught it just in the web. Gonzalez gave some excitement in right, but I didn't get anything.
Sat Jul 31st 2004 - vs St. Louis210One early from Pierzynski in Arcade 148, then one tossed up into the Arcade at the end by unknown Cardinal. Another huge crowd for bp, Pujols hit one onto the walkway in front of the glove.
Thu Sep 2nd 2004 - vs Colorado210I was going to skip bp for the special Sabean/Alou chalk talk, but it was too crowded. I got one on a bounce from Clayton and then one pretty good catch over the 138 tunnel. I had another good chance, but had my glove tipped at the last second.
Fri Sep 3rd 2004 - vs Arizona221First was the drop at the front corner of the Arcade. I was leaning way out over the wall to catch it and it hit off the heel of my glove. I think I lost sight of it because my hat was pulled down so far to block the sun. Arizona Catcher Robby Hammock was making fun of me for dropping it so it was slightly validating to catch one at the same spot about 5 minutes later. The second catch was a line drive into 139 right above the disabled section. I also had another chance at one right after that at the left end of 139, Lee said he had it and I let him take it. I don't think I'd do that for anybody else out there. Later, Bonds hit #697 and the Giants won 18-7.
Sun Sep 5th 2004 - vs Arizona211I was leaning over the side of the 138 tunnel near the bottom and one of the regulars, Dog, hit my glove from below. The catch was in the 4th row of 140 on Dustan Mohr, I had it locked in all the way. I also got one on a bounce to the stairs in 139 while everyone on the wall was distracted by a player, it bounce over them and right to me. A fun bp, and the Giants won again, now 3.5 games out and tied for the wildcard.
Wed Sep 22nd 2004 - vs Houston200Found one in the Arcade when I got there. The other was from Houston all the way over near 142, I was just a little late on it and picked it up from under the bench. There just weren't as many chances tonight, but the Giants won again, now half a game back of LA.
Sat Sep 25th 2004 - vs Los Angeles210The first one was on a bounce at the top of 139, it was the 2nd long one in a row and I was the only one looking, but I couldn't get all the way back in time. The second was on the wall in Center (in front of 143), Bradley hit a high one and I was was trying to alert the fans on the wall who were talking to Odalis Perez. I ended up leaning over a short girl in a Dodger hat and catching it right above her head. I impressed Perez and averted another concussion. Later the Giants won it on Feliz' 8th inning Grand Slam, now 1 1/2 out.
Thu Apr 7th 2005 - vs Los Angeles220It started out like Wednesday ended, two catches right aways from the Giants. I signaled to Tucker to hit one up to me and the next turn he hit a high one to the top of the arcade that I caught in a crowd. Then Tocato lined one to the front row of 148 that I caught while fending off another attacker. This is where the similarities with the day before ended. The Dodgers, who had hit so many yesterday, hit alomost nothing and I never really had another shot. But, hey I'm not complaining, it was fun while it lasted.
Mon Apr 25th 2005 - vs San Diego200The two I got were both long homers way up the bleachers in left that I went running for. There's really no glory in it, but once you've chugged up 10 rows and the ball is rolling around in front of you, you might as well pick it up. It was a strange day, there really weren't many catchable balls, but there were a reasonable number bouncing around.
Mon May 9th 2005 - vs Pittsburgh220I was pretty locked in again today, the first one was a liner from Grissom in 139, the second was a high one from Jason Bay in 140 that I went up 3 or 4 rows to get. There were a few other chances after that, but I didn't really go all out. All told, a fun BP. In the game, Tomko retired the last 21 batters and completed a 2-1 Giants win in 1 hour 49 minutes.
Tue May 10th 2005 - vs Pittsburgh210I caught the first one on a toss up from Tucker, he overthrew his target and I cuaght it. The catch was a pretty routine catch, no traffic no running, at the bottom of 139. Grissom hit it. The other chance I had was on a lunging backhand reaching over the railing at the left side of 139. It did tip off my thumb, but I really don't think I can give myself a drop on it.
Fri May 27th 2005 - vs San Diego210Not nearly the number of balls flying out with the Padres, but I had a few chances. The one I caught was in 140 from Nevin right over the heads of a camped in group of 4 senior citizens. The round before, they had blocked my way on another Nevin hit that bounced on the bench in front of them. The other was a ricochet in 138, somebody tried to ctach it in their hat and boththe hat and the ball bounced at me, fortunately the ball came out of the hat before I got it.
Tue Jun 7th 2005 - vs Kansas City210Found one when I got there, it was sitting all the way over in Left and I picked it up right in front of a couple of people standing around, kind of funny. The catch was a super high fly from Sweeney that I didn't think would reach me near the top of the 138/139 tunnel. It was the kind that I normally run in on and have sail over my head. This time I caught it. The Royals hit a ton of balls and bp was fun, but that where it ended. The Giants got beat 87 - 1 in the game, or something like that. Ken Yee came to the game with us and I gave him the ball I caught.
Wed Jul 6th 2005 - vs Cincinnati220The first group was all the Reds' lefty sluggers and I caught one of Griffey's in Arcade 147 next to the control box. After that it was back to left where I caught another from Pena, again way back in 140. This time I caught it in row 30 on the run going towards 141. A very nice catch, I might add. It was a fun bp and the giants actually won the game 7-2.
Tue Aug 2nd 2005 - vs Colorado210The catch was a nice leaping grap above the 140 tunnel. I caught it right out of Chris' glove. Earlier I had caught one thrown to me by Tucker over the wall and out onto the Portwalk. Had one other that I should have caught but I got totally mauled as the ball came in, a high one in 139. I got so beat up as I went for it that even though it hit my glove, I can't give myself an error on it.
Wed Aug 3rd 2005 - vs Colorado200A dismal batting practice, my best chance was on one I ran 60 feet for along the top of the Arcade only to have a guy jump up and nab it in front of me. Of the two I got, one was a catch on a ball thrown from CF by Mohr (I need to clarify my rules I guess, "catches" are homeruns I catch on the fly) and the other was one that first bounced way up the aisle in 138 then rolled back down right to me. Lucky.
Fri Sep 9th 2005 - vs Chicago200More luck today, got two on bounce ups, there's really not much more to say about it. I didn't really have any chances at homeruns, but somehow I ended up with 2 more balls. It's not as though I really try for ones I can't catch, but what can I do if it's right there? The real story was Matt Cain's 2 hitter that beat the cubs 2-1.
Tue Sep 13th 2005 - vs San Diego220Both were in the last group of Giants and both were really nice catches. The first one was on the railing next to 138, I had run across the section and snagged it in front of Rick. The second, right after, was in 139 about the second row above the disabled section. Then nothing for the rest of the day. Then the Giants beat SD again 5-4.
Thu Sep 15th 2005 - vs Los Angeles200Both balls were on homers that Saenz hit way over everybody's head. I was playing back, but it just seems stupid to be standing in the last row... until the guy hits one there. The second one actually bounced up on to the walkway in left, ricocheted off the Coke machine, and was rolling around. I got it since there were so few people there today. Oh yeah, the Giants sealed their 2005 fate with a 7-1 loss. At least I've still got my record to play for, 1 to go.
Fri Sep 16th 2005 - vs Los Angeles210#71 was a catch in the second row of the Arcade. Pat had just called me, asking where I was. I had to say, "In right field... right where that ball is going... I just caught it!" The recordbreaker was one that bounced in, up the 139-140 stairs right to me, a typical lucky break for me. Pat and Casey came to BP and Pat caught his first-ever ball in 139, so it was really a day milestones all around. Earlier I had had one chance that I got a glove on, but the ball slipped out as I flipped over the railing next to the 139 disabled section. I couldn't give myself a drop on it. Bonds hit 704 and Linden won it with a single in the 9th. Giants, 5-4.
Fri Sep 30th 2005 - vs Arizona210A lot of action from the Diamondbacks, they had me running and jumping the whole time. The first ball I got was on one that Clark hit off the back brick wall of the Arcade that bounced all the way up to the top row and then rolled along there until it came to me at almost the other end. The catch, #74, was in 138 near the tunnel, a high fly that I leaped for and got in the webbing, a very nice catch. Got a ball signed by the BP regulars in attendance. The Giants are out of it, bp and seeing our Section 121 friends were the only real reasons to show up.
Tue May 9th 2006 - vs Chicago210Since Bonds is sitting at 713 homers, the Giants have decided to close off the Arcade to people without Arcade tickets, even during BP. Somehow, I got there before they closed it off and was the only regular in RF today. That made my one catch really easy since there was no one trying to out jump me for it. The other chances I had, I missed on my own; well, one I had dead and it hit the Levi's banner over my head and the other was a lean in over two rows... it tipped my glove but I couldn't bring it in. The other ball I did get was tossed to me by Benitez. It's fun to be out there with not much competition.
Fri May 12th 2006 - vs Los Angeles220This one turned out to the reason BP brings me back every day, I probably had 6 balls I thought I could catch, 4 that I could have caught and 2 that I did. It was fun. #1 was a couple rows above the tunnel between 139 and 140, #2 was from kent on the right side of the 138-39 tunnel. I had a nice look at one from Drew in dead center, but it sailed over my head.
Thu Jun 8th 2006 - vs Pittsburgh210The second last place team of the homestand brought out the smallest bp crowd so far. The Pirates actually hit a good number of balls, though Lane was disappointing. The one I caught was from Castillo, a high leaping catch with traffic in 138; the ball rolled around in the web for a second due to some jostling. Earlier, Accardo tossed me the other one. Probably had 1 or 2 other remote chances. it was fun and the Giants won the game 5-4 on a 9th inning wild pitch.
Mon Jun 19th 2006 - vs Anaheim220I went to the ballpark today thinking that if I didn't get any action today that maybe I'd retire from Batting Practice... well. The Angels hit more balls today than any team has all year, I had good shots at 4 balls (including one caught out of my glove in 139 and one that slipped out of the web on my backhand lunge in the first row of 139) and feel like I could have caught another 2 besides. I'll settle for the two I got: Greene in 140 and Morales of the Angels in the Arcade.
Fri Jun 23rd 2006 - vs Oakland220Walked to the park today. The first catch was a high snag on the arcade on one from Finley, then had a couple other chances in the group including one that Finley hit off the darned Levi's banner again. The second was from Niekro in 139, he hit two in a row and I almost grabbed the second one also, as it was Chris caught it jut behind me in the clump. A couple more good chances made this a really fun bp. Then in the bottom of the ninth, Winn batting versus Street hit a foul ball that came right up to our seats, I was so shocked that it went right by me, hit Callie's seat and bounced back 15 rows. The first foul ball in 6 1/2 years.
Tue Jun 27th 2006 - vs Texas211Both balls came from Finley on the Arcade in the first 5 minutes. I had to catch the first one, a high fly near the first water cannon, while a crowd of people was strolling into the park which meant I had to do a leaping catch to avoid them, they were impressed. The second was a line drive about 40 feet closer to the line that I sprinted for (it was like a sprint for me), the ball somehow made it past a few people who could have caught it and hit me in the heel of the glove as I tried to backhand it on a dead run. Since it hit me in the palm, I have to call it a drop I guess, but it would've been a great catch had I made it. I mostly stayed in right and had a couple other scares, but nothing I feel I should have caught.
Fri Jul 14th 2006 - vs Philadelphia200Found two balls in the Arcade when I got there. I had three others in left that I felt I had a chance at, two of them got caught right out of my glove and the third was all mine, but I overran it in section 142 and it passed right by me as I tried to stop.
Tue Jul 18th 2006 - vs Milwaukee220Today the centerfield security guards opened the gates early, then shut them again, I just slipped in before they clanged shut. It didn't make much difference since I didn't catch anything in that first group, though I did get a thrill as I thought I had a shot at a Bonds ball that sailed over the railing and onto the portwalk. The two catches were nice, the first one was from the Brewers' Rivera in the 139 right above the disabled section railing. The second one was from Carlos Lee, about 10 rows up in 139. It hit my thumb, rolled up the glove, snow coned out the top, but somehow I held on to it.
Fri Jul 21st 2006 - vs San Diego210It was a fun BP today. I ran into Greg and Andrew and spent a little time with them afterwards. The catch was on Bonds at the top if the Arcade 147 aisle, a nice catch that I moved back for (and also got a slap in the face from the glove of a somewhat overzealous dude running from the left). The other one was hit by Piazza to the very last row of 138. It hit the wall and bounced into my hand, what could I do, I'd just run up 15 rows... Andrew made his first bp catch on Piazza a few mintues later. I thought I had one other one, but it was caught right out of my glove by one of the other regulars.
Tue Aug 1st 2006 - vs Washington220I seem to be having a lot more luck in the Arcade lately. Both of my catches were there today, and I had my best other chances there as well. The first one was from Finley in the aisle of section 148, I caught it just out of the reach of a barehanded fan. The second one was a nice running and leaping catch down the empty row, also in 148 on a Darryl Ward ball. The Nationals are using a "training" ball printed with green ink. I also had a couple of other remote chances along the top of the Arcade from both the Nationals and Giants. Zimmerman (or maybe it was Kearns) hit a bunch of very long homers to left that nobody I knew could catch. A fun BP.
Mon Aug 21st 2006 - vs Arizona200Another small crowd (no surprise there), but not a lot of chances, both balls came on the Arcade one in the beginning from Vizquel a liner down the RF line that hit the green roof and bounced to me, and one at the end from Chad Tracy, a high fly in front of the third water cannon that I stayed back on because I thought Rick was going to catch it, when he missed it, I grabbed it on a bounce. Had one chance on a high one in 139 from Byrnes (I really thought I had it), but it sailed over my head.
Sun Aug 27th 2006 - vs Cincinnati221Got there just for the Reds because of a softball game at Jackson. The Reds were back to their Thursday form although the first chance I had was the drop, a cutting liner that I was leaning over the 138 tunnel to catch... it hit me in the glove without interference so I have to call it a drop. The next two were both high flies that i barely caught in the palm in each time, one in 138, one in 139. I had one other chance that a guy made a great snag in front of me on, I had to applaud him after he fell face down on the bench as he caught it. Then Cain beat the Reds 8-0 in the game.
Tue Sep 12th 2006 - vs Colorado210It was a very smalll crowd, could have been the smallest announced crowd in the New Ballpark's History. Anyway, I found a ball in the Arcade, then I caught one with a catch in 139, that I called off Rick on. I was close on a few others, but typically,when there's a small crowd, there weren't a lot of hits.
Thu Apr 5th 2007 - vs San Diego220When I got there Bonds was taking his last swings so I ran to the top of the Arcade. He didn't hit one, but the Mike the usher was emphatically telling me there was a ball sitting in the aisle above the Levi's sign, so I went running to get it. As I ran past the first water cannon, a ball that Durham had just hit, hit right above my head on the bricks! If I had only looked up. Later I caught one from Brian Giles right behind a bunch of obnoxious drunks and then in the last group I had another pretty easy catch down an empty row in the Arcade 147.
Sun Apr 8th 2007 - vs Los Angeles210The first one I was a bouncer on the portwalk before the gates opened. I had just run after one that hit the water and then this one hit the railing right where I had been standing. Somehow I still got the ball. The catch was a backhanded one from Niekro to the left side of 139. The last group of Giants hit a lot of balls.
Tue May 1st 2007 - vs Colorado210Another very small crowd for bp, but today the Rockies all worked on hitting to the opposite field (a technique that worked well against Russ Ortiz in the game, boo hoo) The two I got were both from Klesko on the Arcade, the first was a catch in the same spot where I got one yesterday, right behind the disabled seating. The second was hit to the back of 146 but didn't clear the last row of seats, so I couldn't catch it. Since there was no one else up there, I had no problem tracking down the roller.
Thu May 3rd 2007 - vs Philadelphia220The Giants were about 5 minutes late in their bp schedule which meant that we got 10 minutes of Bonds' group rather than the usual 5. It proved a valuable 5 mintes as I caught 2 balls from Barry at near the top of the first aisle in Arcade 147. That was all I was going to get (but, you know, 2 balls from Bonds is plenty) and the Philies were extremely disappointing.
Fri May 4th 2007 - vs Philadelphia200Abysmal. The Phillies hit nothing... maybe 3 balls, two of which I had a remote chance at but for too much Friday night traffic. Luckily, I found two balls in the Arcade when I got there from either Klesko or Durham who hit before the gates opened. Niekro was designated for assignment, so that means the Giants BP has virtually no hope from now on.
Mon Jun 11th 2007 - vs Toronto211Had a lot of action today and the bleachers were crowded with highschoolers newly off for summer. I had a couple of shots on ball from Bonds early on, one that hit off the roof just before I could get to it. Back in left, I dropped one in a crowd in 139, maybe there was some jostling, but it hit right in my glove, just off the fingers, and bounced out before I could get a grip. The catch was on Alex Rios way over in 137. I caught it underhanded on a dead run. It really made up for the drop. the other was one from Frank Thomas, it was over my head, but the kid behind me dropped it and there was a scramble. Normally I don't get involved, but it was right in front of me, so I grabbed it. The best part was all the high school boys looking for it after I picked it out of the pile and walked away. In the game, Bonds hit #747 and the Giants won it on a suicide squeeze.
Fri Jun 29th 2007 - vs Arizona211The drop was on a ball from Klesko on the Arcade walkway above 147 early on. It was over the seats but in front of the railing, so I had to underhand it. It hit off the heel and dropped right in front of me. I totally should have caught it, but those kind of catches have been tough for me. The catch was in 139, just to the left of the tunnel. I made a nice grab between a bunch of gloves. I probably could have had a couple more chances, but I played Byrnes way too deep. In the game, Bonds hit #750, but the Giants lost again.
Sat Jun 30th 2007 - vs Arizona220Both catches were in Left. The first was from Byrnes in 139.( I didn't make the mistake of playing too far back today.) I grabbed it between a few gloves and got my arm ripped down right after, but held on. The second one was in 138, late in bp. It was high one that Tony went down a few rows for, vacating his normal spot, which was right where I caught it on a leap. It was a nice snag in the webbing by me, I must say.
Thu Sep 20th 2007 - vs Cincinnati220These were both pretty nice catches. The first was in 139, going up about 4 rows. The second was lunging over the side of the 139-40 tunnel. I had a couple other chances, but both got caught right out of my glove.
Mon Sep 24th 2007 - vs San Diego220I was afraid I was going to get shut out again; I had misjudged one earlier and watched as a bunch of balls were hit to 139 while I was in right. Then the two catches came in the last group of Padres, one underhanded on the 139 railing above the disabled section and then the other at the top of the 138-139 tunnel. I think newly acquired Jason Lane hit both.
Thu Mar 27th 2008 - vs Seattle210The first practice game of the year and I'll admit to being a little rusty. I did make a nice catch in 139, but I was a step late on 3 other balls and got two of them snatched out of my glove. I the other one I got was deep in 141, I thought I had it all the way but it sailed over my head and I picked it up off the ground. Rick came with me and didn't really have any chances. It's good to be back.
Fri May 16th 2008 - vs Chi White Sox210Castillo tossed one up to me early on, and I caught one from Pierzynski in Arcade section 148, going down the top row to the first aisle, just like old times. Giants lose 2-0, and were 0 for 12 with runner in scoring position. Another note, the Giants hit exactly ONE homerun during batting practice (Velez). I've never seen that.
Sun Jun 15th 2008 - vs Oakland2203 chances and I caught two of them. The first was in the front right corner of 139, a liner from Crosby. The second one was in the Arcade 147, I went from the disabled seats to the back bench and pulled it in. The last chance was much the same but farther down the row. I had it all the way, but a guy standing on the walkway lunged for it at the last second and knocked my glove out of the way. It ended up bouncing back on the field. My own fault for not blocking him out better. Oh well, I'm happy.. except that the Giants got swept by the A's.
Mon Aug 4th 2008 - vs Atlanta210Picked one up in the Arcade after seeing Bowker hit it off the back railing before the gates opened. Giants typically hit almost nothing. I was hobbled by my softball knee injury, but Francouer hit two balls near me at the 138-139 tunnel. The first one I caught the second was over the middle and I had to lunge out to get it, it hit off the heel of my hand. I just can't call it a drop, i had run from the middle of 139. Later, Blanco gave me some action in the Arcade cutout section, but nothing I could get my glove on.
Wed Aug 20th 2008 - vs Florida210Found one in the Arcade when I go there. the other was from Gonzalez in the last group. He hit a bunch up there, and I had my glove on another one and underhanded lunge around a bunch of gawkers at the top railing. Extreme effort on that one prohibits me from calling it a drop.
Tue Aug 26th 2008 - vs Colorado210The Rockies hit a lot again, many going to center. The catch was on a Garrett Atkins liner to the second row of 139, I just snagged it in the webbing as I went across ,. It was a good catch. the second was a high one from Baker that I couldn't get back to, but it took a bounce towards me and I got it. Attendance has been very low, no surprise there.
Wed Sep 24th 2008 - vs Colorado210Typically, there weren't nearly the number of people out there and not nearly the number of balls hit. I really only had a couple of chances, I caught one and got another when Hinshaw threw a ball into the stands and it bounced right to me.
Mon Jun 15th 2009 - vs Anaheim220The first was a high one from Schierholtz on the Arcade, I caught it leaping over one the regulars. The second was low line drive into the 2nd row of 139 that I snuck in between two gloves and pulled it out.
Fri Jun 19th 2009 - vs Texas200I guess the team took early batting practice in the afternoon, because I found 2 balls in the Arcade when I got there. After that the Friday night BP crowd swelled and I got jostled on the two balls I had chances at, the second one was knocked out of my glove by a guy coming from behind me. I didn't get a chance to tell Brian Wilson that it was me who recognized him in North Beach (riding a bike in flipflops) on Thursday... oh well.
Mon Aug 10th 2009 - vs Los Angeles221It didn't start out well. I totally flubbed a high one from Garko next to the 139 tunnel, I was all alone, waiting for it and it just bonked off the top of the glove. Then I misjudged one right nearby, ran down and watched it get caught behind me. Then I went to center because it seemed like Ramirez was purposely not pulling the ball and snagged one at the front of 143. Then I went up to the Arcade because Ethier WAS trying to pull the ball and caught one on the top of the walkway behind section 146 right at the speaker pole. Both catches were good ones, but the balls were defaced with a rubber stamp that said "DodgersWIN", which, unfortunately, they did.
Wed Aug 26th 2009 - vs Arizona211A very small crowd and not much going on led to this result. Both balls were well to my left and both were lunging backhanded reaches. The first one rolled out and I picked it up, the second one stayed in. If there had been more people out there, I wouldn't have had a chance at either one.
Fri Sep 25th 2009 - vs Chicago210Got there early and good thing because the 2 I got were almost immediate. Both from Fred Lewis on the top of the Arcade. the first one I caught right in the palm in the last row of 146. The second one hit my palm as I leaned over from the walkway trying a running underhanded catch. it bounced away but I caught up with it. I can't give a drop, due to the extreme effort.
Fri Apr 9th 2010 - vs Atlanta210Opening Day 2010 - the first ball I got rolled to me in 139 after hitting off a couple of people. The first catch of the year was from Eugenio Velez in the Arcade cutout 146 about 3 quarters of the way up. I ran from the aisle and tracked it down in the middle of the section. The Giants won 5-4 in 13 innings
Fri May 14th 2010 - vs Houston211I saved some people's lives by catching Schierholtz's ball at the front corner of the green roof in the arcade, then totally muffed a high one from Bowker on the Arcade walkway. Then I got fouled on a ball directly to me above the 138-139 tunnel. All in all a little bit of everything today. That's why I come out here. The Giants battered the Astros, 8-2.
Fri May 28th 2010 - vs Arizona210I caught one from Bowker on the Arcade and got one on a bounce in 141 from Reynolds. Other than that there wasn't much going on.
Tue Jul 27th 2010 - vs Florida200Despite not being the first one in the park, I found one in the Arcade. Then, like the previous night, only the first group; Ross, Stanton, and Paulino, did anything. The one I got was way over my head in 138 and I grabbed it on a bounce.
Wed Jul 28th 2010 - vs Florida210Very similar to the last two games, the first group of marlins hit a bunch of balls, I tracked down one from Ross near the top of 138... it was way over my head again and I got it on a bounce. Then I just stayed up high the rest of the time and finally Uggla hit me one 3/4 of the way up in 139. It was a good catch leaning over some cringing people on the the bench.
Wed Sep 1st 2010 - vs Colorado220Finally pulled in my first multiple catch day in 2 months. The first was leaning over the Arcade roof to snag one from Schierhltz,. The second was at the bottom of 138; I underhanded it leaning in from the left. I had chances at two others, one from Ross that went into the sun and never came out (despite my new sunglasses) and another that caught me by surprise in 139 immediately after one in 140, I lunged back for it and it tipped my glove. Anyway, a lot of action and Lincecum beat the the Rockies 2-1
Fri Oct 8th 2010 - vs Atlanta220NLDS Game 2 - Again pretty crowded but today I was closer to a lot of balls. The first one I caught from Fontenot on the Arcade walkway near my usual spot, a nice catch over my head. Next, I had a few close calls in 138 and 139. Then the last catch was on an Atlanta batter in 138 right next to the tunnel; I ran down the steps and shoved my glove backhanded into a crowd and came out with the ball in the web. In the game, the Giants squandered a 4-0 lead, then lost it in the 11th. Duncan came with us.
Wed Jun 8th 2011 - vs Washington220Great Day! First, I was surprised to see there was BP at all on a weekday afternoon game. Then I was pleased that the Giants were actually hitting balls into the seats, I came close to a couple in left before I went to right and caught one from Schierholtz at the back of the Arcade walkway next to the 3rd water cannon. Then back to left where Morse hit a ton of balls into the stands, Icaught one high one on the right side of 139 after crossing the section. Then two more got caught out of my glove in 139. It was bad luck I had two guys in front of me who could catch each one, but it was a lot of fun to be in the mix. All in all an exciting bp, the kind that got me hooked in the first place. Then Cain pitched a complete game with 11k to win 3-1. Excellent day!
Mon Aug 1st 2011 - vs Arizona211the new lineup adding Beltran has changed the batting practice order, so today I got Huff and Schierholtz in the same first group when I got in. they hit quite a few, though Schierholtz had me running from one end of the Arcade to the other. Huff finally hit one right to me behing the 147 disabled seats. then another down the way near the cannons, that one I overran slightly and it hit the palm of the glove and bounced up right in front of me, it would have been a great catch, but I have to call it a drop. Arizona didn't do much and the Giants lost the game.
Tue Aug 23rd 2011 - vs San Diego200The first one I got before the gates opened. Lincecum hit one over the wall that I saw coming just in time to grab it on a bounce. There is so little time to react to those, but I was lucky it the portwalk railing. Then I found one in the Arcade. I had a couple of balls near enough to run for, but none I thought I might catch.
Thu Aug 25th 2011 - vs Houston211Almost no one there for the Giants end of BP, but they hit zero balls into the stands. Then Houston's left handers, especially Schafer, hit a ton of balls into right. I was running back and forth, got one on a bounce and unfortunately muffed the only one I got to, a super high one on the back railing. I jumped, hit the railing, and the ball hit off my glove. I should have had it. The stands gradually filled up and while Houston hit a good amount (is it all the rookies they have?) I couldn't get close to any until the last group. It was a nice catch in 139 on the right side, just above the disabled seating. Woody, Jessica, and Crannif (who had his own ticket) came to the game and saw the Giants get beat. with me
Fri Aug 26th 2011 - vs Houston200Houston hit a reasonable number of balls, mostly while I was standing in right waiting for the guy who hit them all the day before, but who didn't hit any today. I did get close enough to grab two balls off the ground, but there's no glory in that.
Mon Apr 2nd 2012 - vs Oakland210There was a pretty good crowd for the Monday night exhibition game with the A's. All the usual BP regulars were there. I found one in the Arcade when I got inside. The catch was a good one, coming down the section 140 stairs, gripping the railing and leaning over the tunnel.
Sat Apr 14th 2012 - vs Pittsburgh220This seemed more a like a regular ballgame, the Giants, who have almost an entirely left-handed lineup, didn't hit much out. Pittsburgh put a good number into the left field seats. The first one was a high shot just at the top of the 139-140 stairs, I had to come down for it and caught it cleanly over a dad who knocked down his college-age daughter and spilled beer on himself. Then I had another couple of chances low in 140 before I got the second one, a Dodger Stadium 50th anniversary commemorative ball. Fun BP, and the Giants won the game 4-3 on a 9th inning no-out, bases-loaded throwing error. Crannif and Christine came to the game with us.
Fri Apr 27th 2012 - vs San Diego210Friday night knit hat giveaway night created a greater than normal crowd and the crowd cost me a couple of catches up on the Arcade. oh well, I got one from Belt on a bounce in Arcade 146 and the catch was a super high one from an unknown Padre in the 140-141 aisle. I was in the mix on a couple others, it was a fun bp... followed by a boring badly played loss.
Fri Aug 10th 2012 - vs Colorado210I was in the right areas a number of times today, the first one was from Belt into the Arcade cut out section, I couldn't get to it to make the catch, but I was all alone up there was able to pick it up on a bounce. Then came two others, one in the Arcade and one in 139, with both I had one teenage boy in front of me who made the catch out of my glove. oh well. Finally I made a catch in 139 near the tunnel.
Wed Sep 5th 2012 - vs Arizona210With the Giants in first place by a few games, it's strange to see the park so empty for bp. Arizona just doesn't draw, so when Cain looked up into the Arcade for someone to throw a ball to, I was the only one he saw. It was a Houston 50 year commemorative ball. Then the heart of the Arizona order peppered the pretty empty left field bleachers and I caught one in 140 from Justin Upton. I was in the mix on a few others. Tom Scott, his son Cole, and Marc Gardner came to the game.
Fri Sep 21st 2012 - vs San Diego210I've decided to start going to left field when I get into the park for the last Giants group, it turned out ok. got one on a bounce right away, then later made a nice running catch in 139. Posey won the Willie Mac award.
Sat Oct 6th 2012 - vs Cincinnati210NLDS Game 1 - (spoiler alert) the Giants lost game 1, they looked bad except for Posey's home run. Anyway, I found one in the Arcade when I got in (they opened the gates a little late, about 1:45 before the game) and the crowd really kept me from getting to anything in the LF bleachers. The catch listed here was actually caught the day before while I was standing on the portwalk outside the park. I think it was hit by the Reds' Xavier Paul. It was the first time ever I've been able to catch one outside. Very Exciting! (I decided to list it here because there wasn't a game attached to the off day workout)
Sun Oct 14th 2012 - vs St. Louis220NLCS Game 1 - it started out a little frustrating, I missed a chance at one from Huff on the Arcade, then a very entitled person knocked one from Sanchez out of my glove then yelled at me about how I interfered. Then I pulled in a high one from Holliday in 139, then fought the sun on one in 138. So BP ended up being a success. Too bad the game went so poorly, Giants 4 Cards 6
Mon Oct 22nd 2012 - vs St. Louis220NLCS Game 7 - There just isn't a huge crowd for batting practice on a weekday 5pm start. Good for me, because it meant I had not much competition on the first ball I caught, the second one was a high fly into 139 by an unknown Cardinal. In the game, the Giants scored a run in the 1st, then batted around in the 3rd and won it 9-0 behind Cain to go back to the World Series
Wed Oct 24th 2012 - vs Detroit220World Series Game 1 - gates opened 2 and half hours early so we got to see more of the giants than normal. The first catch came right to me from Blanco on the arcade behind the disabled seats. the second one was in 140 at the tunnel from Peguero, I had to go back and around the railing to catch it. detroit hit a lot of balls, but by then the stands were filling up, had one knocked away in 139 and a couple other chances I would have caught had there not been the people. In the game, the Giants beat Verlander soundly, Sandoval hit 3 homers to tie the WS record, and Zito got the win as the Giants won 8-3. Fawn and Nancy Mc. came to the game.
Wed Jul 24th 2013 - vs Cincinnati210Every Dog has his day. I finally caught one. Crawford has become pretty automatic for hitting a ball out down the RF line. Sure enough he did it again and this time I was close enough to catch it, a pretty good one too, between the foul pole and the water cannon. I had another great chance on one in 139 near the 140 tunnel. It went in my glove and out when the guy next to me banged my glove. I should have caught it, but with my poor record lately I just can't call it a drop... really I was interfered with. Then a Reds pitcher threw me a ball later.
Mon Sep 9th 2013 - vs Colorado210I made a nice catch in 138 next to the tunnel, had to out jump the competition. The other I got in about the same place on a bounce after it hit off some gloves. I picked it up off the ground and then got buried under a pile. I had one other stolen from me at the from of 138 near 137 by a 14 year old boy who came zipping along the empty row in front of me. He made a nice play.
Tue Sep 10th 2013 - vs Colorado220This has been my worst batting practice almost since I started keeping track, as such, my record keeping has been shoddy at best. I remember I caught on in the front row of 138 above the disabled seating, but the other I don't remember because I'm writing this two weeks later. I only went to BP and not to the ballgame.
Fri Apr 11th 2014 - vs Colorado220this will teach me to write this log on time. I know I caught two balls, but I have zero memory of anything about the catches.
Wed Apr 30th 2014 - vs San Diego210I found one in 142 when I came in and then I made a good catch over the 140 tunnel. I slipped going down the steps and the ball just caught in the web top of the web.
Fri May 23rd 2014 - vs Minnesota200Found one jammed under the bench in 140. It had probably been there since the last home stand. The other was from Mauer in right. It ricocheted off the bench then hit the railing then the water cannon then into my glove. Just luck on my part.
Mon Jun 9th 2014 - vs Washington200Machi tossed me one in the arcade. I ran down one way over my head in 141.
Fri Jun 13th 2014 - vs Colorado210Both were in 141, one right after another. the first one went way over my head and came bouncing down a teenager tried to grab it fell down and it bounced right up to me so I gave him the ball. Right after that Rosario had another ball in roughly the same spot right to me and I caught it.
Wed Nov 30th -0001 - vs Milwaukee220One from Ishikawa in 146 arcade. It was high in the stands and ended up underhanding it. A game ball. Then I got one at the 140 tunnel from Carlos Gomez, a brand new ball that came right to me. The Brewers hit a lot of balls and I came within sniffing distance of a couple more. Best batting practice in months.
Wed Sep 10th 2014 - vs Arizona220Giants shut out Arizona
Tue Oct 7th 2014 - vs Washington220I made a really nice catch from Bryce Harper at the back of section 147 on the walkway of the arcade. It was good one, jumping in a crowd and pulling it in in the web. The second one was in left in 139 just right above the center of 139. An easy catch, it came right to me. Let's hope the Giants can finish off the Nats tonight and move on to the National League championship series. (and they did! 3-2 Fawn and Woody came to the game)
Tue Oct 14th 2014 - vs St. Louis200Found 2 in the Arcade when I got there, but I just guessed wrong during Cards BP. Holliday did nothing in left. Brady couldn't go to the game , Glenn Young, Paul Judge came. Giants won in the 10th on Randy Choate's throwing error.
Thu Oct 16th 2014 - vs St. Louis210Matt Adams is my favorite St. Louis player. I caught another from him in the Arcade cutout. I had to go down the steps and then left in the benches to snag it. Later I got one tossed up randomly into 140. Excellent BP surpassed only by the game where the giants scored 3 in the ninth on a Travis Ishikawa homerun to win 6-3 and advance to the World Series! (Ian and Mike Murdoch saw the game with us.)
Sun Mar 31st 2002 - vs Chi White Sox1102001 World Series ball
Sun Apr 14th 2002 - vs Milwaukee100Last Ball tossed into the stands by Milwaukee pitcher Buddie, gave to a kid.
Fri May 3rd 2002 - vs Cincinnati100One long Giants homer, ran upstairs and got on a bounce - gave to a kid
Mon May 13th 2002 - vs Atlanta110Javy Lopez - reached over nasty guy to catch it on railing
Wed May 15th 2002 - vs Atlanta110Sheffield - gave it to the old lady I knocked over 5 minutes before
Fri May 17th 2002 - vs Florida110Charles Johnson - gave it to little girl who claimed she was going to catch it
Wed May 29th 2002 - vs Arizona100one on a bounce from the stairs below. 2 other chances at bouncers, nobody was catching anything cleanly. gave it to the kid in seat 6.
Wed Jun 19th 2002 - vs Tampa Bay100stayed in center for huff and cox, huff bounced 6 balls in, every fly was right in the sun
Sun Jun 23rd 2002 - vs Baltimore100A high Bonds homer into the arcade, one bounce off the bench
Fri Jul 12th 2002 - vs San Diego110One from Bonds in the Arcade cutout section. I had chances at 3 others. Andre brought my glove to the game.
Mon Jul 22nd 2002 - vs St. Louis100Ball tossed up by unknown Giant gave it to people nearby
Fri Sep 6th 2002 - vs Arizona100Inaugural Game ball on a bounce. Gave to Chard.
Sun Sep 8th 2002 - vs Arizona100Inaugural Game ball early on a bounce. Nobody in the stands, ran 2 sections to get it. Gave it to Andre for his birthday. One chance at a Bonds ball in the Arcade. All alone, I just plain missed it somehow.
Mon Sep 9th 2002 - vs Los Angeles110Shawn Green in the Arcade, a perfectly clean new ball, not a mark on it. In the game, Bonds hit #610 over the hot dog stand 491 feet.
Tue Sep 10th 2002 - vs Los Angeles100Bouncer, deflected off a barehanded guy and Cheese's head. Gave it and the one from yesterday to Andrew and Jordan Hall, who came to the game with me.
Tue Sep 24th 2002 - vs San Diego110big black scuff on a San Diego HR caught in section 139.
Sun Sep 29th 2002 - vs Houston110Last catch of the regular season, a high Damon Minor HR near the second water tower on the top of the Arcade, a brand new Inaugural Game ball. Gave it to Cori.
Mon Oct 14th 2002 - vs St. Louis110Game 5 NLCS - Bonds in Arcade section 145, a nice catch after going 50 ft to my right. Gave to Nancy. In the Game, the Giants beat STL 2-1 on a 9th inning hit by Lofton to win the National League Championship and advance to the World Series!
Tue Oct 22nd 2002 - vs Anaheim100World Series Game 3 - Pat, Pinchy, and I had a line drive come right at us, but a guy right in front of us took it right out of our gloves. The bleachers were the most crowded ever, Pat and I had a couple of remote chances in right, but there was too much traffic. The ball I got was a Salmon homer in 139, that I picked up after it hit off about 6 people. Giants lost the game, 10-4.
Thu Oct 24th 2002 - vs Anaheim110World Series Game 5 - Kent, a high fly into a lot of traffic in the 3rd row of 139. I had all the bp regulars sign it since it was the last day of the home season. Kent had 2 more homers in the game, which the Giants won 16-4 to go up 3 games to 2 in the Series. Arnold and Byron came to the game with us. Whatever happens, it's been a great season.
Fri Mar 28th 2003 - vs Texas100nothing special, ball bounced up to me.
Mon Mar 31st 2003 - vs Seattle100Nice and clean, another bouncer. Greg, Andrew, and Jordan came to the game and I gave them the balls.
Tue Apr 8th 2003 - vs San Diego100I was the first one in the Arcade and found the ball sitting on the ground. Had 2 slight chances, still waiting for the first catch.
Thu Apr 10th 2003 - vs Los Angeles110Early on, Bonds had me running right and left through the Arcade without getting anything. Then Lo Duca hit a high fly into section 139 above the disabled section and I caught it.
Mon Apr 14th 2003 - vs Houston100Bonds in the Arcade, got it on a bounce, lost my shoe as I ran to the right, it'd be nice if he hit one near me once in while. Bonds hit #618 in the game,they won and are now 12-1 on the year.
Tue Apr 29th 2003 - vs Chicago100got one on a bounce from Kerry Wood, then gave it to a kid. Wood hit the only 2 homers for the Cubs, disappointing.
Wed May 28th 2003 - vs Arizona110Not too many chances, the one I caught was a high fly into 139 from Feliz that I jumped and caught in the webbing. One of the regulars, Tony, caught my glove inside his. Another similar one later was too high for me to catch, I never remember to step up onto the bench when the time comes. In the game, Giants won 10-2, Santiago hit 2 homers and Bonds hit #626
Mon Jun 2nd 2003 - vs Colorado110Jose Hernandez reaching over the disabled section in 139. There were a lot of balls bouncing around and not a lot being caught. This was a day when I think I could have done better. Then again, it was a nice catch!
Wed Jun 25th 2003 - vs Los Angeles100Cruz threw it to me over the right field wall before the gates opened. Inside, I just couldn't come up with anything. I'm great at getting 5-10 feet from where the ball is going to land, I blame it on a bad first step. At least three just barely sailed over my head, more bad judgement. Oh well.
Mon Jul 7th 2003 - vs St. Louis110The short, 2 game homestand really brought out the crowd for BP. (42,674 was the largest ever crowd at the new ballpark). It was tough to move around so I stayed near the railing between 138 & 139. That's where I caught a high one from Eduardo Perez. Had a couple other chances, but nothing very close. Bonds hit #639 over the hot dog stand in center.
Tue Jul 22nd 2003 - vs Arizona110It was in the Arcade, a fairly flat hit from Ray Durham in the first Giants group. I should have caught one just from Snow just before this one, but somehow I didn't. Hey I got one today, I should be happy, but I can't help thinking about the one that got away.
Thu Aug 21st 2003 - vs Atlanta110Bonds didn't seem to be trying too hard, so I moved to left for the first Giants group. I caught one backhanded from Galarraga while running down the benches in 140. Possibly my best catch of the year. I'm kind of surprised I came up with it. For the second time in three nights, Bonds won the game in the 10th with a homer (652). Giants 4-3
Sun Aug 24th 2003 - vs Florida110Made a nice backhanded below the waist catch between the tunnels in 140 after going down about 6 rows. Had another chance in 139 next to the tunnel, but the guy who caught it clamped his hand onto my glove wrist. When I turned to him to complain, he looked at his hand clamped on my wrist like it was someone else's. He had no idea he had grabbed my arm! Anyway, Giants lost the game.
Sun Sep 7th 2003 - vs Arizona110A nice running catch in section 140, the only chance I had today. Mondesi hit it.
Tue Sep 30th 2003 - vs Florida111NLDS Game 1 - I made the catch in the last Marlin group at the ramp railing in 140, Derrick Lee hit it. The drop was a high backhand at the bottom right side of 139, don't know how I missed it. In the game, Schmidt dominated with a 3 hit shutout and Alfonzo drove in both runs. Giants win 2-0, lead the series 1 game to zero.
Wed Oct 1st 2003 - vs Florida110NLDS Game 2 - a high ball caught in traffic about the 140 ramp. I got knocked right on my ass I caught it. In the game the Giants played their worst game of the year and lost 9-5. Series tied 1-1.
Fri Apr 2nd 2004 - vs Oakland100Found it in the Arcade when I came in, the Giants are using a Cal Ripken commemorative ball right now. Just missed a catch in the Arcade cut-out because I couldn't get over the new chairbacks they installed this year. Oh well.
Mon Apr 26th 2004 - vs Atlanta110The last-place Giants begat a sparce BP crowd, my catch was on the steps above the tunnel between 138 and 139. I had chances at at least 3 others, but somehow a different regular caught each one. It was nice to have them spread around that way. And later, the lowly Giants won.
Fri May 14th 2004 - vs Pittsburgh110A solid catch next to the tunnel in 138, hit by Alfonzo. Had a couple other frustrations on high ones that I was lined up for but that sailed over my head in the wind.
Thu May 27th 2004 - vs Arizona110It was a nice catch from Minor, down the RF line, similar to the day before, I caught it moving along the bench to my left. Other than that, I was just kind in the wrong place today.
Fri Jun 18th 2004 - vs Boston100really crowded for the Red Sox... The one I got popped out of a guy's glove right behind me and into my hands as I turned. I gave it back to him. The Giants blew a 5 run lead and lost 14-9, ohhhhh it was bad.
Wed Jun 23rd 2004 - vs Los Angeles110A line drive from Ransom into the 138 near the 137 aisle. I was sitting in 137, thinking that Ransom and Torrealba might pull something down the line and to get away from some of the regulars. I also had a chance at a very high one on the wall in right, but somehow I just couldn't get it and it went over the railing onto the portwalk.
Fri Aug 6th 2004 - vs Chicago100Typical Friday crowd, I had a couple chances, including one sure thing that I tripped at the last second on, but couldn't pull anything down. The one I got was a high bouncing ball from Snow that I trapped against the bricks of the Arcade.
Mon Aug 16th 2004 - vs Montreal110It was a nice snag on Tucker in the very first Giants group in Arcade section 149. After that I had a couple more shots in right and a few in left, but didn't end up with anything. It was a small bp crowd but, of course, the Expos hardly hit any out. It was a fun bp and the Giants won the game.
Fri Aug 20th 2004 - vs New York100I lost at least a couple of balls because of too much Friday traffic, both teams gave a lot of action and it was a fun bp even though I couldn't come up with a catch. The ball I got was tossed to me from Dustan Mohr right at the beginning after I told him what I thought of his long home run in Wednesday's 2nd game.
Fri Sep 17th 2004 - vs San Diego100Got it on a bounce on the Portwalk before the gates opened. It was too crowded and the Arcade was closed because because Bonds was going for 700. He ended up hitting it into left field in the 4th inning. Giants won 4-1
Sat Sep 18th 2004 - vs San Diego110Caught it on the stairs on the right side of 139, from Nevin of San Diego. We had been talking about the all the pandemonium that happened last night about the 700th homerun, which came in pretty close to where I caught this one. Chris pointed out that it would've been quite easy for him to shove me down the stairs as the ball came in. I'm glad he didn't.
Thu Sep 23rd 2004 - vs Houston100Another one found in the Arcade when I got there, there's just no glory in it. I was around some balls today, but just never exactly in the spot to catch one of them. Later, the was no glory in the way the Giants gave up 5 runs in the ninth and lost. Oh well, LA comes to town tomorrow.
Fri Sep 24th 2004 - vs Los Angeles110It was a very nice catch at the top of 140. I got to it after running up about 10 rows. Later I had most of the regulars sign it. The Giants couldn't get it done and lost 3-2.
Thu Mar 31st 2005 - vs Oakland110My only real chance was the catch I made above section 148 in the Arcade. I can't say who hit the ball, but I gave it to Maureen.
Wed May 25th 2005 - vs Los Angeles110My troubles continued including a couple of misjudged ball on top of the arcade. I finally got it in order with a catch of a Hee Seop Choi line drive just in front of the water cannon. Giants won 10-2, Alou and Feliz hit 2 homers each.
Fri Jun 10th 2005 - vs Cleveland100They were all around me today, but I just couldn't get the glove on one. The one I did get was in 140, I was just a step short on the catch. I banged gloves at least 3 times and came up empty every time. Oh well at least the Giants won... oh wait... they lost 10-2.
Tue Jul 5th 2005 - vs Cincinnati110It was a super high ball in the far back of 140 hit by Wily Mo Pena. I was back there because I had seen him hit one there while I was wasting my time in right. It was a scary catch for me.
Mon Jul 18th 2005 - vs Atlanta110It was pretty crowded for a Monday night, maybe because they were giving out 10,000th victory pins, I don't know. The only real action came in the last group with Andruw Jones, he hit a few deep into 138 and 140 that nobody caught, then his last one was a high one to the 3rd row of 139 that I was able to pull in. (too bad he hit 2 more during the game.)
Tue Jul 19th 2005 - vs Atlanta110Andruw put on another show in bp today hitting one to the very last row in 140 (i was just a step too late on it) and one onto the walkway in 138. I did catch one above the disabled section in 139, don't know who hit it, and I saved a Dodger fan who just about fell over the railing as I caught the ball. Ran into Kris Lyons and her husband later and gave them the ball.
Fri Jul 22nd 2005 - vs Florida110Brady saw me catch the screaming liner from Conine in 138. I'd say that I had good chances at 5 others, two were caught out of my glove, one was just tipped off the top of my glove on a high jump, one was just off the railing as I got around, and one was admittedly off my glove, hit my shoulder and bounced away as I tried to shield as 5 year old girl and catch the ball at the same time. I can't call that one a drop due to the circumstances.
Sat Jul 23rd 2005 - vs Florida100Big crowds for bobblehead day and I just couldn't move around. I finally got one on a ricochet. It was tough on me, but not as tough as it was on the Giants who lost 16-4
Sun Jul 24th 2005 - vs Florida102What can I say? I'm glad this homestand is over. One off my wrist that I was able to grab off the ground, and then one that I had in the webbing, a seeming catch no problem, that somehow squeezed its way out the top of my glove and got away. Giants lose again.
Mon Aug 22nd 2005 - vs Philadelphia100First day back from vacation and I just wasn't quite on. In the first group of Giants I couldn't quite scramble over enough chairbacks in the Arcade to snag a ball from Tucker, it hit off the tip as I lunged forward (can't give myself an error though). The one I got was a long wind-blown (as a lot of balls were today) on from Burrell that rolled back down to me. Later, Lowry went 8 2/3 and the Giants won 5-0.
Sun Apr 2nd 2006 - vs Oakland110Finally, they hit. I had a shots at three balls from Oakland, and I caught 1 from Frank Thomas in section 138.
Mon Apr 24th 2006 - vs New York110The Mets hit a ton of balls, but I didn't get a ton of chances. The one I caught was a high fly by Floyd onto the Arcade. 2005 All-Star game ball. Nice!
Tue Apr 25th 2006 - vs New York110I had a softball game (which we won!) so I could only stay for the Giants and the first Mets group. I made the most of my time by catching a Bonds homer on top of the arcade right near where the water cannon control box used to be. Despite my short time today, I probably had 4 other good chances, including one where a guy just plain stole it from me. Can't let that happen again.
Mon May 1st 2006 - vs San Diego100Never really had anything close today, there were a few balls hit but I wasn't near them. The one I got was from Bonds early on, that one I was near enough to chase it down as it rolled around on top of the Arcade.
Fri May 26th 2006 - vs Colorado110The Giants were running slightly late, I got in for Bonds last turn and caught it near the top corner of Arcade 147, reaching over from the disabled seats. Had a few close calls in left, two that I got beat on at the last second, and one bouncer that I couldn't get a grip on. At the end of the last Rockies group, I walked back over to right just in time to get a good look at a Hawpe homer to the far reaches of the walkway above 146. If the trash can hadn't been right there, I might have stolen it from Kyle, as it was he made a great catch at the railing.
Mon Jun 5th 2006 - vs Florida100The one I got was out on the Portwalk before the gates opened, it bounced off the top of the Arcade. I gave it to a Florida fan walking by, she seemed happy. The only other close one I had was the last group of Marlins, I just tipped one off the top of the web on the Arcade, another 2 inches and I would've had it.
Sun Jun 25th 2006 - vs Oakland110Duncan came to the game and finally, there was a full bp when he came with me. In the second Giants group, I caught one from Finley on the Arcade walkway, a super easy one. Then I hung with Duncan on the wall for a while and had a burly A's fan knock one out of my glove, for which he received a nasty look. Had a couple of other close calls, including a deep one that I just felt breathe past the top of my web as it went over to the guy behind me.
Sun Jul 16th 2006 - vs Philadelphia111I just plain dropped the first one. It was a pretty easy catch, though I was still moving towards it, over the disabled railing in 139. It hit off my thumb and bounced away. I got redemption on the last homer hit by the Phillie's Jimmy Rollins, caught it in a crowd of onlookers at the top of the Arcade walkway.
Mon Jul 17th 2006 - vs Milwaukee110For some reason, the timing of the Giants BP was different, and we got a full turn of Bonds inside. I made the one catch at the from of the Arcade cutout on Bonds, it was pretty easy. Then I figured he wouldn't hit another there so I moved. Stupid me, I couldn't get back down to the same spot and had to watch the next one ricochet off the railing.
Fri Aug 18th 2006 - vs Los Angeles100A smaller than average Friday night batting practice crowd, but an average number of balls I caught for a Friday: zero. I found the one in the Arcade when I got there, but after that I just wasn't close to anything... the best chances I had were in right from JD Drew, but even those weren't really chances. I made the mistake of going back to left for while Ethier hit at least 3 balls to my spot in right. (one which hit somebody right in the head, I could've prevented that, for sure)
Wed Apr 4th 2007 - vs San Diego110My first ball of the year was an underhand catch above the tunnel in 140. Feliz hit it and I think it tipped ever so slightly off Jake's glove before I caught it.
Fri Apr 6th 2007 - vs Los Angeles110I rushed up to the Arcade hoping fro something from Bonds or Durham and I caught one from Durham in section 147 while leaning way over the railing to snag it. Garrett and his dad later told me they saw the catch. The Dodgers were pathetic, only Gonzalez did anything.
Wed Apr 18th 2007 - vs St. Louis110I had a good number of chances, at least 3 balls that I was right behind the person catching it, but I was only able to get position on one from Niekro in 139. Pujols took a short bp, but hit 4 balls to the upper parts of 138, 139, and 140. Later, we made it to the end of the 12th inning when Aurilia drove in Winn to end the game 6-5.
Fri Apr 20th 2007 - vs Arizona100Again I had a good number of chances, at least 3 balls that I was right on (two that tipped my glove), but this time various things prevented me including a heavy tailwind and a jostling crowd. The ball I did get came from Bonds. Aliner that hit the back of the bench in the Arcade. I couldn't make the catch because I was back on the walkway and it came screaming in too low for me to reach for.
Sun Apr 22nd 2007 - vs Arizona110Today there weren't too many chances, but I did catch one from Niekro in the front row of 139, right in front of Brady. Then Bonds homered (#740) and Cain threw a complete game for a Giants series sweep of the Diamondbacks. 2-1 final.
Wed May 2nd 2007 - vs Colorado110had a very good shot at one from Bonds on top of the Arcade when I got there, but I couldn't make the play. The catch was off Holliday in 139, I slipped just as it came in and caught it in the web while falling on my ass. The crowd cheeered, but it was an easier catch than I made it look.
Mon May 7th 2007 - vs New York111Jake beat me on a Bonds ball in right, then I flat dropped one that was all mine above the disabled section in 139. I finally pulled one in between the tunnels in 140 from an unknown Met. There were a couple other chances, but my heart wasn't in it today for some reason. In the game Molina hit 2 homers in the 5th and the Giants scored 9 runs on their way to a 9-4 win.
Mon May 21st 2007 - vs Houston110I caught one in right from Sweeney, the last Giants batter. I had a couple other chances, one from Klesko that was too far in front of me, two from Bonds that I had to run from one end of the Arcade to the other, and I had one leaping shot at a Houston ball that I felt tick the top of my glove. Houston hit a lot of balls to left, but not many that I felt I had a good chance at.
Tue May 22nd 2007 - vs Houston110Not as many chances as yesterday, but I did catch the one tha t was hit right at me near the the 138-139 tunnel. I went too far back for Carlos Lee and hit a couple I would've had a chance at if I had stayed in my spot.
Fri Jun 8th 2007 - vs Oakland100Found a really nasty dirty ball in the Arcade when I got there. I only really had one chance today on a ball from Klesko in the front of the Arcade, but a kid was actively trying to catch it, so I hung back. It tipped off the top of his glove and hit mine in the heel. I could've caught it outright, but letting him have his chance was the right thing to do.
Fri Jun 22nd 2007 - vs New York Yankees110The bleachers were pretty full for the Yankees, but I still manged to get a little action. The catch was in 139 from the new Giants catcher Guillermo Rodriguez... I think. I had a couple of other good shots at balls in the Arcade one on Durham that tipped the top of my glove leaping, I couldn't get back any farther as some people closed in behind me. Maybe I'm just unerestimating my vertical clearance. One other good chance was an underhand just above the green roof. If the barehanded guy hadn't deflected it, I would've had it. Bonds hit #749 into section 144 and the Giants lost their 8th straight game.
Mon Jun 25th 2007 - vs San Diego100Bonds was up when I got in and instantly hit three balls right in a row into the Arcade. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to any of them on a fly. I finally was able to track down one in the front of the Arcade cutout.
Tue Jun 26th 2007 - vs San Diego100this is not a misprint: Bonds was up when I got in and instantly hit three balls right in a row into the Arcade. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to any of them on a fly. I finally was able to track down one in the Arcade cutout. I will say that the first one he hit, right at the top of the 148, I got some leather on, but it didn't stick and the ball rolled away. It was a leaping try that I took a bit of jostling on, so I can't call it a drop.
Sun Jun 24th 2007 - vs New York Yankees110I don't know what happened to what I wrote, but what happened was, I ended up buying a ticket after selling our seats for this game. The Yankees skipped bp, so the Giants hit in their place. I caught a ball from Bonds at the top of the Arcade, much to the appreciation of the crowd.
Fri Jul 13th 2007 - vs Los Angeles110Durham in the front row of Arcade 148. I had one other chance on one from Kent in left but Cheese had position on me and caught it out of my glove.
Sun Jul 1st 2007 - vs All Stars100Futures Game - We only got about 10 minutes of bp with the All Star Futures, but it was eventful for me. I didn't catch one but I had 2 chances, both of which I missed (one was too short for my lunge over two rows, then the next one was one the walkway after I moved to the front row in the Arcade). Then when on of the futures (Van Otten) took pity on me and threw me a ball, he threw it too short and i missed that too. Since there was nobody there, I was able to pick up the ball and throw it back to him, telling him to "reach me this time", which he did and I finally caught.
Mon Jul 9th 2007 - vs All Stars100Home run Derby - BP was packed and the people out there were crazy, diving and pushing and jumping on people, I was lucky enough to grab a home run derby ball as it rolled toward me, then unlucky enough to have an 18 year old kid jump on my back as I tried to escape. I don't feel good about kicking him the chest to get him off me, but I think he was toally out of line. In the Home Run derby, every ball went at least 10 rows over our heads and we never had a chance at one, just as well since I think the people were worse once the derby started.
Tue Jul 10th 2007 - vs All Stars100All Star Game - BP was packed again and Duncan and I didn't have tickets for the bleachers so Tony snuck us in with his tickets. I played so deep for Carlos Lee that I was the only one with a chance at a ball hit to the top of 139, I over ran it and it hit behind me, but I got it as it bounced back down.
Fri Jul 27th 2007 - vs Florida110It came in the last group of Marlins. It was over the left side of the 138-39 tunnel and it hit me right in the palm. Somehow, it stuck. Other than that, the big Marlins hitters all hit a bunch of balls that I just couldn't get to, whether I was misjudging them or too much traffic, I don't know. Later Bonds hit #754 in the first inning and the Giants won 12-10
Sat Jul 28th 2007 - vs Florida110A 6pm start time was strange, but bp was much the same as friday night. The Marlins big hitters hit a lot of balls and the last group hit a good number also. The one I got was from Cabrera in 139, caught it right in front of Bill.
Tue Aug 7th 2007 - vs Washington110Today I narrowly missed catching another ball from Bonds, this one in the center of the Arcade cutout section, when a dad in the front row caught it right out of my glove. When Washington came up I moved to 140 -141 because Zimmerman had hit many over there on Monday. Today, nothing. Then finally Dimitri Young hit one to the aisle between 139 and 140. I went all the way across 140, up 3 rows, and pulled it in to the delight of the crowd. Oh yeah, Bonds hit #756 into section 144 in the 5th inning of the game to put the Giants ahead of the Nationals and himself ahead of Aaron. The Giants ended up losing the lead, but Bonds is still the All-time Home Run King!
Tue Aug 28th 2007 - vs Colorado110I could only stay at bp until 6 so I had to make my mark early. I was worried that Holliday wouldn't hit before I had to leave for my softball game. (I ended up staying until 5 after 6 and just got to my game as it was starting.) Anyway, I didn't get a ball form Holliday today but I did catch one form Bonds in the close corner of the Arcade cutout and pretty much right out of Jake's glove. It was pretty sweet and we gave him a hard time for the rest of bp.
Fri Sep 7th 2007 - vs Los Angeles110As expected, the smallest crowd I've seen for a Dodger batting practice. It was a little frustrating for me though. I made a nice catch in 138, that's true. But I had 3 other balls that I was positive I had until somehow or another I didn't. The worst was the first when Bonds hit one to me on the Arcade walkway, I had it all the way until it sailed over my head somehow. Ouch.
Tue Sep 11th 2007 - vs Arizona110A couple of things were different from the night before, the Diamondbacks didn't hit nearly as many balls out of the park and I didn't let Byrnes get one over my head. I caught it 3 rows from the top of 139. I had it all the way and there was nobody anywhere around. Jake said it was the most boring catch he's seen all year. I just can't win, I guess.
Wed Sep 12th 2007 - vs Arizona110Arizona really didn't hit as many as they had the last two days. The one I caught was in 138 about 6 rows up, right as I was talking to Charlie the usher. In the 6th inning of the game Schierholtz hit a foul ball right to me in seat 9. I didn't have my glove on and it squirted right though my hands. Oh well, my second chance in 7 plus years. At least I got a hand on it this time.
Wed Apr 9th 2008 - vs San Diego100I'm just a step short so far, Probably had chances at three balls and just kind got beat on them by people sneaking in ahead of me. I've got to get there a little quicker (without hurting myself), I guess. The one I got was like that, I just didn't get back in time to catch it, and had to grab it off the ground.
Thu Apr 10th 2008 - vs St. Louis110Finally pulled one in from Bengie Molina. I got it in 139 just to the left of the 138-39 tunnel. Had another snatched from in front of me, and misjudged a high one from Pujols
Fri Apr 11th 2008 - vs St. Louis100My troubles continue. I'm just not getting to the right spot at the right time. I'm having trouble judging the high ones. Pujols, Glaus, and Ludwick hit a reasonable amount, but I couldn't pull any in. The one I got was one from Lewis in the Arcade cut-out section, again I was late on it, but it bounced right up to me.
Fri Apr 25th 2008 - vs Cincinnati110Pulled in the last homer of batting practice next to the 138-39 tunnel. Brandon Phillips hit it. I had maybe 3 other chances, but none were very close to being caught by me. I was about to give up when this one pulled me back
Sat Apr 26th 2008 - vs Cincinnati110Snagged one from Griffey in the aisle of the Arcade cutout section. A nice catch, I came down from the walkway to underhand it. Griffey and Dunn hit a good number, but that one was really the only chance I had today.
Fri May 9th 2008 - vs Philadelphia110The Phillies were very disappointing, Utley and Howard hit zero balls out between them. My catch was a high one from Werth in 138 next to the tunnel. It was a good catch among a bunch of regulars. I had one other hit my glove in way over in the aisle between 137-138. I can't call it a drop though, I got totally interfered with. Still I think I should have held on.
Sun May 11th 2008 - vs Philadelphia110Bought a $10 ticket from a scalper and went to bp, but didn't stay for the game. Is that wrong? I had to go play softball at 3. Anyway, my catch was an easy one in 138, shoulder high. I really expected somebody to come in and steal it from me, but nobody did. I had a couple other chances including trying to snare a shorthop off the centerfield wall from Howard (who, btw, hit zero balls out again), I had the shorthop in my glove, but couldn't hold onto it it. Oh well.
Mon May 12th 2008 - vs Houston110Smallest bp crowd ever and Houston hit a lot of balls out, but even with that going for me I didn't get one from them. I had one chance on a very deep one in 140 by Hunter Pence, but I ran into the only other guy in the section and watched it one-hop onto the walkway. Carlos Lee hit one onto the walkway above 138. The one I did get was a good one, very high from Ortmeier behind the 139-140 tunnel. So, I have no complaints.
Tue May 13th 2008 - vs Houston110I got closer to catching a Carlos Lee homer, but this time somebody stepped in front of me and snagged it. The one I did catch was from Aurilia down near the front of 138.
Fri May 30th 2008 - vs San Diego110Molina, just above the 140 tunnel. I really didn't have many other chances. In the game, the Giants turned a 5-4-3 triple play in the 8th inning (Castillo to Durham to Bowker) Kouzmanoff hit into it. However, the ended up losing in 13 innings on a bases-loaded walk.
Mon Jun 2nd 2008 - vs New York100Very few homers were hit and I blew my only real chance the one I got bounced right up to me at the top of the 40 tunnel.
Mon Jun 16th 2008 - vs Detroit110It was freezing cold and the tigers didn't really do much until the last turns of the last group. My catch was halfway up section 140 on a very high ball from Ordonez. High enough that three regulars closed in on me before I caught it as Chris came zipping by in front trying to snag it. I had it all the way.
Fri Jul 18th 2008 - vs Milwaukee110My first game back after vacation, we missed a whole home stand with the Cubs and Dodgers. This was a pretty easy catch, Castillo in the front row of 139. The same can't be said for the barrage of homers the Brewers hit, there was just too many people to move around because of the Crazy Crab bobblehead giveaway. Hart and Braun hit more than some whole teams have hit, but I just couldn't get to any. It's good to be back after a month of no baseball.
Tue Jul 22nd 2008 - vs Washington100found one in the Arcade when I got there. nothing much else to report.
Mon Aug 25th 2008 - vs Colorado110The Rockies hit a ton of balls, but only one I was able to get to. It was a high one in 138.
Thu Apr 2nd 2009 - vs Oakland100The first exhibition game of 2009 was uneventful. I didn't even find the one I got. A maintenance worker picked it up on the arcade and tossed it to me. It was fun seeing the BP regulars, but the A's really didn't hit too many balls.
Fri Apr 17th 2009 - vs Arizona100Was it better? Maybe. I had good chances at 3 or 4 balls but couldn't get my first catch. Tony stole the last one out of my glove at the top of the 138 tunnel just before BP ended. Sanchez was great in the game, and the Giants won 2-0. The ball I got was one from Lewis on the Arcade that hit the speaker pole and bounced around. Once you're crawling on the ground, you might as well pick it up.
Wed Apr 29th 2009 - vs Los Angeles100Schierholtz tossed me a ball in the Arcade, I gave it to Joash who came to the game with me
Wed May 13th 2009 - vs Washington110Caught my first ball of the year. It was deep on the Arcade walkway behind section 148. Nick Johnson "The Milkman" hit it. Washington only batted one group on the day game after night game, so I'm glad I showed up.
Thu Jul 9th 2009 - vs San Diego110I was just in the wrong place all day (not unlike our rainy vacation which we just came back from) until the last swing of BP when I backed way up to the top of 137 to catch Padres Rookie Kyle Blanks bomb about 6 rows from the top.
Fri Aug 7th 2009 - vs Cincinnati110only had a couple of chances and I got this one from Aurilia right above the 139 disabled section. I had another chance on a very high one from Jonny Gomes of the Reds, but after running down a few rows and lunging for it, it tipped off my very top of my glove.
Fri Aug 28th 2009 - vs Colorado110The Rockies hit a ton of balls (including about 10 into the water) but I was always in the wrong place. (I would also say that I misjudged 2 that I should have caught.) Anyway, I finally tracked one down in 139 from Atkins.
Sat Aug 29th 2009 - vs Colorado100A bunch of mistakes plagued me today.. ok, only two, but they were major. The first was on a high ball on the Arcade walkway behind the cutout. I had it all to myself, but I ran into the railing instead of going back and the ball bounced untouched off the walkway and into the water. The second was one that I had all the way near the bottom of 140... then it went into the sun and never came out. I guess I'm lucky it didn't hit me in the nose... but... very embarrassing. I did get one in 140 on a bounce a little later, but I never had a another chance at a homer. Oh well.
Tue Sep 8th 2009 - vs San Diego100Made a pretty nice underhanded catch on a ball hit by Bowker in the seats of Arcade 147. It happened right when I got there, then I never had anything remotely close to me the rest of the day. Then the Giants lost. Their playoff chances are slowly fading away.
Sun Sep 27th 2009 - vs Chicago100I had only a couple of remote chances, one where a guy grabbed my glove arm and held it down as the ball sailed over me. The ball I got was one caught by Fukudome right at the CF fence. He tossed it to me, and I replied "Arigato Gosaimaste!", which he appreciated.
Tue Sep 29th 2009 - vs Arizona110The Giants has been virtually eliminated and this resulted in a very small bp crowd. Of course that didn't affect the number of balls the D-Backs hit... almost none. The ball I caught was from Lewis on top of the Arcade, I was all alone and it was hit right to me. He hit another just after that, but one of the few spectators go right in between me and the ball or I would have had it. Probably only one bp left this year.
Sat Apr 10th 2010 - vs Atlanta110caught it on the Arcade walkway in back of 146 from Schierholtz. It was a nice catch and I judged it pretty well. Then I spent a lot of time in right while the Braves pumped ball after ball into left... so much for my great judgment.
Fri Apr 23rd 2010 - vs St. Louis100I was totally shocked by the early arriving crowd on Snuggie (a blanket with sleeves) giveaway night and it took us (Brady even wanted a snuggie) 20 minutes to get in. The bleachers were packed, you could hardly move around, and I had two balls I would have caught on any other night deflected right out in front of me. As it was I ended up with an Albert Pujols ball that went to the top of 140 where it bounced in front of me and lodged under the bench. I gave it to a kid who's mother complained that I had one and to run along.
Mon Apr 26th 2010 - vs Philadelphia110Got there late because I had to get the tickets reprinted after forgetting them at home. Caught it from Philadelphia's Dobbs back on the Arcade walkway behind section 146, it hung up there so long I thought I was going to get run over by somebody. I probably had 2 other chances that were caught in front of me. Later the Giants beat Halladay 5-1
Fri Apr 30th 2010 - vs Colorado110I was in the stands only for the Rockies after being "invited" to stand in a pen on the left field line and watch bp from the field with a bunch of other season ticket holders. It was pretty boring from there. Then I spent most of my time wasted in the Arcade where I really only had one remote chance. The short period I had in left resulted in a nice catch in 139 over one the regulars. Then I went back to RF where I watched at least 6 other balls go into 139. That's it. I'm swearing off the Arcade.
Tue May 11th 2010 - vs San Diego100My 6:30 softball game (should have skipped it instead) prevented me from going to bp, but I showed up in the top of the 2nd. Before top of the 3rd, Schierholtz threw his practice ball into the Arcade where I was standing, it went over my head but the guys behind me couldn't catch it and popped in the air right back to me. (not BP, but still ok)
Wed May 12th 2010 - vs San Diego110Made a nice easy catch in 138 from Scott Hairston. I had two other chances, one on the railing in 138 that I got jostled on and one just out of my reach on the Arcade. As usual, I was over in right when Kyle Blanks hit 4 balls into left. Later, I got a seat in a Luxury Box to watch the Giants get beat again.
Fri Jun 11th 2010 - vs Oakland110After being in mostly the wrong place for all of BP, I finally pulled one down in the last group of A's hitters. I caught it high, amongst a lot of other people jumping, right above the 138-139 tunnel.
Sun Jul 18th 2010 - vs New York111Got back on track with a nice catch in 139, but a bad call at homeplate in the 9th cost the giants the win and lost in 10.
Mon Jul 26th 2010 - vs Florida100the one I got was a ricochet on a toss up from one of the marlins. Mike Stanton hit a couple of high ones that I thought I had, but just sailed over my head. Some things never change.
Thu Aug 12th 2010 - vs Chicago110Finally got one all alone, from Schierholtz at the very back of the Arcade, bumped my back on the railing. Only the Giants took BP and even that was short. I sat in section 218 and got my glove on a foul ball from the Chicago's Colvin, but couldn't hold on. yes, you know what happened, I got jostled by somebody and the ball bounced away.
Mon Aug 30th 2010 - vs Colorado100On the good side, I finally got one and there weren't any that I totally goofed up. On the bad side, there really weren't any balls hit on Monday, despite there being a tiny bp crowd. The one I got was deep in 142 and I got it after it came down the stairs to me.
Wed Sep 15th 2010 - vs Los Angeles100I didn't have many chances, the one I got ricocheted off the green roof, the water cannon and somebody's stomach before rolling out in front of me.
Tue Sep 28th 2010 - vs Arizona110Made a fantastic catch on a ball from Rowand lunging into the 140-141 tunnel, probably the best catch I've made in 3 years. The Diamondbacks hit a bunch to left and had me running, but I didn't really get close to too many more. The Giants won the game 4-2 to go up 2 games in the West with 5 to play.
Thu Sep 30th 2010 - vs Arizona110Only the Giants hit on the Thursday afternoon game. BP was smallish and my catch was as easy as it could be right at the top of the 138-139 tunnel. There were a few more hit near enough to make it interesting, but nothing catchable. The Giants won the game to go up 3 games with 3 to play.
Sat Oct 2nd 2010 - vs San Diego110Saturday afternoon and BP was very crowded. The Giants quit early and we only got the Padres. My catch was a good one in 146 of the Arcade. I had to step over the disabled railing and go down the bench to catch it. Baxter of the Padres hit it. Now for the bad news, the Giants lost again. 1 game up with 1 to play.
Thu Oct 7th 2010 - vs Atlanta100NLDS Game 1 - first time since 2003 - The crowd was packed for bp and the only ball I could get to was one I found in the Arcade when I got there. I got very close to catching one off the green roof but it was just too far down as I leaned over the railing. Lincecum set the Giants postseason strikeout record with 14 and threw a 2-hit shutout as the Giants won 1-0 and went up 1 game to none over the Braves. Could be the best game he's ever pitched.
Wed Oct 20th 2010 - vs Philadelphia110NLCS Game 4 - Just as crowded, but this time I was close enough to get my heart pumping a few times and I pulled one in above the 138-39 tunnel. The Giants pulled out a seesaw game 6-5 on Uribe's 9th in sacrifice fly in what might be the most exciting game ever played in this ballpark. Tim and Mariela came to the game with us.
Fri Apr 8th 2011 - vs St. Louis100Opening Day 2011 - Huff hit one down the line in right just after i got to the Arcade. I got there just a little late and it bounced in front of me, the usher got it and handed it to me. Then there wasn't really anything else to report, I wasn't close to much. Woody and Jessica came to the game which the Giants won on Rowand's 2 out hit in the 12th, 5-4
Mon Apr 11th 2011 - vs Los Angeles110First Catch of 2011! leaning over the from the left side of the 138-139 tunnel from Barajas of the Dodgers. I was fairly immobile after spraining my ankle the day before, but I didn't have far to go on this one. Marc Gardner came to the game and saw LA beat the giants 6-1
Wed Apr 13th 2011 - vs Los Angeles110Made an easy catch in 139 from Rowand and the Giants came from behind with homers from Sandoval and Fontenot to win 4-3
Tue May 10th 2011 - vs Arizona110A nice catch in 138 off a very high ball, I had to jump and I held it in the web. The same Diamondback (I guess they're just D'backs now) hit the next pitch 3 rows down, but I never saw it. I also had one chance on a ball on the Arcade from Shierholtz, on a dead run, weaving through the crowd, to my surprise I got to it, but it hit hit off my wrist on the underhand lunge... I can't call it a drop.
Tue May 24th 2011 - vs Florida100A couple of balls bounced out onto the Portwalk while I was out there and I found one in the arcade when I got inside. The Giants just seemed to be trying to hit hit them. I had one chance from Schierholtz in the Arcade, he hit two in a row and I watched the first one but didn't see the second until too late to get to it. I had another chance in the front of 139, it got tipped right in front of me and hit off my glove. Stanton of Florida hit one onto the platform in front of the glove... the longest ball I've ever seen.
Mon Jun 6th 2011 - vs Washington110I caught one I caught one! Finally, I was near a ball and I caught it. 139 off an unknown National. Then it turned out that the Nationals are using those rubberized training balls this year. Oh well. I caught one! Then the Giants came from behind in the 8th and won it in the 13th at 11:40pm Greg and Theresa came to the game.
Tue Jun 7th 2011 - vs Washington111I got up the Arcade stairs and saw that Schierholtz was batting, so I ran to the top of section 147 near the first water cannon and sure enough he hit one right there. The first homer of the day, and I caught it. Then I wasn't really too close to anything else until the last group of Nationals, including Matt Stairs who always seems to try to hit the ball as far as he can. I had a chance but couldn't quite get the glove on it. Then he hit on just above the disabled seating in 147 10 feet infront of where I'd caught Schierholtz's ball an hour before. I had some competition and there was jostling, but the ball hit me in the palm of the glove and rolled right up the web, I swiped the glove down to hold on, but it squirted out. The last homer of batting practice got away.
Tue Jun 21st 2011 - vs Minnesota110First day back from our trip to Montana and Idaho. I caught a pretty easy one in 139 from the newest Giant, Bill Hall. Many other balls falling around me but the first day of Summer was a little crowded and I was a little rusty. Then Bumgarner gave up 8 straight hits (and 8 runs) in the top of the first and the rest didn't matter.
Wed Jun 22nd 2011 - vs Minnesota110Just enough action to keep me interested, the one I caught was from Mauer on the top of the arcade at the front of the walkway, a pretty easy catch. There were two others in left that i had good chances at but both sailed over my head. Woody, Chris, and Nila came to the game and Vogelsong pitched another good one and the Giants won 5-1
Mon Jul 18th 2011 - vs Los Angeles110made a nice running catch along the Arcade walkway between the water cannons on a ball from Schierholtz. the Dodgers group of Kemp, Uribe, and Ethier hit a bunch but I just wasn't close. Giants won the game 5-0 behind Vogelsong
Wed Aug 10th 2011 - vs Pittsburgh110I really have no idea what happened except that I did get a catch.
Wed Aug 24th 2011 - vs Arizona100Only Kyle Blanks hit any balls (the giants are just missing in action during BP) and the ones he did hit were spread across the top of the left field bleachers. I did get one of his on a ricochet, but never really had any other chances.
Mon Aug 29th 2011 - vs Chicago110A very empty batting practice, the giants are 4 games out and dropping fast. I made a nice catch early on coming down in 140, nobody around and I caught it backhanded around my knees. Later I thought I had a high one, it hit my glove, but I got jostled.
Tue Aug 30th 2011 - vs Chicago110Almost the same as yesterday, except the Giants are now 5 games out. I had a nice catch (a little easier than yesterday) right above the 139-140 tunnel, then just had one tip off the top of my glove a few rows back in 139. There were probably 5 balls I had a chance at, I should have caught the high one, but I can't call it a drop. BP was cut short and they had the softball home run contest. I ended up catching one of those high up in 139.
Fri Sep 2nd 2011 - vs Arizona100I must just be slipping. The d'backs hit a good number of balls and I couldn't catch one. There were two that I pretty much thought I had, one went a row over my head and one drifted left on me. Then one I got was down in front of me and bounced up. The Giants were 6 games back at the start of the game but won 6-2 as they try to return form the dead.
Tue Sep 13th 2011 - vs San Diego110I had a softball game so I only stayed for batting practice (though I could have made it back to the park before the Giants won it in the 12th) Not too many homers but the one I caught was sweet, right in between a bunch of regulars in 139, then I went over to right and saw 3 more balls hit to the section, oh well, sometimes you guess wrong.
Mon Sep 26th 2011 - vs Colorado110Only the Giants took bp today, the start of the last series of the year. I caught one of Huff's two homers into the Arcade, a pretty easy catch right at the disabled seats in 147. Enough action to keep me interested in the Rockies, but I just didn't come up with anything.
Tue Sep 27th 2011 - vs Colorado100I could only stay until 6 because of a softball game (we won), but I was able to track one down. It was really hot and the ball was carrying, this one went deep into 141, a couple rows over my head, I got it on one bounce.
Fri Apr 13th 2012 - vs Pittsburgh110Opening Day 2012 - The gates opened early and at first it didn't seem like thee would be an batting practice because of the big thunderstorm the night before. The Giants started late, so I was in the Arcade for the first group and snagged a ball from Sandoval in section 146. I got a late jump on a ball from Cabrera, and got there just in time to tip if off my glove, knocking it away from Chris and Darryl. Brady's student Will saw me after the Sandoval catch and I talk to him and his dad for a while. Then I ran into my high school friend Maureen and her sisters (great caramel corn!). Cain threw a 1-hit shutout (the only baserunner.. 2 out in the sixth) and the Giants won 5-0. Woody and Nancy came to the game with us.
Tue May 1st 2012 - vs Miami110I made a fantastic catch on a ball Schierholtz hit to the top of the Arcade just inside the last water cannon. On a run, snagged it in the web just before it went over the wall. It was just after the gates opened and the Arcade was almost empty, nobody saw it except a security guard who was standing up there. I had a few more good chances later, including one a totally misjudged in 138, but the one I got was one of my best catches ever. A whole raft LaBounty-Myrick-Magidsons came to the game to see Dusty play the national anthem in the Hoover band. It was fun, but the giants lost 2-1 in a frustrating game.
Mon May 14th 2012 - vs Colorado110one catch in traffic in 139 from Pagan. I was surprised to see the ball in my glove because there was considerable bumping going on. Tulowitski and Carlos Gonzalez hit a ton of balls, but I was guessing wrong most of the day and wasn't quite on my game. The Giants won in an exciting comeback.
Fri Jun 8th 2012 - vs Texas100Found one in the Arcade when I got there, then I had one chance on a ball to the walk way, but was terribly fouled by Jake. The Rangers didn't hit very many and I just wasn't in the right place. Then the Giants lost.
Tue Jun 12th 2012 - vs Houston111the first one was a catch in the arcade from Gregor Blanco. I should have had another one right after that, but I let Darryl catch it instead. Then another couple chances in left, one that tipped off my glove. then I had the drop at the railing above the 138-139 tunnel. I shouldn't even call it a drop, I was lunging over the railing reaching down as much as I could, my hat was over my eyes and I couldn't see the ball when it hit my glove, rolled out, and down the tunnel.
Mon Jun 25th 2012 - vs Los Angeles110A bit crowded as the Dodgers come to town for the first time this year. I really couldn't get around very much, so it was nice when Uribe hit one right to me in 139. (I still had to out reach a couple of interlopers to pull it in.) The Giants won the game 8-0 behind Zito.
Thu Jun 28th 2012 - vs Cincinnati100found one in the arcade when I got there. Other than that, not much happened, neither of the lefthanders hit anything to the Arcade and I only had one other slight chance in 141. Woody came to the game and saw Bumgarner pitch a one-hit shut out for his first complete game. The Giants haven't allowed a run in 36 innings and are in first place.
Sat Jul 14th 2012 - vs Houston110Made a great leaping catch on the arcade walkway above 146 on Schierholtz' hit (if only he could do it in the game once in a while) ... then I really had no chances, too many people for the Saturday 6pm game. Casilla blew the save in the 9th top squander Lincecum's 8 shutout innings, but the Giants won it in the 12th, 3-2.
Mon Jul 30th 2012 - vs New York110Both a Giants and the Mets hit balls into the arcade, Ike Davis in particular... however, I was not near enough to any of them to get any. Finally after moping around in left field I caught a pretty easy one from Hairston in the first couple rows of 139.
Mon Aug 13th 2012 - vs Washington100Crowded for a Monday night against Washington (it didn't hurt that they're in first place and there was a giveaway poster) I just couldn't close in on anything tonight, my right hip is hurt from softball and it is severely impacting my mobility. I did pick one up in 139, a ricochet from Werth off somebody's glove. The nats scored 8 runs in the 3rd inning and Brady and left before it got worse... Giants lost 14-2
Fri Aug 24th 2012 - vs Atlanta100Got one on a bounce from Heyward on the top of the Arcade, I was ready for it, but it needed another 5 feet to reach me, it bounced on the metal benches and I grabbed it. Then I went to the farthest corner of the Arcade for Juan Francisco. It just feels dumb sitting there, and when he hit one into center field just out of my reach, I went down into the bleachers. Of course his last two hits went right to the spot I left. oh well, Vogelsong beat the Braves 5-3
Sun Sep 9th 2012 - vs Los Angeles110Got in a little late after my afternoon softball game, but immediately made a nice catch coming down and across a few rows in 139
Tue Sep 18th 2012 - vs Colorado100Absolutely empty for bp, but I still couldn't pull one in. This one I got in 141, a ball hit by the catcher Rosario 5 rows over my head, it bounced down and I scrambled for it. No Glory, but I got the ball.
Sat Sep 22nd 2012 - vs San Diego110a 6pm September start means brutal sun in left field. I got one from Arias immediately in 139, luckily catching it underhanded in the empty front row. After that, there were at least 2 more balls I would have caught were it not for the sun. one bounced off a guys' chest 6 inches from my glove, and one dropped just over my head. People were just putting up their gloves and hoping not to get hit. The Giants clinched the West with an 8-4 win.
Tue Sep 25th 2012 - vs Arizona110Again caught a high one from Arias in the first row of 139 right after I got in. Then during Arizona's turn I went after a bouncer in 140. While I was reaching for it under a bench, somebody I don't know came diving in a bashed me in the head. I don't know if it was his elbow or his head that hit me, but my right arm instantly went numb and I had to sit down for a few minutes. One other chance in 138, I got severely jostled and the ball hit my glove and bounced out. No drop, but I should have held on.
Wed Sep 26th 2012 - vs Arizona110Again, a ball from Arias in the front row of 139 above the disabled seating. After that it was an exercise in frustration, 3 more balls I was sure I had got caught in front of me, right out of my glove. I'm not used to getting outjumped or beaten to the spot, even by the regulars. it was a fun BP, but ARGHHH
Thu Oct 25th 2012 - vs Detroit110World Series Game 2 - I really don't know what happened during BP. I know I caught a ball, another postseason one, but I forgot to record the details... does it matter? The Giants beat the tigers in this game 2-0 behind a resurgent Bumgarner,a Blanco bunt that stayed fair on the line, and an amazing putout on Fielder at home plate. Then they won the next two games in Detroit to win the world series.... again.
Mon Mar 18th 2013 - vs Netherlands100Does this count as batting practice? I was riding my bike by the park during the WBC Batting Practice - Netherlands v Dominican Republic - and a Netherlands batter bounced one off the top of the Arcade and it came onto the portwalk and I got it on a bounce. I guess it does count.
Fri Apr 5th 2013 - vs St. Louis1102013 Opening Day - didn't see much of Giants BP despite a slightly early opening time. The real show is the cardinals Craig, Beltran, and Holliday who launched many balls into LF. The first few swings from Holliday seemed to be going to center so I went out to 142 and sure enough he hit one about 10 rows deep to me there. I had a couple other chances, but nothing too close. In the game Zito was great, 7 shutout innings, and the Giants got just enough with a bases-loaded walk to win 1-0
Mon May 6th 2013 - vs Philadelphia110The first group of Phillies hit the best round in 10 years, many balls came to left field, but the crowd was energized and despite getting in the vicinity of 4 of them, there was a lot of jostling and I was only able to get one into the glove.
Thu May 9th 2013 - vs Atlanta110the wind was blowing and that means that ball were flying farther than the seemed like they would. I had about 4 chances, a couple that had I been in my normal spots I would have easily caught. I ended up with one from and unknown Brave in section 139 near the front, edged out a couple of gloves to snag it. The miss that stands out is on that carried over the wall into the 2nd row of 140, I ran down and across the section, but it hit the edge of my glove on the underhand reach and slipped out. No drop, but I wish I had held on. Nobody showed up for the game and I sat in the Club by myself and saw the Giants drop another ugly game... this is a first place team?
Mon May 20th 2013 - vs Washington100Mijares threw a ball to me in the Arcade first thing when I walked in. It pays to be the only person in the stands. Then I just didn't really get near anything. Though, somehow, it seemed fun anyway. Then the Giants beat up the Nats 8-0. The bad news: Vogelsong broke his hand while batting.
Wed Jun 5th 2013 - vs Toronto110I took a chance and rode my bike early even though it was a day game and it paid off. Only a few Giants hit, but Pence was among them, and I pulled in one high up in 139 to break my almost one month BP drought. Then the giants were baffled by RA Dickey's knuckler and lost 5-0.
Mon Jun 17th 2013 - vs San Diego100The Giants skipped BP because they got back so late from Atlanta. Blanks of the Padres hit a couple near me in 139, one that was caught right in front of my glove. The other one was totally catchable also, but somehow I didn't get my glove on it. It bounce in front of me and jammed under the bench, where I grabbed it. Then the Giants blew a lead and lost in 13 innings... Brady stayed home tonight but I stayed to the bitter end. Will Venable made an amazing catch in CF to save the game in the 12th.
Wed Jun 19th 2013 - vs San Diego110BP is iffy on a day game, and only Sandoval and Pagan took BP (both are on the DL). There was really no crowd to speak of and only a couple balls were hit out. I caught one from Sandoval in the aisle at the top of the Arcade cutout section.
Tue Aug 6th 2013 - vs Milwaukee100Crawford his his usual ball down the line, but I couldn't get to it (it was foul) and I picked it and gave it to a kid who was trying to climb over some seats to get it. Then I really blew one against Weeks when I left my spot at the 139-140 tunnel (because I thought the ball was short) only to see a drop it exactly where I had been standing at the railing.
Wed Aug 7th 2013 - vs Milwaukee1103 balls caught within an inch of my glove (including one from Crawford.. the regulars have caught on) made for a frustrating day until the the last Milwaukee group. Francisco continued to bomb both right and center field, hit at least 4 balls into the water. I finally hauled one in way back on the Arcade walkway beyond the speaker pole. I was happy.
Thu Aug 22nd 2013 - vs Pittsburgh100Got one on a bounce from Arias mostly because no one was there. Giants got trounced again.
Thu Sep 5th 2013 - vs Arizona110Hey I actually caught a ball! On the Arcade from Abreau. it almost hit Mike the Usher, but he got out of the way. I had another cahnce on the wall in front of 139. Had it all the way until the 6' 5" guy next to me produced a glove and snagged it out of my reach. Giants lost again.
Wed Sep 25th 2013 - vs Los Angeles110The Giants are out of it and the Dodgers have already clinched the division, so BP is iffy. I ended up pulling in one from Puig down low in 140. I stuck my glove into a crowd and backhanded it. I kind of surprised myself. There were a few more chances, but nothing truly catchable for me.
Fri Mar 28th 2014 - vs Oakland110Made a nice catch on the Arcade walkway in front of the railing. I had another chance on a high one but I hit the light pole as I jumped for the ball. oh well, it's early.
Tue Apr 29th 2014 - vs San Diego100Extremely terrible. The Padres hit almost no balls out. I did get one on a bounce when it fell out of Darryl's glove
Mon May 12th 2014 - vs Atlanta110A very warm Monday night, the first game of the homestand after a pretty long road trip. Made one pretty good catch in the Arcade cutout section 146 on Freddie Freeman. Later Gattis and Uggla hit many balls deep into 141 but all were over my head, next time I'll back up.
Fri May 16th 2014 - vs Miami110The first group of marlins didn't disappoint. I caught one from Stanton in 141 and had 2 more chances. Of note: Dietrich hit three up on the walkway in right most likely I can say I would have caught at least two of them.
Wed Jun 11th 2014 - vs Washington100really don't know what happened this day (!'m filling this in months later and I have no notes)
Tue Jul 1st 2014 - vs St. Louis110Allen Craig in 139 over the tall guy, Ryan. Was in line for Holliday high in 140 but Lee caught it in front of me.
Wed Jul 9th 2014 - vs Oakland100faulty record keeping this year.
Fri Jul 25th 2014 - vs Los Angeles110one catch in left from Uribe. Sat in Chards seats
Sun Jul 27th 2014 - vs Los Angeles110Brady is out of town, I went to the game by myself. When I saw Crawford was still batting I went from left to right and without breaking stride caught one from him in arcade 148 The dodgers continued to hit to left center and I had two balls caught right out of my glove.
Tue Aug 26th 2014 - vs Colorado110Panik in the arcade just missed an Ishikawa.
Sun Aug 31st 2014 - vs Milwaukee110A rare Sunday BP. I made a catch and the Giants beat the Brewers 15-5 including a 7 run 7th.
Thu Sep 25th 2014 - vs San Diego110The one I caught was a super high fly ball to a spot right behind the 147 disabled seating. I will waited forever for it. I had another chance that I had to lean over the benches and it just tipped the edge of my glove. Then pretty much nothing until the last batter on the Padres. It came in low next to the 138-39 tunnel and Tony was closing in on me from behind. (note: this next gibberish is from the text to speech on my phone, if you can decipher it, I'll send you a ball.) the news on scuba the road I rode 10 and how to stop the ball just took off the middle of my glove you can call the doctor. Nobody here on the last Thursday game of the year
Fri Apr 12th 2002 - vs Milwaukee000Awful - Milwaukee hit only 2 total
Mon Apr 29th 2002 - vs Philadelphia000nothing even close - woody came with me after work
Tue May 28th 2002 - vs Arizona000one long one went straight over my head and went bouncing away.
Fri May 31st 2002 - vs Colorado000wasted my time in rightfield. nothing.
Fri Jun 14th 2002 - vs Oakland000one chance at a high one, ran down the row but couldn't take the last step down.
Tue Jun 18th 2002 - vs Tampa Bay000not many chances, most went to center and right.
Fri Jun 21st 2002 - vs Baltimore001a line drive to left over the handicapped section was my first drop of the year. It would've been a pretty good catch, had I made it.
Mon Jun 24th 2002 - vs San Diego000No idea what happened. Don't think I got anything.
Tue Jun 25th 2002 - vs San Diego000No idea what happened. Don't think I got anything.
Thu Jul 11th 2002 - vs Colorado000Chance at a bouncer in center, it went down the ramp and trickled under the stands, security guard wouldn't let me get it.
Tue Jul 23rd 2002 - vs St. Louis000Unknown Giant turned out to be Troy Brohawn. no real chances today
Fri Jul 26th 2002 - vs Los Angeles000One catchable ball in left, but I wasn't paying attention and saw it too late.
Tue Aug 6th 2002 - vs Chicago000Two balls, one in the arcade from Bonds and one in left, hit the railings right in front of me. Just couldn't take the last step.
Wed Aug 7th 2002 - vs Chicago000Camped in deep left center for Sosa. When it came I took two steps down and watched it sail right over my head.
Sun Aug 25th 2002 - vs Montreal000back 12 hours from Maine. Bonds sailed one just over my head in the Arcade.
Thu Sep 5th 2002 - vs Arizona000No real chances. Maybe a couple could have been called remote possibilties had I just plain been better at this.
Sat Oct 5th 2002 - vs Atlanta000Game 3 NLDS - gates opened half an hour early, but didn't get many chances. One Atlanta ball came close, but too much traffic prevented me from getting the last step I needed. In the game, Giants got smoked, 10-2.
Wed Oct 23rd 2002 - vs Anaheim000World Series Games 4 - Too many people and not enough chances, maybe one that I would've gotten under normal conditions. Eoin and Eric came to the game and the Giants won 4-3 to tie the series at 2 games apiece!
Tue Apr 15th 2003 - vs Houston000no real chances, I spent too much time the arcade, then again Houston didn't hit many anywhere.
Tue Jun 3rd 2003 - vs Minnesota000The wind was howling and pretty much blew anything I had a chance at way over my head. In the 4th, Bonds hit #627 right to where I had been standing 3 hours before, but the Giants lost the game.
Fri Jun 6th 2003 - vs Detroit000Just had no luck today, I tried standing in places where I don't usually stand and ball kept getting hit back in my old spots. Oh well...
Fri Jun 27th 2003 - vs Oakland000Don't really remember what happened (writing this the following monday), but I think I got nothing as my downward spiral continued this week.
Mon Jul 21st 2003 - vs Arizona000a big crowd put a crimp in my chances today. Had one chance early on a Bonds ball at the right side of the Arcade, but it was just too far to run.
Fri Jul 25th 2003 - vs San Diego000Nothing came my way today, but Greg, Andrew, and Jordan each got a ball one way or another. Maybe I should count their balls in my total... Nah, that just wouldn't be right. Feliz hit a game winning 3-run homer in the bottom of the ninth as the Giants won their 9th straight.
Sun Aug 10th 2003 - vs Philadelphia000I had good chances at 4 balls, but couldn't bring them in.It was kind of a crappy homestand, bp-wise, but at least the Giants went 4-2.
Fri Aug 22nd 2003 - vs Florida000Giants didn't do much early, which is really the only time I have a chance on Friday nights. There wasn't much action, and I wasn't near what there was. Giants 6-4
Tue Sep 2nd 2003 - vs Colorado000I felt a little sick today and just never found myself in the right place. I was just fast enough to slap the back of the guy catching the ball. Expanded rosters also means that the giants starters take their swings before we get into the park. So, no more Bonds catches for me I guess.
Fri Sep 12th 2003 - vs Milwaukee000I got my glove on 2 balls today, but I can't really give myself drops, both were balls that I ran down at least 5 rows and over for. The first was off the top of the wall in 140, the second was a line drive in 139 that was going to hit a guy right in the chest. I pulled up at the last second to keep from knocking him over, reached around him (he wasn't looking) and the ball hit off my glove. I probably save him a nice bruise, but I would've liked to catch it.
Wed Sep 17th 2003 - vs San Diego000Brady came to BP today, but nothing came my way. We got to hold the #655 ball before the game. Giants won the game and clinched the West!
Fri Sep 26th 2003 - vs Los Angeles000My ankle still bothering me, I had one chance, but the ball got caught right out of my glove. Again, my ankle is slowing me down. Giants won 10-1 Bonds hit #658, a line drive into the front row Arcade.
Tue Apr 13th 2004 - vs Milwaukee000Early starting night game, not much action from Milwaukee, no real chances. In the game, Bonds hit 661 into the water, Grissom hit 2 homers, and the Giants won.
Fri Apr 16th 2004 - vs Los Angeles000a couple remote chances, but nothing close, typical Friday traffic and a dearth of opportunity. Bond hit #662 off Gagne in the 9th, but the Giants lose 3-2.
Wed Apr 28th 2004 - vs Atlanta000not too many chances, but the Giants won the game.
Thu Apr 29th 2004 - vs Florida000Took Sissy to the game. Bonds hit 668 but they lost anyway. Florida hit a few balls in bp, but the ones I was close to just sailed over my head. I guess I really didn't have a chance at them.
Wed May 12th 2004 - vs Philadelphia000a couple of chances, including a Bonds ball bouncing on the portwalk, but nothing I could get my glove on.
Fri May 28th 2004 - vs Arizona000Never quite picked the right place to stand today, oh well. However, Giants won their 7th straight, 4-2, on a 4 run 9th inning ending with Bonds 2 out, 2 run homer. Yow!
Sat May 29th 2004 - vs Arizona001Too crowded for fireworks night and too few chances. The drop was one I came down few rows and threaded through a couple of people to get to. I underhanded it going away to my left and Chris knocked my glove, making it hit off the palm. It would've been a great catch, had I made it. Oh yeah, the Giants won again.
Wed Jun 16th 2004 - vs Toronto000a terrible bp, Toronto hit hardly any, and exactly zero after I got in an argument with a guy after he held my shoulder down while catching a ball above me. I think I jinxed the rest of the day. However, the Giants won the game 10-2 to move into 2nd place.
Sun Jun 20th 2004 - vs Boston000another big crowd for Boston, I had a couple just over my head in left, a couple near chances in right, and one high one I tried to snag jumping up against the brick wall in center. A fun time, but I ultimately came up empty. Schmidt threw a one-hit shutout and Alfonzo hit a grand slam in the 7th. Giants 4-0
Thu Jun 24th 2004 - vs Los Angeles000Had a tailgate party with Affy co-workers before going into the park. It seemed like a good idea, but the beer I drank definitely had an effect on my ability to catch, or even get near, any balls today. The Dodgers hit a ton of balls, including one by Encarnacion that went up onto the left field walkway in front of the slide. No more drinking before work.
Sat Jul 10th 2004 - vs Arizona000Last Game before we went on vacation, Eric came with me to batting practice. Can't remember now, 2 weeks later, if we got anything. I don't think we did, it was very crowded because of Bobblehead night. I guess I'll ask him.
Fri Jul 30th 2004 - vs St. Louis000too much Friday traffic and huge crowd hampered my efforts today. The few that the Cards hit went way over everybody's head
Wed Aug 4th 2004 - vs Cincinnati000Other than one good group of Reds, there wasn't much action. I let Darrell have one from Griffey in the arcade, but then I never got another good shot. Oh well, it was the right thing to do.
Sun Aug 8th 2004 - vs Chicago001I have no idea how I dropped it. In fact, I thought I had it. I caught it in a crowd in 139, pulled my glove back with the ball, and when I looked in my glove the ball wasn't there. Oh well, it was a tough homestand for both me and the Giants. I'll take a week off and try it again against Montreal. Giants won the game 6-3 behind Lowry and Mohr's amazing game saving catch.
Tue Aug 31st 2004 - vs Colorado000Had one ball from Grissom tip of the end of my glove as I ran up the benches in 138. It hit off the back wall then rolled all the way back down past me. I had given up on it since there were about 5 people at the top scrambling for it. I can't call it a drop, it would've been a pretty great catch.
Wed Sep 1st 2004 - vs Colorado000Had 3 chances but each time somehow the ball got taken away from me. Maybe I'm not being aggressive enough or maybe it's my new glasses... or maybe I'm just washed up.
Sun Sep 26th 2004 - vs Los Angeles000Oh well, shut out on the final day. I just was never in the right place today and nothing ever really came my way. Bonds his #703 in the game, but the Giants lost 7-4. It's been a great Summer all around, hopefully, there'll be one more BP.
Fri Apr 1st 2005 - vs Oakland000Both these Oakland batting practices have been abysmal. It makes me question my whole hobby, after just two days of it.
Tue Apr 5th 2005 - vs Los Angeles000shut out on Opening Day... I didn't even think there would be any batting practice in the first place. What happened? Too many people, not enough homers. BUT, the Giants won the game!
Wed Apr 20th 2005 - vs Arizona000dismal, pathetic, horrendous, no homers and thusly, no balls, no catches, no nothing.
Sun Apr 24th 2005 - vs Milwaukee000Really didn't have too many chances. The closest I got was one that Tony and I banged gloves on, we each would've had it, but as it was we knocked it out of each other's glove.
Fri May 20th 2005 - vs Oakland000Dismal. There just weren't any hit.
Tue May 24th 2005 - vs Los Angeles002The first drop of the year was on one Alou tossed over the wall onto the port walk, it clanked off my glove and into the water. The second was on one hit by Alou into 139. I have hit rock bottom. I hope. On the upside the Giants beat LA 5-3.
Tue Jun 21st 2005 - vs Arizona000Yes, even I can still be shut out. Uh oh language like that'll jinx me for sure. Anyway, there just were hardly any balls hit and only one even remotely could've been caught by me, and that is an exaggeration.
Fri Jun 24th 2005 - vs Arizona000It was the annual work-related barbecue outing at the ball game. No beer before batting practice for me this year, but that didn't keep me from being shut out. The closest I came was in the first group when Snow hit one to straightaway right. The Arcade was deserted but I could only cover 80 of the 90 feet it required for me to reach the ball. And... the Giants lost again.
Thu Jul 7th 2005 - vs Cincinnati000Oh well, I had a few hit close enough to me to give me a thrill, but not close enough to catch anything. Pena had me running high up in 140 again, if I'd only remembered the last two days I would've been close enough to haul one in.
Sun Jul 10th 2005 - vs St. Louis000Well I got shut out, but I brought Duncan with me and he got a ball tossed to him by Matt Morris on the front row of the Arcade cut out section. There was just too many people and not enough balls to go around. I had my chances, but couldn't get one in the glove. the Giants lost and end the first half at 37-50, yuck.
Fri Aug 5th 2005 - vs Houston000Did I say that Wednesday was dismal? Well let me reassess that definiton. Today was DISMAL. Zero Homeruns hit into 139 by either team. 1 total homerun hit above the wall anywhere in the left field stands. That's dismal. But Schmidt beat Pettitte 4-0 and now we're going on vacation.
Wed Aug 24th 2005 - vs Philadelphia001I really only had one chance and... uh... it hit my glove dead center and... uh... popped out. That sucked... and... uh... later the Giants did too. There was more to itand there were some fun things but mostly I was in the wrong place today and when I was in the right place something went wrong. wahhh ( I guess I'm still not over it.)
Fri Aug 26th 2005 - vs New York000zero chances, but at least I didn't drop one, so I guess it was an improvement, but not really.
Mon Sep 12th 2005 - vs San Diego000Bonds returned, hit a double, and the Giants won 4-3. Batting Practice was uneventful, as you can see from the totals.
Thu Apr 6th 2006 - vs Atlanta000On opening day, I never expect much. I had one close one from Atlanta (only the Braves hit), but in general, too many people and too few homers.
Sun Apr 9th 2006 - vs Atlanta000I've resolved that the first weekend is too crowded, but also, there weren't a whole lot of balls hit out. Maybe this is what it's like in the post-chemical era.
Thu Apr 13th 2006 - vs Houston001After two straight rainouts (first time in 45 years), the Giants and Astros finally played. The Astros took bp and I dropped my first ball. I misjudged it, should have had it, didn't need to jump, it hit my wrist. I feel dumb. Andrew and Jordan came to the game and the Giants won 5-3.
Mon May 8th 2006 - vs Houston000This was a make up of the April 12th rainout and only Houston batted. I had a couple of close calls, one ricochet off somebody's glove hit my glove, a couple sailed over my head, but I never really had a bead on anything. So far, this has been a tough bp season, I'm going to have to step it up, but I just don't think as many balls are being hit.
Wed May 10th 2006 - vs Chicago000Spent my time in right field again, and only one ball came remotely my way. I should have been in left, let that be a lesson to me.
Mon May 22nd 2006 - vs St. Louis000Just too much traffic for Pujols and the Cards. I had one chance but misjudged it an went down went I should have stayed up, good thing since a beer went flying where the ball got caught. sour grapes, right? maybe...
Tue May 23rd 2006 - vs St. Louis000Not nearly the crowd of Monday night, but typically there were not nearly as many balls hit, Pujols was particularly disappointing.
Sun May 28th 2006 - vs Colorado000Colorado took a shortened bp on bobblehead day, nothing much was hit and nothing at all came near me. Karin, Rick, Travis, and Eva came to the game with us. Oh yeah, and Bonds hit #715 to CF in the 4th inning.
Fri Jun 9th 2006 - vs Pittsburgh000These were definitely not Thursday's Pirates. A lot of standing and waiting, not much running, no catching. Yawn.
Sun Jun 11th 2006 - vs Pittsburgh000I totally forgot to put in what happened this day. Now, a week later, I have no idea... it was bobblehead day.... maybe it'll come back to me...
Wed Jun 28th 2006 - vs Texas000So, I got nothing this day, I guess. We had a plane to catch at 8 am the next morning and I didn't write down what happened. I know Woody and Nancy came to the game with us, but that's it.
Mon Jul 31st 2006 - vs Washington000I'd say I had a good chance at 1 ball today, but the wind was blowing and it just tipped my glove as it went over my head. I also had my best chance ever on a ball outside the ballpark, Durham hit one that I locked in on, but italso just over my glove and into the water... oh well it was still fun until the Giants lost their 8th straight game 10-7.
Fri Aug 25th 2006 - vs Cincinnati000Back to 2006... The Reds hit virtually nothing despite what seemed to be the smallest Friday night BP crowd ever. I had one chance in the last group, a shot near the bottom of 139, it was going to be a good catch, but a guy jumped up and whacked my glove. It hit me in the palm and bounced away. I can't call that an error, maybe I should start a new category called "fan interference".
Fri Sep 8th 2006 - vs San Diego000The crowd arrived early because of another bobblehead day. That's pretty much the story, nothing came very close to me and the ones that I might have had a chance at I couldn't get to because of all the people. The good news is that the Giants won behind Cain again.
Fri Mar 30th 2007 - vs Oakland001a great way to start the season. my first drop of the year. it came at the bottom of 139, I was running down the steps, it my palm and bounced away. Oh well, I got that one out of the way.
Wed May 23rd 2007 - vs Houston000My first shutout of the regular season. It was bound to happen. If only I had held on to the one I ran across 140 at full speed and lunged over tunnel railing for. It went into to top of the web and rolled out down the tunnel. The best catch I never made.
Sun Jul 15th 2007 - vs Los Angeles000Only the Giants took bp on a Sunday morning. Nothing came my way in Right and only one ball that I saw went out to Left.
Mon Jul 23rd 2007 - vs Atlanta000Dismal, one remote chance all day. Bonds is sitting at 753 home runs and the crowd arrived early for bp, but there really weren't any balls to be caught.
Tue Jul 24th 2007 - vs Atlanta000I had one chance today. I had to run across 139,down the steps near the railing, and lunge over the tunnel to have it tip the heel of my glove and ricochet off the SF logo on my hat right to some guy who hadn't moved an inch. Oh well. The Giants lost again and Bonds didn't hit a homer.
Mon Aug 6th 2007 - vs Washington000There really wasn't much happening today. I didn't have many chances and there were too many people there for Bonds. I blew my one chance early on when I let a Bonds ball sail over my head on the Arcade walkway. He's sitting on 755, so I assume the place will be packed until he hits it.
Wed Aug 8th 2007 - vs Washington000There was still a pretty good crowd for bp today, despite Bonds having broken the record last night. As it was, I had 3 ok chances, but it was just too crowded to come down with the ball any of the times. Bonds hit #757 during the game and a foul ball actually came back near us.
Fri Sep 21st 2007 - vs Cincinnati000It was a frustrating day out there. I didn't have a lot of chances, but I did have two balls hit my glove, both while lunging over the 138-139 tunnel railing. If I had just stayed there, I would've had both fairly easily. As it was I made running reaches two different times and couldn't hold on it the ball. I can't give myself a drop on them though. A third time one came there that was directly in the middle out of reach of gloves right and left and me at the top. Then the bullpen blew a 5 run lead, and the Giants announced that Barry won't be back in 2008
Wed Sep 26th 2007 - vs San Diego000Injury cut short my bp record quest on the last day of the season. I feel so stupid. On a ball I probably had no chance at, I bashed my left leg into the end of row 10 in section 138 opening a 2 inch gash on my shin. It hurt like hell, but I didn't think much of it until Chris and his brother Tony said, "Hey there's blood." Before I could get up to the bathroom, my pant leg was soaked, I wrapped it up and went to first aid where they dressed it and told me to get it sutured tonight. Brady picked me up on Brannan and 3 hours later we found out the Giants lost on Barry's last game. It was a fun year, I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to all my ballpark friends, but I think I'll be ready to go by Opening Day. Brady's picture of me in the ER waiting room
Mon Apr 7th 2008 - vs San Diego000It wasn't because it was crowded, there just weren't many chances between the Giants and Padres. I had one chance on a Fred Lewis ball in right, but I got caught on the wrong side of the railing and couldn't reach it. I let a kid pick it up off the ground. The Padres drubbed Cain and the Giants 8-4 in the home opener. It'll be a long season indeed.
Tue Apr 8th 2008 - vs San Diego000Not a whole lot hit and I'm still a bit rusty. Couldn't get over to one off the Arcade roof, then I had one from Lewis all the way until a guy stuck his hat out and snared the ball inside my glove. I don't think he'd have caught it without my glove, but oh well he was a crowd pleaser (what there was of one).
Sun Apr 13th 2008 - vs St. Louis000Nothing much hit(Pujols and Glaus skipped bp), not that I would have caught anything anyway. Maybe I should find a new hobby. Hmmm... an extra two hours every day.... The Giants won the game though, the new kid, Bowker hit his second home run in his second game in the majors.
Tue Jun 3rd 2008 - vs New York000Cold, windy, grey, dismal, boring, no balls, no chances, no point.
Fri Jun 13th 2008 - vs Oakland000Had one real chance on a ball in the Arcade cut out. I pretty much had it, but a barehanded guy bashed the back of my glove at the same time as the ball. I know... excuses excuses.. but I was interfered with! I can't call it a drop. Other than that Chavez surprised me with two very deep balls that ended up bouncing on the arcade walkway near the speaker pole... and into the water both times.
Sun Jul 20th 2008 - vs Milwaukee000Not as many chances as Friday, but just as big a crowd. I probably got close to 3 balls but the crowd, both standing and seated, got in my way. Why do all these PEOPLE have to come to the game?
Wed Jul 23rd 2008 - vs Washington000My best chance came right at the beginning. Unfortunately Jake was on it too. Had a couple other shots, but nothing too exciting. Apparently, I've lost it.
Fri Aug 8th 2008 - vs Los Angeles0008-8-08 was very inauspicious for me. the teams hit 5 bp homers total and zero within 2 sections of me.
Sat Aug 9th 2008 - vs Los Angeles000another bad bp, although this time Manny Ramirez hit one to where I had been standing, but I moved. On the upside the Giants came from behind in the 10th to win 3-2
Tue Aug 19th 2008 - vs Florida000My knee is still bothering me a bit. I just didn't get close to anything except the last hit of the day in the Arcade. Unfortunately I couldn't get around a great big guy who watched it hit off the seat in front of him.
Thu Sep 25th 2008 - vs Colorado000Amazingly, I got shut out. this may be the last good chance this year. The Rockies didn't hit as many as they had the last two nights. I did have one chance on a ball from Holliday while running down and across 140, I jumped at the last seconded and it tipped just off the end of my glove.
Fri Sep 26th 2008 - vs Los Angeles000Another shut out. it was dismal, some of the regulars posed the idea that the Dodgers purposely didn't hit any in the stands just to deny us. I got what counts as close to one ball in the Arcade that almost hit a woman in the head, I was yelling and yelling, but I needed another two steps to get to it.
Wed Apr 8th 2009 - vs Milwaukee001My first chance of the 2009 season and I dropped it. (Something I didn't do at all in 2008.) It was a high ball from Prince Fielder on top of the Arcade, I went back to the railing, had it all the way, but just plain flubbed it. Oh well, I got it out of the way.
Mon May 25th 2009 - vs Atlanta000shut out on Memorial Day, nothing even came close to me, but the Giants won.
Tue May 26th 2009 - vs Atlanta000another shut out.. sheesh... this time 3 balls I would've caught were caught right out of my glove, but the Giants won.
Fri Jul 10th 2009 - vs San Diego000a shut out, my best chance came on in the first group when Rowand hit one to the wall in 140, unfortunately a tall guy reached over and caught it out of my glove. Later, the Giants shut out the Padres 8-0 as Jonathan Sanchez threw a no-hitter! I saw the last Giant's no-hitter, Ed Halicki on August 24th, 1975
Thu Sep 24th 2009 - vs Chicago000First time back after our trip to Japan. (Where we went to a baseball game, but couldn't get into the bleachers for bp) Bobby from my softball team showed up early but we just stared at each other as almost no balls came out.
Wed Sep 30th 2009 - vs Arizona000I'm kind of disappointed in myself today. There were plenty of balls hit, but I wasn't in the right places. I think if I had stayed in my normal spots, near the disabled seating in the Arcade and near the 138 tunnel, I would have caught 2 balls, maybe 4. Oh well, I'll get 'em next year.
Thu May 13th 2010 - vs San Diego000Day game after the night game and only the Giants took an abbreviated BP in which they hit exactly 2 balls into the stands. I was close enough to both of them to think I had a chance, but I really didn't. Neither did the Giants, as Latos pitched a 1-hitter with no walks and beat the Giants 1-0 (the only hit was a soft 7th inning liner back through the box that Latos deflected to the shortstop but Schierholtz beat out.)
Sat May 29th 2010 - vs Arizona000Nothing nothing nothing nobody hit anything
Wed Jun 2nd 2010 - vs Colorado000I had one good chance on the top of the Arcade, had it dead, when Jake came by and slammed my glove as the ball hit it. the only other remotely nearby balls were hit by Ian Stewart, way to the CF end of the Arcade, I ran but never had a chance.
Tue Jun 29th 2010 - vs Los Angeles000I was just plain off tonight. I had 4 chances, 2 of which I felt I should have caught. Then the Giants got beat again, just a frustrating night all around.
Fri Jul 16th 2010 - vs New York000Really wasn't feeling well and I didn't get close to anything. The Giants shut out the Mets again behind Zito
Wed Jun 30th 2010 - vs Los Angeles000Too many people and I wasn't in the right place anyway. But... the giants won the game behind Lincecum
Mon Aug 9th 2010 - vs Chicago000Super crowded. my theories, explained: 1. first game of the homestand. 2. Cubs 3. Jerry Garcia bobblehead giveaway. Anyway, I didn't get anything.
Wed Aug 11th 2010 - vs Chicago000It was crowded again. Is that my excuse? This time I got to 2 balls and both times I had the ball bounced out of my glove by people shoving me. Yes, I'm somewhat responsible, but I can't call either one a drop.
Mon Aug 23rd 2010 - vs Cincinnati000No luck at all. I am snake bit. Had two balls I thought I was going to catch just get over the top of my glove.
Fri Aug 27th 2010 - vs Arizona000My dismal BP season continues. This time I had 3 chances but somehow didn't get any of them. Retirement in my future? Perhaps.
Tue Sep 14th 2010 - vs Los Angeles000I was only there for about 5 minutes of LA's batting, I shouldn't even call it a batting practice. Erin Souza came to the game and saw the Dodgers get one hit and beat the Giants 1-0 on an unearned run
Sat Sep 18th 2010 - vs Milwaukee000Embarrassed to say that I really don't know what happened at this bp. I should have recorded it, now it's 10 days later and I have no memory. I think I might have gotten one on a bounce, but I don't remember.
Sun Oct 3rd 2010 - vs San Diego000No balls on the last day of the 2010 season, oh well. It was too crowded and I wasn't quite close enough to anything. The good news is that Sanchez and the Giants shut out the Padres 3-0 to win the National League West!
Tue Oct 19th 2010 - vs Philadelphia000NLCS Game 3 - 1pm start - The park opened 2 and a half hours early, but I really just wasn't near much, as it got more crowded, it got tougher. No matter, the Giants shut out the Phils 3-0 behind Cain, Lopez, and Wilson to go up 2 games to 1. Nancy and Pat came to the game, Brady had to work.
Thu Oct 21st 2010 - vs Philadelphia000NLCS Game 5 - I was near some balls but couldn't get through the crowds. The Phillies lefthanders did nothing as usual, fortunately that continues into the game. However, the Giants gave this one away with an ugly 3rd inning and ended up losing 4-1. They lead the series 3 games to 2
Wed Oct 27th 2010 - vs Texas000World Series Game 1 - Pinchy flew up from LA and came with me. It was very crowded, and got more crowded as bp went on. The ball was carrying and Texas hit a lot into left field and few long ones into center. I just wasn't very near anything. It doesn't matter, The Giants beat Cliff Lee in the opener 11-7.
Mon Mar 28th 2011 - vs Oakland000Exhibition game with the A's had a lot of happy reunions but very few bp homers. It's nice to be back as World Champions! Greg found me in the bleachers and we had a nice talk.
Sat Apr 9th 2011 - vs St. Louis000BP was shortened because of the World Series Ring Ceremony and only the Cardinals batted while the park was open. It was really crowded because of a giveaway, I had one chance on a Holliday ball in 140 running across the crowded section, it tipped off the end of my glove on a running backhanded try. I can't call it a drop, but I didn't catch it. The Giants pulled it out in the last inning again, this time on Tejada's 2 out drive to the fence that Rasmus couldn't hold on to, Giants 3-2
Fri May 6th 2011 - vs Colorado000Too crowded, no homers. My best chance was on a ball Burrell hit 10 rows over my head in 138. Oh yeah, and it was freezing cold. On the plus side, the Giants came from behind and won it in the ninth.
Thu May 12th 2011 - vs Arizona000no idea if I got a ball or not. I assume that I didn't. I do remember that arizona hit almost zero balls during this series
Fri May 20th 2011 - vs Oakland000this is getting pretty monotonous. Super crowded because of the giveaway (a snuggie) I got close to a couple of balls, but too many people in the way kept me from getting a glove on them. This could be my lowest ever bp season.
Wed May 11th 2011 - vs Arizona000Burrell hit one way over my head in 138 and that was my closest chance. No crowd, but no balls either. it figures.
Fri Jun 3rd 2011 - vs Colorado000Really the first game where there hasn't been a crowd for batting practice... and... virtually no balls were hit.
Wed Jul 20th 2011 - vs Los Angeles000Only LA took batting practice on the weekday afternoon game, not too many people in the stands, but the two I had good shots at were caught just in front of me.
Sun Jul 24th 2011 - vs Milwaukee000Stupid batting practice move of the year: as a sure catch home run ball comes at me, my glove gets knocked off and I put up my bare left hand to knock it down and knock it right into my cheek bone. --I''m ok. I had 2 other pretty close chances, but it was generally a frustrating bp. In the game, Bumgarner beat the Brewers 2-1, overcoming a 1st inning homer by Braun.
Wed Aug 3rd 2011 - vs Arizona000Only a few Giants hit but again, Huff and Schierholtz peppered the Arcade. The one I had the best chance at was caught right out of the my glove by bp regular, Chris, who saw the next one coming 5 feet lower and caught that one too for two in a row in the span of about 15 seconds. Oh well, I had fun and Vogelsong stopped the Giants 5 game losing streak with an 8 -1 win.
Thu Aug 4th 2011 - vs Philadelphia000A lot of balls, but another frustrating day. I had three dead cold catches lined up and three times one person got in front of me. I'm getting to them, but somebody is just getting there first. New Phillie Hunter Pence was bombing balls to the top of the LF stands, I was in the neighborhood, but nothing came close enough. Howard disappointed as usual. Cliff Lee handcuffed the Giants and Pence and Mayberry hit back to back homers to win 2-0
Fri Aug 5th 2011 - vs Philadelphia000Sheesh, another shutout. I had one good chance, a very high hit from Schierholtz on the Arcade that I overran and watched bounce on the walkway behind me. I stink.
Wed Aug 31st 2011 - vs Chicago000Only the Giants hit on the day game after the night game and in doing so, they only hit one ball out... and I wasn't near it. In the game they hit two balls out, including one into the water by Sandoval... and they won 4-0.
Sat Sep 3rd 2011 - vs Arizona000It wasn't my fault. There were almost no balls hit into the left field stands...ok maybe a couple to the railing but I don't count those. Nothing in 139 or 140. Maybe because only the Giants took bp, I don't know.
Sun Sep 4th 2011 - vs Arizona000I don't know who to blame, but it's not me. Only Arizona hit... only they didn't really hit... well, they swung and the ball went somewhere, but not into the stands. Wahh... and the Giants squandered Vogelsong's great outing to go 7 games down. It's over.
Wed May 2nd 2012 - vs Miami001My first drop of the season. I probably shouldn't call it a drop, because it really was a hard catch to make, lunging backhanded, on a super high ball in 140 from Stanton (now named Giancarlo) that I had in the webbing but couldn't hold on to. The game was very slow and boring until a comeback in the 9th tied the score (and left the bases loaded). Then Stanton homered in the 10th to make it two straight for the Marlins.
Wed May 16th 2012 - vs St. Louis000The ebb and flow of the arriving crowd on the Arcade impeded my one chance out there. When there were no people, no balls came out, when there were people walking, they were between me and the ball. so sad.
Fri May 18th 2012 - vs Oakland000My best chance was one on the Arcade that I would have had to jump off the top bench to the walkway to catch. I just couldn't do it.
Wed May 30th 2012 - vs Arizona000Woody came to BP with me and my extremely cold May continued. Sandoval hit left-handed and many went into the Arcade. I just tipped one before it went over the wall. That's about as good as it got. Arizona hit virtually nothing. Hopefully, I can turn it around in June. Melky Cabrera got his 51st hit of the month (tying Winn's record) in the 8th, but the Giants lost 4-1.
Fri Jun 1st 2012 - vs Chicago000My woes continue. At least today I felt like I was in the hunt for a few balls, 2 down the line in right, and a couple in left, including 2 I was sure I was going to catch but that just sailed over my head. Bumgarner pitched a fantastic game, but Casilla almost gave it away in the 9th. The giants held on to win 4-3.
Thu Jun 14th 2012 - vs Houston000Only the Astros hit on the day game after having a perfect game pitched against them the night before. (no I wasn't there, we were at the Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame Banquet) They hit a good number of balls, but I just wasn't in the right place today.. the good news is that they come back again next month.
Tue Jun 26th 2012 - vs Los Angeles000Same crowd, less luck today as I just wasn't near anything. Vogelsong beat Kershaw 2-0 and the Giants are 1 game back.
Mon Jul 23rd 2012 - vs San Diego000The Giants really haven't been home much in July and I was excited to go to BP. (I know, when am I not excited to go to bp?) But neither the Giants nor the Padres hit much of anything. I had one ball come to me on the Arcade right at the disabled seats. However, there was a tall 15 year old boy with a glove sitting in one of the seats. I couldn't bear to steal it from him. Other than that, nothing. The Giants beat the Padres 7-1, Vogelsong was great again, and Posey hit a homer to right.
Wed Aug 1st 2012 - vs New York000It's not as though I'm missing balls or not getting to them, there just haven't been that many chances. I decided to stand on the railing in 138 (left field) and had one sail 10 rows over my head, then one got hit to the middle of 139 (where I usually stand) these amounted to the most excitement I could muster on this pathetic batting practice day. Also disappointing: new Giant, Hunter Pence, took bp before the gates opened.
Thu Aug 23rd 2012 - vs Atlanta000I was close, but just not close enough, had a couple go right over my head. In the game, Zito pitched into the 9th and the Giants won 5-2
Mon Sep 17th 2012 - vs Colorado000The September sun is brutal and the ball wasn't carrying. I had a couple come near me in left, but I went too far back on both of them. oh well. The Giants won and are now 8 games up.
Wed Sep 19th 2012 - vs Colorado000Another empty BP, I guess they know something, because I really had no chances. In the game, Cain won his 15th game as the Giants beat the Rockies 7-1
Sun Oct 7th 2012 - vs Cincinnati000NLDS Game 2 - Zeroes in batting practice for me ( only one ball even came close to me, at the 139-140 aisle) and zeroes for the Giants in the game as they lost 9-0 to the Reds to bring themselves to the brink of elimination. It will take a miracle to make this anything but the last BP this year.
Mon Oct 15th 2012 - vs St. Louis000NLCS Game 2 - Just had no luck at all in the stands, the closest I came was one ball from Holliday that sailed over my head. Vogelsong pitched a great game and the Giants evened the series at 1 game each.
Thu Mar 28th 2013 - vs Oakland000The first exhibition of the year. I got to say hello to all my bp friends, but I couldn't come up with a ball. I almost caught one going out of the Arcade from Oakland's Brandon Moss, but I didn't. Fun, but it's about the catches. Angela Farren and her boyfriend Drew came to the game.
Mon Apr 8th 2013 - vs Colorado000Had one in my glove from Dexter Fowler when someone with a catcher's mitt tomahawked it right out of the web... Cargo didn't do much and that was my only chance. Bumgarner was just good enough and Pence launched one into left in the first inning. Giants 4-2
Tue Apr 9th 2013 - vs Colorado000I don't know exactly what happened, but I got nothing.
Fri May 24th 2013 - vs Colorado000I'm filling this out weeks later. I'm sure I got nothing, I'm sure I got close to some but didn't catch them and the game made me get rid of the next two for that weekend, the Giants lost 5-0
Wed May 29th 2013 - vs Oakland000Another shutout for me, and a very long game, 3 hours 43 minutes, which ended in a depressing loss. Sad on all counts.
Tue Jun 4th 2013 - vs Toronto000I had high hopes considering the Blue Jays have a lot of big hitters. I had one chance, a ball at the top of the 138 tunnel, it was a reach, but there were gloves closer,and I got just close enough to have it go off the tip of my glove. Oh well, my drought continues.
Thu Jun 20th 2013 - vs Miami000The main attraction is Giancarlo Stanton and he didn't disappoint. He hit one ball that landed at the bottom of the stairs leading to the slides. Unfortunately, I never got close to anything, the long hit went directly over my head then bounced backwards right over my head again. I was the closest one to it, so I guess that's something.
Fri Jun 21st 2013 - vs Miami000I want to say that I got one on this day, but I can't remember.
Wed Jul 10th 2013 - vs New York000I really have no idea, I've been extremely lax in reporting my BP record, because there's been nothing to report. Batting Practice has been a total bust for me this year. Maybe I should just stop going.
Sat Jul 20th 2013 - vs Arizona000A Saturday night game with a giveaway brought out an early crowd, not that it mattered, I had very little hit near me and picked the wrong places at the wrong times. I blew my one chance early on, on a line drive homer by Crawford down the RF line. I took a step in, it sailed high, and just tipped the top of my glove. I stink.
Mon Jul 22nd 2013 - vs Cincinnati000another zero for me. I was feeling a little sickly, a sore throat. Duncan met me at BP and we sat in the arcade cutout section. I had a chance at one ball, but a dad in the row in front of me stuck his bare hand up and knocked the ball away just as I was going to catch it. Oh well, I think it's me, I just didn't have the resolve today.
Tue Jul 23rd 2013 - vs Cincinnati000ZERO. This is getting ridiculous. I sat in the fairly empty bleachers during the first game of a doubleheader, had two Reds homers land within 20 feet of me and didn't catch one of the those either.
Sat Jul 27th 2013 - vs Chicago000Back to reality, although I had two pretty good chances. One I really should have caught though I had to come down 5 rows and thread the crowd to my left and try to make a backhanded catch around somebody. I should have had it, but I had a lot to overcome. Speaking of a lot to overcome, the Cubs and Giants matched zeros, until the ninth when Schierholtz hit a homer off Romo. The Giants squandered a bases loaded no out situation in the 8th when Posey, Sandoval, and Pence couldn't get a run home, and another bases loaded 1 out situation in the 9th. These guys may stink worse than I do.
Fri Aug 9th 2013 - vs Baltimore000I'm filling this in a month later. My only note about this BP was "Boo!" So, there you have it. The Giants tied it in the 9th and lost it in the 10th. Boo!
Mon Aug 19th 2013 - vs Boston000So, I figured David Ortiz would hit to CF, so I went over there. Then hit hit a couple to the Arcade, so I went over there, then he hit a couple right back to CF where I had been standing. I'm dumb. The Giants got beat again.
Fri Aug 23rd 2013 - vs Pittsburgh000Really don't remember what happened, but I'm sure it was empty and I still didn't get anything. The giants didn't get trounced, but they did lose again. On the upside, they led the game for three innings, which was generally different from the usual experience.
Fri Sep 27th 2013 - vs San Diego001Well, I'm ending the crappy 2013 season with a streak of sorts. The sun is brutal this time of year and judging balls is difficult for me. This one was in 139, between the tunnels, I crossed the section and tried to underhand it, just like yesterday, it hit me in the palm of the glove, but this time it popped over the railing into the tunnel. ouch ouch. I hope there's at least one more BP so I don't have to live with this for 6 months.
Thu Mar 27th 2014 - vs Oakland000First exhibition game, I only stayed for BP, it's great to be back! unfortunately, I really didn't come close to anything.
Tue Apr 8th 2014 - vs Arizona000Opening Day! Had a chance on one down the RF line from Crawford but couldn't get past the back railing and had to watch as it hit off front one. (It really wasn't much of a chance.) Woody and Nancy came and saw the Giants beat Arizona 7-3. (Brady had to work.)
Wed Apr 9th 2014 - vs Arizona000another set of zeroes. the bobblehead giveaway brought out a large early crowd, but I really wasn't close to anything. There was one high one on the Arcade that sailed over my head even as I leaped from the top row of benches. Maybe this is the year I retire. (Arizona 7 giants 3)
Wed Apr 16th 2014 - vs Los Angeles000another bp I have no memory of. I think I came close to a couple but... who knows
Fri Jun 27th 2014 - vs Cincinnati000First day back from Scotland. it was terrible. Reds all hit to right. 3 balls made it to the LF seats.
Mon Jul 28th 2014 - vs Pittsburgh000I didn't keep good track of bp this year, and based on what it seems like happened in July, there was a good reason not to keep track.
Tue Aug 12th 2014 - vs Chicago White Sox000Just spent about half of BP because of a 6:30 softball game. One chance that sailed way over my head in 140. Came back to see the Giants lose, at least my softball team won.
Fri Aug 15th 2014 - vs Philadelphia000Really only had one chance, it was a good one, but I couldn't make the last step down the benches as the ball was coming in to the 2nd row of 140. Marlon Byrd hit many deep to center and a couple very deep to left. In the game, the bullpen blew the lead and the Giants lost in 10 innings.
Mon Aug 25th 2014 - vs Colorado000Misjudged my best chance for one in right as Ishikawa's ball went over my head then bounced back over my head. Then went to left and was one step short on one in 141. It hit the stair and came right up and hit me in the nose. Ouch. No real damage that I can see though.
Wed Aug 27th 2014 - vs Colorado000Glenn Came to the game, but I have no idea what happened in BP. I'm sure it was nothing.
Fri Sep 12th 2014 - vs Los Angeles000Big Series with LA, the Giants won the opener 9-0
Fri Sep 26th 2014 - vs San Diego000i only had one real chance and it went way over my head. Bumgarner won the Willie Mac award. Willie McCovey couldn't make it for the first time ever.
Mon Oct 6th 2014 - vs 000NLDS game 3 - The Giants lost to the Nats 3-1. I didn't get anything in BP. Tom and Kathy Scott came to the game.
Wed Nov 30th -0001 - vs 000
Wed Nov 30th -0001 - vs 000
Wed Nov 30th -0001 - vs 000
Wed Nov 30th -0001 - vs 000
Wed Nov 30th -0001 - vs 000
Fri Apr 5th 2002 - vs San Diego---no bp
Sun Apr 7th 2002 - vs San Diego---no bp - daylight savings time switch
Tue Apr 9th 2002 - vs Los Angeles---no bp Woody shamed me into not going
Thu Apr 11th 2002 - vs Los Angeles---no bp - Day Game
Tue Apr 30th 2002 - vs Philadelphia---no bp - got there late because of launch
Wed May 1st 2002 - vs Philadelphia---no bp - Day Game
Sat May 4th 2002 - vs Cincinnati---Skipped bp - Saturday game
Tue May 14th 2002 - vs Atlanta---Skipped bp - Chalk Talk with Peter Magowan
Thu May 30th 2002 - vs Arizona---skipped bp - weekday day game.
Sat Jun 1st 2002 - vs Colorado---skipped bp - saturday day game.
Sun Jun 2nd 2002 - vs Colorado---skipped bp - Sunday 5 pm start - celebrity slugfest.
Sat Jun 15th 2002 - vs Oakland---no bp - wives softball game
Thu Jun 20th 2002 - vs Tampa Bay---skipped bp - got there in the 3rd, $5 ticket from scalper, giants won 10-2
Thu Jun 27th 2002 - vs San Diego---skipped BP, weekday game
Sun Jul 14th 2002 - vs San Diego---no bp - family softball game, Aurilia bobblehead, Eric & Darlene
Tue Jul 16th 2002 - vs Arizona---skipped bp - Tuesday afternoon game
Wed Jul 24th 2002 - vs St. Louis---skipped bp, 4pm game time
Sun Jul 28th 2002 - vs Los Angeles---skipped bp, Bobby Thomson Day. There might not have been any bp.
Thu Aug 8th 2002 - vs Chicago---no bp, weekday afternoon game. still waiting for Bonds' 600th.
Sat Aug 10th 2002 - vs Pittsburgh---no bp, saturday game.
Wed Sep 11th 2002 - vs Los Angeles---no bp, pregame ceremony
Sat Sep 28th 2002 - vs Houston---no bp, saturday game. in the game, Bonds #613 and Giants clinch wildcard
Sun Oct 13th 2002 - vs St. Louis---Game 4 NLCS missed bp, flew back early from Creston & Kerrie's wedding in New Hampshire, got there just before game time. Giants win 4-3 to go up 3 games to 1 in the NLCS
Mon Apr 7th 2003 - vs San Diego---Opening Day - skipped bp - Giants won their 7th straight 7-4
Sun Apr 13th 2003 - vs Los Angeles---skipped bp - Sunday 5pm start, rained all day, Giants won 5-4 in 12!
Wed Apr 16th 2003 - vs Houston---rain cancelled bp, Giants blew a 5 run lead and lost 8-5
Thu May 1st 2003 - vs Chicago---no bp: day after night
Fri May 2nd 2003 - vs Cincinnati---Rained all day, batting practice was cancelled
Sat May 3rd 2003 - vs Cincinnati---no bp: Saturday game (but it also rained all morning)
Wed May 14th 2003 - vs Montreal---no bp: day after night
Sat Jun 7th 2003 - vs Detroit---skipped bp: day after night
Sun Jul 20th 2003 - vs Colorado---no bp - family softball game. On Marichal Bobblehead Day, the Giants completed the 4 game sweep 8-4.
Sun Jul 27th 2003 - vs San Diego---no bp: day after night Woody and I went and saw the Giants win 6-2 to finish the homestand 11-1
Wed Aug 6th 2003 - vs Pittsburgh---skipped bp: 6 pm softball game, got to the game in the second. Giants lost Ponson's debut 3-0.
Thu Aug 7th 2003 - vs Pittsburgh---no bp: day after night. Brady, Eoin, and I saw the Giants win 7-5 on Hammonds 7th inning homer
Wed Sep 3rd 2003 - vs Colorado---skipped bp, weekday day game
Sat Sep 6th 2003 - vs Arizona---no bp, Saturday game
Sun Sep 14th 2003 - vs Milwaukee---skipped bp, sprained my ankle saturday playing softball, I can hardly walk, but I was able to go in through the disabled entrance! Giants won the game in 11, 5-4
Mon Sep 15th 2003 - vs San Diego---skipped bp, my ankle is still too bad to go out there, i'm really kind of disappointed. I'll be back tomorrow, for sure. Giants came back to win 8-7. Bonds hit #655 in the first inning.
Sat Sep 27th 2003 - vs Los Angeles---no bp - day game after night Giants lost the first game 5-0 (4 9th inning runs given up by Worrell)
Sat Sep 27th 2003 - vs Los Angeles---no bp - Second game - a makeup of the April 12th rainout - giants come from behind 6-3
Sun Sep 28th 2003 - vs Los Angeles---no bp - last game of regular season - day after night - who cares?
Mon Apr 12th 2004 - vs Milwaukee---Opening Day - skipped bp - Bonds hit #660 into the water and the Giants won 7-5
Wed Apr 14th 2004 - vs Milwaukee---no bp- day game after night game. Giants lose 3-0
Thu Apr 22nd 2004 - vs San Diego---no bp - day game
Tue May 11th 2004 - vs Philadelphia---skipped bp - had a softball game
Thu May 13th 2004 - vs Philadelphia---skipped bp - day game
Tue May 25th 2004 - vs Arizona---skipped bp - had a softball game
Thu Jun 17th 2004 - vs Toronto---skipped bp - Thursday afternoon game
Sun Aug 1st 2004 - vs St. Louis---Sometimes I feel dumb about coming to every game 2 hours early for batting practice. Other times I feel really dumb when I get there 2 hours early and there is no batting practice. At least I had a field club seat to watch the family softball game.
Thu Aug 5th 2004 - vs Cincinnati---no bp, weekday afternoon game... especially after the extra long game the night before. They lost both today and last night. They are really bad right now, and there is no help in sight.
Sat Aug 7th 2004 - vs Chicago---no bp, day game after night game. Giants lose again.
Wed Aug 18th 2004 - vs Montreal---Well, there wasn't any batting practice, but I spent a lot of time out in the bleachers anyway and still ended up with nothing. (it's really no surprise, second game of a doubleheader)
Sat Sep 4th 2004 - vs Arizona---skipped bp, Brady shamed into staying home. Brad told me later that only 2 groups of Diamondbacks took bp anyway.
Sun Sep 19th 2004 - vs San Diego---no bp, it rained a little this morning, so maybe that was it. Giants won 4-2, to stay 2 1/2 games back of LA
Fri Apr 8th 2005 - vs Colorado---Rained all day - bp was cancelled. Grissom's 9th inning 3-run homer wins it 10-8! (after the bullpen blew a 6-0 lead)
Sun Apr 10th 2005 - vs Colorado---I guess I skipped BP, I don't know for sure
Fri Apr 22nd 2005 - vs Milwaukee---bp was cancelled, I felt stupid for not thinking it would be. I took a walk o the Ferry building then had a long look at the Refregier murals at the old Rincon Annex Post Office.
Tue Apr 26th 2005 - vs San Diego---Skipped BP to play in 6:30 softball game. I think we got smoked. I would've done better if I had just gone to bp, I'm sure..
Sun May 8th 2005 - vs Washington---Rain all morning cancelled bp, delayed the start by 25 minutes and jammed a 20 minute delay into the seventh inning. And then it took 13 innings for the game to be decided. At least the Giants finally won one.
Sat May 21st 2005 - vs Oakland---skipped bp because the night before was so bad I just couldn't bring myself to go.
Sat May 28th 2005 - vs San Diego---No bp today as it turned out. I should know better. I walked to the game (75 minutes) and was just kind of stuck there with nothing to do 2 hours before the game. So i rented a bike at the Bike Hut nearby and rode down to the Ferry Building Farmers Market, had some kettle corn and came back. That bike rental is a pretty good deal, I'd say. Oh yeah, the Giants lost again.
Wed Jun 8th 2005 - vs Kansas City---No bp today, it rained all day. It IS June, right? Anyway, heavy drizzle throughout the game no doubt caused the Giants to lose again to the formerly crappy Royals.
Thu Jun 9th 2005 - vs Kansas City---skipped bp today, weekday day game. Well the Giants scored 9 runs and held on to win 9-7, finally.
Sat Aug 27th 2005 - vs New York---No bp today, Saturday. Just as well, since I stink. However, Schmidt beat the Mets 2-1.
Wed Aug 31st 2005 - vs Colorado---No bp, but Jim and Woody came to the game.. and then the Giants actually beat the Rockies.
Sun Sep 18th 2005 - vs Los Angeles---skipped bp for a softball game for Team Nicaragua. Bonds hit #705 in the 8th and the Giants won 5-3.
Sat Oct 1st 2005 - vs Arizona---Of course there was no bp, it's a Saturday and the second-to-last game of the year. Duncan and I walked to the Ferry building and sampled organic fruit instead. It wasn't quite as fun as bp, but it was OK.
Sun Oct 2nd 2005 - vs Arizona---no bp on the last game of the year, but I did get a chance to get a few more autographs for my ball and the Giants won 3-1 behind Tomko's complete game. It was a fun year, more balls in fewer games than 2004. Not as many catches and I'm not sure how I managed that, really. I don't feel like I tried harder to get them. Maybe I'm just getting better at getting close to them, hopefully next year I can put the glove on them more often.
Thu Mar 30th 2006 - vs Anaheim---Rained all day - bp was cancelled, but that didn't stop Duncan and me from moping around the ballpark for 2 hours anyway
Fri Mar 31st 2006 - vs Oakland---More Rain, less batting practice
Fri Apr 7th 2006 - vs Atlanta---torrential rain all day canceled batting practice, then a disastrous 7th inning canceled the Giants hopes
Thu Apr 13th 2006 - vs Houston---2nd game of the split admission doubleheader, no bp, no Giants runs, they should really consider hitting next time. Oh yeah Alou hit his 300th home in the early game today.
Wed Apr 26th 2006 - vs New York---no bp, plus the Giants lose 9-7 in 11 innings after Bonds ties it in the 9th with a pinch hit home run.
Sun Apr 30th 2006 - vs Arizona---Skipped BP due to softball game, won the softball game, giants lost the real thing.
Tue May 2nd 2006 - vs San Diego---no bp, weekday day game
Thu May 11th 2006 - vs Chicago---no bp, weekday day game. Another lesson, however: Don't get the pastrami sandwich at the Java House. It's a bigger ripoff than ballpark food. Mark and Ian came to the game, Bonds still stuck at 713 homers
Wed May 24th 2006 - vs St. Louis---no bp, weekday day game
Wed Jun 7th 2006 - vs Florida---no bp, weekday day game
Wed Jun 21st 2006 - vs Anaheim---no bp, weekday day game. Andrew and Jordan came to the game, which the Giants lost.
Wed Jul 19th 2006 - vs Milwaukee---no bp, weekday day game. KNBR had some lame home run derby thing, but I didn't get any balls there either. However, Durham hit a 2 run single to win it in the 9th 7-6!
Sat Jul 22nd 2006 - vs San Diego---no bp, it was a strange Saturday night game. Mark Ratteree met me early anyway and we went out for pregame beers, woo. Giants won their 5the straight to take over first place,
Sun Jul 23rd 2006 - vs San Diego--- I decided late to go to the game and arrived in the 2nd inning. We had sold our tickets so I bought a $10 upper deck ticket from a scalper. It was a good game, the Giants took the lead on an 8th inning rally, but gave it back in the 9th on a homer, then finally lost it in the 12th, oh well...
Sun Aug 6th 2006 - vs Colorado---skipped bp to play in a softball game with Team Nicaragua. Cain and the Giants won it 6-2 and I got some nice looks from people impressed with my nifty black and orange Nicaragua jersey.
Wed Aug 23rd 2006 - vs Arizona---no bp for the weekday game, but with each team sending 6 lefthand batters, I spent the first 5 innings in the Arcade and came awfully close to catching Durham's 1st inning homer.
Thu Sep 14th 2006 - vs Colorado---no bp for the weekday game
Wed Sep 27th 2006 - vs Arizona---no bp for the weekday game, but Brady was sick, so I spent the day in bleachers. Alas, I did not catch a homer.
Sun Oct 1st 2006 - vs Los Angeles---Just as I suspected, the was no batting practice on the last day of the season. It was a dismal ending for the Giants, but I can say I still enjoy coming out before the game, despite what happened after the first pitch.
Tue Apr 3rd 2007 - vs San Diego---Opening Day, the Giants got shut out and I skipped BP.
Thu Apr 19th 2007 - vs St. Louis---no bp on the weekday game.
Sun May 6th 2007 - vs Philadelphia---skipped bp on the Sunday night game. Lincecum's major league debut.
Wed May 9th 2007 - vs New York---no bp on a weekday day game
Wed Jun 27th 2007 - vs San Diego---no bp on a weekday day game
Sun Jul 29th 2007 - vs Florida---no bp on Sunday after the Saturday night game. No Bonds homer and no Giants win, neither.
Thu Aug 9th 2007 - vs Washington---no bp on the day game after night game. I sat in the Club (after trading my 4 seats for 20 bucks plus 1 ticket) next to Frank Chu.
Wed Aug 29th 2007 - vs Colorado---Skipped bp because I figured the wouldn't be any on the day game after a night game. I was disappointed to find out that I was wrong and that Colorado took bp after all. Oh well. Maybe the Giants should've taken it too since they got shellacked 8-0.
Wed Apr 16th 2008 - vs Arizona---Skipped BP- weekday day game
Wed Apr 30th 2008 - vs Colorado---skipped bp - weekday day game
Wed May 14th 2008 - vs Houston---skipped bp for my big softball game against the undefeated team. They're still undefeated. The Gaints didn't do any better.
Thu May 15th 2008 - vs Houston---skipped bp - weekday day game - Giants blow a 6-run lead
Sat May 31st 2008 - vs San Diego---skipped bp on the Saturday afternoon game.
Wed Jun 4th 2008 - vs New York---In an improved method over yesterday, I skipped batting practice for the day game
Sat Jun 14th 2008 - vs Oakland---skipped bp 6pm Saturday game. Giants got beat.
Thu Jul 24th 2008 - vs Washington---skipped bp for the day game. Cain threw a complete game 4-hit shutout and the Giants won 1-0 in 1 hour 59 minutes. Who needs batting practice?
Sat Jul 26th 2008 - vs Arizona---No bp for the Saturday night game. Lincecum struck out 13 batters in 7 innings and Walker couldn't hold the 1 run lead in the 8th
Wed Aug 6th 2008 - vs Atlanta---skipped bp for the weekday day game. Lincecum pitched 8 innings and won his 12th game. Giants 3-2
Sun Aug 24th 2008 - vs San Diego---no batting practice, although I stupidly got there in time for it.
Wed Sep 10th 2008 - vs Arizona---skipped bp on the weekday day game
Sun Sep 28th 2008 - vs Los Angeles---No batting practice on the last day of the season. I had hoped the Dodgers would at least hit. In the game, Lincecum recorded the first 9 outs on strikeouts and the Giants came from behind to get him his 18th win. I'm hopeful for next year.
Tue Apr 7th 2009 - vs Milwaukee---Opening Day, no BP, plus it rained most of the morning. The Giants won 10-6 despite Lincecum's poor outing and 4 inning appearance
Thu Apr 9th 2009 - vs Milwaukee---Rain during the day canceled BP, I should have known better than to show up 2 hours early
Sun Apr 19th 2009 - vs Arizona---batting practice was canceled because it was Little League Day. What's the deal with doing special events at the ballpark... for kids?? sheesh. Johnson takes a no-hitter into the 7th and the Giants win
Tue Apr 21st 2009 - vs San Diego---skipped bp because I had an early softball game. Renteria hits a Grand Slam off Peavy and Giants win.
Wed Apr 22nd 2009 - vs San Diego---no bp - weekday game (I wonder if they actually have bp on the weekday games... probably not) Zito goes 7shutout innings and the Giants win on Molina's pinch hit ground rule double in the 10th 1-0.
Tue Apr 28th 2009 - vs Los Angeles---skipped bp for early softball game - Bobby and David M came with me
Fri May 1st 2009 - vs Colorado---Rain all day canceled batting practice
Sun May 3rd 2009 - vs Colorado---Morning rain canceled batting practice
Tue May 12th 2009 - vs Washington---skipped bp because of 6:30 softball game. traded my tickets for 1 Field Club and saw Sandoval win it with a homer in the ninth It's been a while since I actually went to batting practice
Sun Jun 14th 2009 - vs Oakland---skipped bp for a softball game. Cain threw a complete game and the Giants won 7-1
Wed Jun 17th 2009 - vs Anaheim---no bp for a weekday game
Wed Jul 29th 2009 - vs Pittsburgh---no bp, but Cain threw 9 shutout innings and the Giants swept the Pirates 1-0 in 10
Sat Aug 8th 2009 - vs Cincinnati---skipped bp, is there bp on Saturday afternoon? Who knows.
Wed Aug 12th 2009 - vs Los Angeles---no bp for the weekday game
Thu Oct 1st 2009 - vs Arizona---As I suspected, there was no batting practice on the last home game of the season, but Tony and Bill were there and spending a little time with them without any balls flying was a good thing. The Giants outperformed my expectations this year and I think they'll be even better next year. Lincecum won his 15th game and Aurillia got many ovations in what was probably his last game in San Francisco.
Wed Apr 28th 2010 - vs Philadelphia---Morning rain ( and more likely day game after night) canceled batting practice. The sun came out for a fantastic game by Lincecum which was subsequently squandered in the 9th by Wilson. A completely different game followed and the Giants fumbled it away in 11 innings.
Sat May 1st 2010 - vs Colorado---no bp for on-field photo day. Normally I don't go to this, but we lucked into some special tickets through Flickr. No catches, but we had a lot of fun and got some good pics. Cain won his first game, 6-1. Brady and Tim
Sun May 16th 2010 - vs Houston---Sold my tickets at the last minute when my date canceled, missed batting practice, then bought a standing room ticket just before game time. Zito won it to go 6-0, Giants 4 Astros 3.
Tue May 25th 2010 - vs Washington---Rain (yes, rain!) canceled batting practice. Karin and Rick came with us and saw the Giants beat the Nationals 4-2
Thu May 27th 2010 - vs Washington---torrential rain in the morning (again!) canceled batting practice. Jessica came to the game with me and the Giants came from behind to win 5-4.
Sat Jun 12th 2010 - vs Oakland---skipped BP on the Saturday Night game
Thu Jul 15th 2010 - vs New York---skipped bp and went to Olive instead. Lincecum threw a shutout and beat the Mets 2-0
Wed Aug 25th 2010 - vs Cincinnati---Skipped BP for the day game. We left when the Giants were down 10-1, they came back and made it 11-10 in the 8th. Then they gave up a run in the 9th and lost it in extra innings.
Fri Oct 1st 2010 - vs San Diego---skipped bp to go to Sha'Kara's show at SOTA. Andres Torres won the Willie Mac Award, but the Giants dropped the game 6-4, now 2 games up with two to play.
Wed Mar 30th 2011 - vs Oakland---No BP for the day game exhibition. It's the last day before the season starts and the lineup was all reserves. I sat on the Club Level, but no foul ball came my way.
Sun Apr 24th 2011 - vs Atlanta---no bp it rained a bit overnight and it was the last game of the 3-game homestand. Giants got beat again when the bullpen couldn't hold the lead.
Sat Jun 4th 2011 - vs Colorado---Rain Rain Rain (yes on June 4th) canceled batting practice
Sun Jun 5th 2011 - vs Colorado---no batting practice again, but Vogelsong pitched a fantastic game and the Giants came from behind in the 7th and went ahead in the 8th to win 2-1
Thu Jun 23rd 2011 - vs Minnesota---No batting practice on the weekday day game, but there was a fan home run derby. 1 ball came out but I didn't get it. Lincecum struck out 12 to beat the Twins
Sat Jul 23rd 2011 - vs Milwaukee---no bp for the 6pm Saturday game. Instead we got the Giants Family softball game. Vogelsong won his 8th game, 4-2, as the bullpen pitched 4 shutout innings
Wed Sep 14th 2011 - vs San Diego---No batting practice, but it was a nice day, the Giants had 6 left handed batters in the lineup, and I was at the game by myself, so decided to hang out on the Arcade. Beltran hit two homers to right, the first one bounced on the green roof down the line and I just missed catching the bounce. The second one went into the water straight over my head. No BP, but the Giants won the game and I had fun feeling like I was in the mix.
Wed Sep 28th 2011 - vs Colorado---Last day of the season and, predictably, there was no batting practice. It was good to sit down with some of the regulars and talk about the disappointing season. I did get lucky after the game when I snagged an autographed ball thrown into the stands by Huff. I'll be back next year.
Wed Apr 4th 2012 - vs Oakland---No bp on the last exhibition game of Spring
Sun Apr 15th 2012 - vs Pittsburgh---skipped BP on a sunday morning
Sun Apr 29th 2012 - vs San Diego---no bp on little league day.. we considered riding our bikes to the game, but decided against it.
Thu May 3rd 2012 - vs Miami---My birthday today and it started out a little drizzly, so I figured there wouldn't be any bp. It turns out there was an I missed it. Oh well. Had a good time with Woody at the game despite the Giants dropping their 3rd straight game to the marlins in an almost identical game to the two nights before.
Tue May 15th 2012 - vs Colorado---I skipped bp because of my softball game (4-4, 5 rbi and we won) and would have skipped the game except that it was Cori's birthday. The best thing about it was that Cori sat in row 35 and we were able to gripe about the 13 runners left on base for the Giants. Schierholtz struck out looking with the bases loaded to end it.
Thu May 17th 2012 - vs St. Louis---no bp on the weekday day game.
Wed Jun 27th 2012 - vs Los Angeles---no bp - Giants beat the Dodgers in a third straight shutout to tie for the lead in the NL West
Fri Jun 29th 2012 - vs Cincinnati---skipped bp and apparently the giants skipped it too since they lost 5-1
Sun Jul 1st 2012 - vs Cincinnati---don't think I went to BP on this Sunday afternoon, but the Giants won it in the 9th on jay Bruce's misplay of Pagan's rightfield 2-out fly ball.
Wed Jul 25th 2012 - vs San Diego---no bp on the Wednesday afternoon game.. they should have taken it since Jason Marquis looked like Cy Young out there against them. Lincecum got lit up again an the Giants lost.
Thu Aug 2nd 2012 - vs New York---no bp on the weekday game, or at least we didn't go. We were going to ride our bikes but my tire sprung a leak, so did the giants pitching and they lost 9-1.
Wed Aug 15th 2012 - vs Washington---no batting practice, though there was a fan homer run hitting contest and I did get a warning track bouncer... but, c'mon that doesn't count. The Giants lost the game and Melky Cabrera got suspended for illegal drugs. I rode my bike and left early. whee!
Sun Aug 26th 2012 - vs Atlanta---skipped BP and the Giants got beat 7-1. We might've left early
Mon Sep 3rd 2012 - vs Arizona---Didn't go to bp, if there was any. The Giants just got back from Chicago overnight. in what might have been the best game of the year, the giants won a back and forth game 9-8 in 10 innings.
Thu Sep 20th 2012 - vs Colorado---No BP for the weekday game, but is didn't seem to matter as Sandoval hit two homers (one from each side) and Posey hit one in a 9-2 win. (the magic number is 3)
Sun Sep 23rd 2012 - vs San Diego---skipped BP on the Sunday after the clincher (I doubt there was any)
Thu Sep 27th 2012 - vs Arizona---No BP on the last regular season home game (but not the last game!) Giants won 7-3
Sat Apr 6th 2013 - vs St. Louis---early rain cancelled bp
Sun Apr 7th 2013 - vs St. Louis---skipped bp despite not being able to play in my Consumers game due to my broken finger. Should have skipped the Giants game as they got smoked 14-3... we left when it was 9-2
Wed Apr 10th 2013 - vs Colorado---no BP on getaway day game
Sat Apr 20th 2013 - vs San Diego---skipped BP, but saw Lincecum act like his old self in beating the padres 2-0 in just over 2 hours.
Wed Apr 24th 2013 - vs Arizona---Skipped BP on the weekday day game
Tue May 7th 2013 - vs Philadelphia---Came to the game after my softball game becaiuse it was Calli's birthday. The Giants lost.
Wed May 22nd 2013 - vs Washington---no BP for the Wednesday day game, The Giants couldn't do much against Gio Gonzalez and ended up losing in 10 innings 2-1
Wed May 29th 2013 - vs Oakland---no BP on the Thursday afternoon game, went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Hey, it's better than another BP shut out.
Tue Jun 18th 2013 - vs San Diego---skipped BP, but the Giants won a back and forth game 5-4
Sun Jun 23rd 2013 - vs Miami---no batting practice
Tue Jul 9th 2013 - vs New York---no batting practice after the 16 inning game they played the night before. We flew home from Maine and still watched the end of last night's game on TV.
Wed Aug 21st 2013 - vs Boston---skipped BP for the day game, I had a doctor's appointment, Brady and I walked to the ballpark from downtown, and saw the Giants get trounced. Dan and Gabe came to the game and they liked what they saw.
Wed Sep 11th 2013 - vs Colorado---No BP on the day game after night game.
Fri Apr 25th 2014 - vs Cleveland---no bp after all day rain. Hudson beat the Indians on the friday night game.
Sat Apr 26th 2014 - vs Cleveland---skipped bp and rode our bikes to the game. Giants won again coming from behind with a 4 run rally in the 5th.
Wed May 14th 2014 - vs Atlanta---no bp for the day game.
Sat May 24th 2014 - vs Minnesota---Didn't record the bp report this night. There's a good chance I didn't go to BP on an odd Saturday 7pm start. The Giants won 2-1 behind Vogelsong.
Wed May 28th 2014 - vs Chicago---no bp for the Wednesday Afternoon game.
Thu Jun 12th 2014 - vs Washington---no bp on a day game during the week. Greg G. came to the game.
Sat Jun 28th 2014 - vs Cincinnati---not sure what happened. I doubt I went to bp for a Saturday night game. This game got away from the giants in the 9th and 11th, but we left early.. still jetlagged
Wed Jul 2nd 2014 - vs St. Louis---I went to the game, but I don't know what happened.
Sat Jul 19th 2014 - vs Oakland---No BP on a weekday game, silly.
Sun Jul 13th 2014 - vs Arizona---no bp on Sunday, rode bikes to the game and the Giants won behind Bumgarner
Wed Aug 13th 2014 - vs Chicago White Sox---no bp for the weekday game. An overturned call at homeplate turned the tide for the Giants and they won 7-1
Thu Aug 28th 2014 - vs Colorado---It was a day game, didn't keep score. no bp.
Thu Sep 11th 2014 - vs Arizona---No BP for the day game, giants won 6-2 Greg Gaar came to the game with us.
Sat Sep 27th 2014 - vs San Diego---no BP on the last Saturday Day Game. I got my bp ball autographed and the Giants Won 3-1
Sun Sep 28th 2014 - vs San Diego---No bp on the last game of the season. The giants will play in Pittsburgh for the Wild Card game.